Thank You, Nurse Polly


Gorugeen writes:

So, the #noelthenurse story eventually made it’s way to the Dáil. Three TDs referenced it during the debate on the referendum bill. TD Paul Murphy praised the Twitter folk that exposed Noel Pattern as a fraud and John McGuirk as, at best, a stooge.

The story has been covered here, in the Times Ireland, Sunday World, referenced on Prime Time and in the Dáil.

Nowhere did it mention @NursepollyRgn):

@NursepollyRgn is the reason Noel Pattern and John McGuirk were exposed.

It was she that did all the leg work proving Pattern’s certificate was fake.

She showed that Pattern was never a Registered nurse or psychiatric nurse as both Pattern and McGuirk claimed.

McGuirk threatened Polly with legal action to which she responded with more damning evidence of their lies.

The Times Ireland story on Pattern vindicated everything Polly had been saying.

Polly is a gem on Twitter. She’s brazen, honest, compassionate, funny, tenacious and has great taste in music. I highly recommend following her.

I want to say here a big thank you to Polly for her stellar work and dogged determination in exposing a cynical fraud.

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19 thoughts on “Thank You, Nurse Polly

      1. bisted

        …McGuirk would knit a jumper with ‘manipulative’ on the front and ‘liar’ on the back…and wear it as a badge of honour…

  1. Nigel

    This is brilliant and well done Nurse Polly but we need someone to tell us why this shows both sides are equally bad.

  2. Jonjo

    Have a load of posts been deleted here? The ones saying the repeal side shouldn’t be concentrating so much energy on this?

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