For Your Consideration



A trailer for a short film by Karl Callan, approved by the Abortion Rights Campaign, that will have a preview screening at the IFI, Temple Bar, Dublin 2 on Saturday, March 31 at 11am and will be released to social media on April 6.

Emma Fagan writes:

The narratives within the film are all based on real life testimonies from people who have been directly affected by the 8th amendment.

Karl’s goal is to shine a light on what is happening every day in Ireland as a result of the current law .It is his hope that those who are currently undecided may feel inclined to vote Yes after seeing the film…

Repeal Short Movie

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6 thoughts on “For Your Consideration

  1. Tony

    I’m all for this kind of thing but it kind of assumes you know exactly what all the issues are. Maybe for the ‘undecided’ a few words on the screen would have helped make it clear

  2. filly buster

    i am for repealing the 8th. BUT .. i think it should be allowed up to plus 10 years into the childs life. i can answer any questions.

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