They Know Where You Were Last Summer


There is no escape.

Are you ready? This is all the data Facebook and Google have on you (Dylan Curran, The Guardian)

Thanks Prada Meinhof

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20 thoughts on “They Know Where You Were Last Summer

  1. :-Joe

    Seriosly folks, I know some of like to believe that you are generally good and so others must be too but come on..

    If the service is free then you are the product to someone else that pays for it all.

    Your data is the new oil.. digital gold etc.

    Delete Facebook, Google, Whatsapp, Instagram or open new accounts with fake details and turn off all the permissions if you REALLY have to use it for something.

    Use firefox browser

    Add as your search engine in Firefox

    Add uBlock Origin add blocker extension in Firefox

    Add HTTPS Everywhere for default secure connections to websites where possible.

    Add DuckDuckGo Privacy essentials as an extension in Firefox to add extra security and features.

    Add Security extension in Firefox and learn how to use it by testing it and playing around with it alongside your Chrome or Safari etc. before you change over to firefox permanently.

    Stop using Google and Facebook and Whatsapp etc. Apple Microsoft too as they are all stealing your data all the time. You need to find better alternatives.

    Use Signal Messenger by open whisper systems, it’s the only open source and fully secure messaging app with any credibility and all the other scam apps like whatsapp, facebook, telegram use it’s technology but modified to give you encrypted / private messages. Signal is the only one that is not trying to fool or has been found to be stealing from you because it’s a non-profit donation funded system.

    Open Source systems like Linux, Firefox, Signal are the backbone of technology and the Internet, learn more about them and use and support where possible as a priority.

    Stop being lazy and just choosing anything thrown at you with all the bells and whistles without thinking what is going on in the background.

    A healthy dose of scepticism goes a long way.


    1. Clampers Outside!

      Tjat thread by Dylan is good though.
      I do all that you mention with Firefox for personal use.

      Google for work with everything on.

      ‘Brave’ browser is also a good option for those who want more privacy.

      1. :-Joe

        Do you use

        The look on people’s faces when they see it for the first time and all the advertising scripts that are trying to get access while you browse is often priceless.

        Google services are way too widely accepted as being benign, even more than facederp, whatsapp, Apple, Microsoft and all the rest unfortunately.


        1. Clampers Outside!

          I don’t use that, no. I’m not that technical with browsers and I believe I did try applying it some years ago and found my web surfing experience suffered with slowing / not loading problems, if I remember correctly.

          I think I’ll look at it again though, thanks.

    2. ReproBertie (SCU)

      What’s a non-invasive alternative to WhatsApp? It’s ridiculously convenient for clubs so it would be tough to get every parent of a child in the under 8’s to switch to something else over some barely understood data concerns.

  2. TheRichList

    Do people really care though? So what if they know where I have been and watched on YouTube. I couldn’t care less

    1. :-Joe

      People do care, unfortunately many are continuously and intentionally fooled into thinking and repeating what you’re saying even if they don’t arrive at the conclusion themselves but still, it is a logical fallacy…

      If you say you don’t care about privacy and what people know about you because you have nothing to hide…
      …then it’s exactly the same as you saying you don’t care about free speech because you have nothing to say..

      If someone told you or you felt or became aware that you had to consult their authority before having a public opnion, how would you feel about that? Again, It’s fundamentally about the same thing.

      People would care if they fully understood that it’s not just about one ordinary decent citizen vs an extraordinary evil individual. i.e The usual fear and lies used to keep people dossile and compliant against their own self interests.

      It’s all about how information is collected, collated and is used to manipulate society as a whole.

      Democracy et. al…


      1. Owen C

        I’m fairly relaxed about the advertising elements of this, and i know that may include political type messaging based on the same underlying data. But I hope i’m smart enough to be able to make up my own mind as to what to buy and who to vote for.

        I find the locational data more creepy. I see little justification for having this data and there are clear problems with privacy in relation to it (if you were seeking medical or legal advice somewhere, for instance)

        1. Clampers Outside!

          ” But I hope i’m smart enough to be able to make up my own mind as to what to buy and who to vote for. ”

          With regard to the Cambridge Analytica story, if I may, I believe there is massive exaggeration of the affect on people that those advertisements were supposed to have.

          Most people are no where near as susceptible to the messages of advertising that Wylie claims they are. He basically thinks people are thick as planks, and that advertising has huge influence over what and how people think.
          If this were true, advertisers would never have had the issue of not knowing the full affect of their advertising, and yet, to this day, even with click tracking to sales or any type of engagement, ii is still widely open to interpretation.

          Here’s an example, I get up in the morning, I look at my phone, I see an ad for a car. I drive to work, I hear an ad for the same car on the radio, and I drive past a poster for the same car. Upon arriving at work, I pick up the paper and see an ad for the same car. I sit at a desk, browse a couple of websites, and see ads for the same car. I check my social media, and the car ad is there… I click it, and book a driving test. Which ad ‘made me do it’? Nobody really knows…. but Wylie claims it is his social media campaign algorithm that won Trump the election.
          (Maybe a car wasn’t the best example, as decision time on buying cars, is usually about six months, and it is known that most people who pay real attention to car ads, are those who just bought one, as they look to confirm they made the right purchase)

          Advertising, political or otherwise, does not ‘make people do’ but can ever so slightly nudge a notion or idea or feeling a person has about a product or political persuasion. But that nudge is only going to work if the person is positively inclined in that direction prior to viewing the ad, once or repeatedly. And if the person is already negatively inclined then the reaction from the viewer is to be ‘more’ staunchly resistant.

          Like you said, being able to make up your own mind, most people are.

          My point… the claims by Wylie to have had the influence on Brexit and on Trump are just his claim, nothing more, and he makes it without providing any evidence other than, “I wrote an algorithm and this tied in with a personality profile, where we could target fears” – not an actual quote, obv. – is just that, his claim. And it is in his own interest, and ego, to sell the idea that his algorithm is the dogs bol—s!

          As an adman, if I went back to a client and said, “sales are up because of the campaign we ran on Facebook”. I’d be asked to show the evidence for this, and asked to show how it was that social media activity that improved sales, and not the compendium of other media used across TV, radio, print, outdoor, etc.

          Until Wylie can prove his claims, I’ll continue to call his claim bullshih :0)

    1. SB

      Zoom in, though, and pick a day, and it will show you everywhere you went that day, including any photos you took and where you took them. It’d be a great resource for a suspicious spouse to track their partner. Or a government…

    1. Clampers Outside!

      I keep it on because ‘find my phone’ doesn’t work without it.

      I once ended up calling to a taxi man’s home, and asked if I could look in the back of his car… hey presto! My phone was under the seat :)

      1. Brother Barnabas

        ‘find my phone’ gave me an exact address when my phone was stolen. i went to the guards with the address, thinking i’d done 90% of the job for them. told me that they can’t legally act on information from ‘find my phone’. there’s a bit of trivia for you.

        1. Clampers Outside!

          Heard that before, a colleague had hers stolen out of her hand on O’Connell St. She tracked it on the computer at work and the Gardai said they couldn’t do anything… kinda nuts and frustrating for me colleague.

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