Up For It, But Past It


From left: Eoghan Murphy TD, Fine Gael Minister for Housing, Planning and Local Government and Simon Harris TD, Minister for Health, and Katherine Zappone TD, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, speak to media outside Government Buildings yesterday  regarding the date of the forthcoming referendum on the Eighth Amendment.

Judith Goldberger writes:

It would seem that in the forthcoming Referendum the turnout of women and young people is critical to a “Yes” vote on repeal of the Eight Amendment and therefore on enacting any legislation that might following.

The now announced date of May 25th is to be welcomed from the latter perspective in particular, as it will enable eligible students to vote more easily. Let us hope so.

The late Maurice E Dockrell TD, during a 1975 Oireachtas debate on contraception, is alleged to have said “I’m for it, but I’m past it”.

The decision on May 25 should not be left to those who were never up for it in the first place whether they ever got to be past it or not. That has been the case previously.

Govt confirms referendum on Eighth Amendment will be held 25 May (RTÉ)

Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews

10 thoughts on “Up For It, But Past It

  1. newsjustin

    I’d have thought we’re all “up for” human rights? (Regardless of how you intend to vote to reflect that)

  2. phil

    I would agree that a large turnout of women would be important for the Referendum , but when it comes to drawing up legislation in the Dail , How many Women are in the Dail ?

    1. well

      Even if it’s repealed conservative elements in the Dail are going to hold it up.

      All the prolife groups will be attempting to sue the government over something to slow it down.

  3. Ben Redmond

    When I read “the turnout of women and young people is critical to a “Yes” vote” I doubt the assumption that women and young people are all going to vote overwhelmingly in a certain way.

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