Never Too Latte


Paper cup; Green Party councillor at Dublin City Council Claire Byrne

After a series of motions submitted by Green Party Councillor Claire Byrne in the Environment Strategic Policy Committee, Dublin City Council have now agreed to set up an internal committee looking at banning non-recyclable coffee cups in their own buildings, reviewing catering agreements with suppliers, and will work to introduce the ban in markets and cafes within city parks.

This internal campaign will be supported by a city-wide external communications campaign to promote reusable coffee cups to the general public.

Speaking following the agreement, Councillor Byrne said: “I am delighted with this move by Dublin City Council. This is a great step towards reducing general waste in the city and increasing our recycling rates.

We are throwing away 200 million coffee cups every year which end up in landfill or incineration. These type of measures, working in conjunction with organisations such as Conscious Cup Campaign, will take a large number of disposable coffee cups out of our waste stream.”

Dublin City Council to ban disposable coffee cups and single use plastics (Green Party)

23 thoughts on “Never Too Latte

    1. Malta

      They didn’t do it on their own, and there’s a strong case for them being less guilty than their coalition partner.

        1. Martco

          I can testify to that one alright

          5 years back I ended up gutting & fixing up this house for a mate, I’m not a builder by trade but handy. To save a few quid rather than pay the stupid money skiphire costs now I’d fill the van with the crap-away & visit a particular “recycling pork” on the fringe of west Dublin where you could diy dump. All above board. Over the course of a few of these trips I got talking to some of the lads working there & they showed me 1st hand what happens to half of the stuff coming in & it involved a hole in the ground & no sorting whatsoever.

          on the cups thing the only answer to any of this is to use compostible cups + lids…vegware? I think they’re called. you can get them here, made in Cork actually if I recollect. recycleable is impractical & also this trend for carry around your own “keepcup” is total blx altogether & a big health risk

          1. Martco

            glass or plastics it’s irrelevant.

            from a cafe owners/barista pov it is taking in a risk strictly speaking. the risk is “your” bacteria. the rules are evolving from an fsai perspective however insurance companies are querying them already & its only a matter of time….if I were say a barista how can I guarantee that you are keeping your €20 keepcup clean? now I mean so clean that it offers zero risk to other customers I’m serving when I’m doing my barista thing with your cup at my machine? impossible to make it zero risk thus the interesting conundrum. if I were a barman I definitely wouldn’t serve you if you brought your own glass/tankard for much same logic.

            plenty of chat online about that very subject matter if u go DuckDuckGo-ing for that

          2. Nigel

            I’ve been using a travel mug for a long time and never had a problem getting a fill or getting sick.

            Compostible is a good alternative if that’s really an issue, though.

          3. Nigel

            Oh, and I would imagine a quick blast of hot water to rinse out the cup would sort out most hygiene concerns.

  1. SOQ

    The biggest accommodation crisis in the history of the state and what are the greens worried about? Coffee cups.

    1. Nigel

      Not to diminish the housing crisis, one of the biggest global environmental crises is the vast quantity of plastic in landfill and choking the oceans. Since we need to oceans to have life in them in order to live ourselves, I’d say it’s pretty important

    2. Mysterybeat

      You realise of course that it’s possible to be concerned about more than one issue at a time, right?

  2. Sorcha Kavanagh

    Millions of people all around the world carry reusable cups and the hygiene argument is not considered an issue. With regard to Health, surely the bigger and long term picture is far more important. For the sake future generations we need to embrace reduce and reuse. That is the real Health issue, the long term one, that affects our ecosystems at large. I have not met one person with a reusable cup yet that complained of being sick due to their cup, besides it’s up to the individual to be a responsible and Conscious Consumer and keep their cup clean.

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