The Great Irish Fake-Off


Next Thursday, April 12.

At 6pm.

In the Edmund Burke Theatre in Trinity College Dublin.

A seminar about “fake news”, chaired by RTE’s Bryan Dobson.

RTÉ writes:

Chaired by broadcaster Bryan Dobson, this seminar will ask: what is fake news?; how can we identify it?; what can be done to combat it?; and how can we ensure our valued news services are trustworthy, and not fake?

Participating speakers include Sile Lane (Head of International Campaigns and Policy at Sense About Science), Aine Kerr (cofounder of Nevalabs), Kate Shanahan (Head of Journalism, DIT), Eugenia Siapera (Professor at DCU), Fionnan Sheahan (Editor of the Irish Independent) *cough*, Dr Linda Kiernan (Lecturer at Trinity College), RTÉ, and Ian Power (Exectutive Director of….

To register for tickets to this free event email Strictly two tickets per person.


Fake News: How True? An event of the RTÉ Audience Council (RTE)

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24 thoughts on “The Great Irish Fake-Off

  1. Ron Dolan

    Wonder if Fionnan Sheehan will address his colleague Paul Williams fake news piece about Maurice McCabe being a child abuser?

    You know, the one that ran in the Independent?

    Feel free to stick in your own Indo fake news story, for me, that is one of the more sickening ones.

    (And oh am I feeling the schadenfreude about the Indo’s current woes, sooner its goes down the tubes the better….)

    1. Truth in the News

      You can reimpose the “Penalty Points” by simply leaving its fake sheets on the shelf.

    1. The Dude

      Odd how Mr Sheehan’s name hasn’t popped up in the story about alleged data breaches in INM.

      No doubt his colleagues trust him implacably.


  2. LeopoldGloom

    Anything and Everything written by, or about Barry Egan probably qualifies as fake news

    1. Ron Dolan

      Barry Egan isn’t even real.

      He’s just an isolated bit of colonic mucus that fell out of Bono’s y fronts when he was dancing around going YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAH as him and Blair and Bush had a giggle about the death toll in Iraq.

      1. Ron Dolan

        Jesus his tweeter feed is a lonely place.

        Would Bonero not tweet him a few YEAH YEAH YEAH YEAHS to make up for all the frottage Barry gives his ego?

        Poor Bawwy.

  3. Orbits Crunch

    There has always been fake news though. it is never going to go away.
    The difference now is that politicians are quoting fake news whenever it suits them or whenever it can help them.

    And they can get away with it because the electorates in certain countries are not politically aware enough to call out BS.

    The save the 8th referendum is actually a good test of the Irish electorate to see if they can recognize the avalanche of fake news that is no doubt on the way.

    1. david

      Fake news to government is everything they do not want you to hear.
      The internet is the tool that spreads it and also the truth.
      They do not want the truth to be forthcoming just propaganda .
      Anytime an event can happen an event a government dose not want people to know about.
      Thanks to the nets this can within seconds be revealed through mobile phones complete with visual image.
      Before reporting could be controlled.
      This government wants us all dumbed down,compliant and will do anything in its power to control, what is news and what is true even if its a lie
      I say good on you web and the intelligent will see through fake news

  4. Ron Dolan

    Between Dobbo and D’Indo, they have some experts on fake news right there.

    They should get Paul ‘Detective Inspector’ Reynolds in as well. For a laugh.

  5. gavin

    Yeah because fake news is something new, the main stream media would never partake in those types of shenanigans…its all down to this interweb thing

  6. The Dude

    Bryan Dobson.

    Salary: €195k p.a.

    A safe pair of hands and a fine gate-keeper if ever there was one.

    Any chance the EU’s Man Against Fake News, Stephen Rae of INM, could also feature on the panel? You know, for comedy value if nothing else…

  7. Lilly

    Will there be any mention of Stephen Rae’s old pal, Gerry O’Carroll, Garda-in-residence at the Herald for some time and author of many a fake news story, including the long-running one about Joanne Hayes’ twins?

  8. Truth in the News

    What you have here is some the great media gru’s espousing on “Fake News” when most of the time
    they never questioned anything they read out or put in the written word, if ever there was needed a
    clean out of the entire rump of shambles both in INM and RTE it is now,…..look at the evidence over
    the years, and its not just McCable it goes back years, look at the involvement of both the Independent’s
    interference in Elections in June 1997 and RTE in in the 2011 Presidential Election, and thus should
    lead to re-examination of the whole affair should Higgins stand again.
    No Republic calling itself a democracy would allow all this type of carry on,…where is that great
    mouthpiece of prim and proper political etiquette Eoghin Harris in all of this.

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