Patrick Street, Cork city

Roisin Burke, in the Evening Echo, reports:

Cork has been rated the most culturally vibrant city in Europe, according to a report carried out by the European Commission.

The EU report states that Cork obtained the maximum score for concerts/shows and cinema attendance which correspond to around 12 concerts per 100,000 inhabitants and 10,700 cinema tickets sold for every 1,000 inhabitants.

The city was also named the best small city in Europe for ‘business friendliness’ by the Financial Times magazine, which ranked Cork as one of the overall top 25 European Cities of the Future 2018/19.


Cork is the most culturally vibrant city in EU (Evening Echo)

Pic: Esq

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10 thoughts on “Dowtcha Boy

  1. Hallström

    “10,700 cinema tickets sold for every 1,000 inhabitants” … that sounds a bit far fetched, even by Cork standards.

      1. david

        God papi you live in cork
        But saying that in every paradise their is something very nasty lurking in the background
        Not only is cork more cultured its the most vibrant food area of Ireland
        We have also some of the best artists as Dublin has some of the worst piss artists
        Dublin thinks life starts and ends in Dublin
        They also think they drive the economy but per head of the population cork is streets ahead
        And at least you can live a life in west cork that is free of gang warfare
        Saying all that Dublin before the Celtic tiger was a great vibrant city
        The Celtic tiger brought out a nasty side from Dublin
        Sadly Dublin is a dump these days soulless and arrogant rude and nasty
        All the tourists that visit west cork love it and love the food we serve looking out at paradise

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