Not Waving But Downing


John Downing of The Irish Independent

This morning.

On RTÉ Radio One’s Today with Sean O’Rourke show.

They covered the INM data breach story!!

At 11.58am .

Two minutes before the show ended.

During the Friday Gathering slot, Mr O’Rourke asked John Downing, of the Irish Independent, about the alleged hacking at Independent News and Media of its own staff and others.

Séan O’Rourke: “How concerning is this for you?”

Downing: “It’s been a bad week for Irish Independent, Independent newspapers generally. I’ve worked a chunk of a life there, in two different sessions. I’ve spent nearly 20 years working for them – a great place to be more usually.

Dismay and concern, the life and blood of journalism is the integrity of protecting and protecting sources – without it, nothing. It’s a subject of two major investigations, a high court hearing in ten days, it’s difficult to say too much more in any kind of detail.

The only positive I did take from it was that the paper has led the coverage of this sensitive issue to their own organisation. And, in doing that, maintained the separation between the commercial and the editorial.”

O’Rourke: “So no pulling of punches in the coverage?”

Downing: “Absolutely not. They’ve been ahead of the other news organisations.”

O’Rourke:Well I suppose it has more information than any of the others.”

O’Rourke and panellists laugh

Downing: “Perhaps…but as you know, when issues affect, when RTÉ becomes the story, as it does from time to time also, it’s a tricky one to try and manage

O’Rourke: “[inaudible]…the DG.”

Downing: “Exactly.”

O’Rourke: [laughs]. Anyway, look, those occasions, we’ll leave it there.”


Listen back in full here

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Today’s Irish Independent.

Ah here.

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13 thoughts on “Not Waving But Downing

  1. dhaughton99

    Dunphy made a great point talking to Mick Clifford on his podcast yesterday. RTE are staying away from it coz Dinny is so litigious.

  2. Brother Barnabas

    “Anyway, look, those occasions, we’ll leave it there.”

    see, wasn’t so bad

  3. Alex francis

    I have news for you. if you’re on a shared network in work then the IT guy and indeed his mates are reading your emails.

    1. SOQ

      All data is owned by your employer so they can do whatever they want with it, including email. But, I suspect that where there is sensitivities as to contacts etc, there has been some sort of unwritten journalistic rule about snooping. It’s one for the lawyers.

      I don’t get the big deal about the backups going overseas. Online backup/restore systems can be in any jurisdiction and MS 365 for ex. is stored in the states. Also cloud storage is just not secure and no state or semi state should be using it. That is what the Local Government Services Board is for.

      1. Blonto

        Employers are not entitled to a free for all on your email.
        Backups going off site (apart from DR, cloud etc.) is a sensitive issue. Out of jurisdiction is a major issue.
        365 is not solely store in the USA.
        Local Govt Services Board should be used for what exactly?
        I hope you’re not involved in GDPR!!!

  4. Deeply Conflicted SCT Rugby Head

    “The only positive I did take from it was that the paper has led the coverage of this sensitive issue to their own organisation”

    Comedy gold.

  5. Catherine costelloe

    In 2008 Digicel sued Cable & Wireless about competition in the Caribbean.
    Digicel won on one of its claims and was awarded the paltry sum of two pounds.
    Digicel had to pay fifteen (15) million legal costs of Cable & Wireless.
    One of INM’s 19 is Cable and Wireless general councel is Nick Cooper.
    Oh dear, this is shocking stuff and I can see writs flying !

  6. Frilly Keane


    What a shower of wimps and empty shurts

    the biggie that they, INM, will suffer the most from
    is that the Board, albeit, principally the Chairman, assisted a dominant shareholder access information he was not entitled to

    what that end user used that information for
    crosses multiple compliance and regulatory regimes, and opens up so many different legal cases
    and across so many jurisdictions
    it will make the Charlton Tribunal look like a petty cash short

  7. :-Joe

    Is Weckleer and the Irish non-independent marketing business having a laugh?

    “You’ll soon be notified”, and telling the poor unfortunate listeners on INM radio that facederp are fixing things and nobody will bother deleting the accounts etc etc,

    If you want some justice contact facederp and mr. determined to get rich zuckering the life out of the mind of the planet and ask for all the data they have on you and who is it connected to.

    And ask for your SHADOW PROFILE and all the SHADOW PROFILES of people you may not even know that are linked to your accounts.

    After that if you don’t delete your accounts for some insane reason or you have to use a marketing company to get your information from then re-create a dummy profile with minimal fake information and set all the privacy settings to GO F%$K YOURSELF !

    INM Media is corrupt and/or ignorant and is not telling you the truth about anything important related to your data protection.

    If you want to know what’s going on with facederp, SCL, CA,, Trump, Brexit, Russia , Israel, Kenya, Nigeria, Trinidad and even Ireland is mentioned in there amongst many illuminating details about geo-politics…

    Start here and watch this in full:

    Probably the most important piece of film/media content you’ll see in years, if you have an attention span longer than a cat video.


  8. :-Joe

    Paul-Olivier Dehaye talks about two years or more trying to get the exact information that facederp has on him while living in Ireland with the help of the data commissioner and E.U law.

    Chris Wylie is basically an endless whistle sound of what’s really going on with everyone’s data and various other pearls of information on geo-politics..

    i.e watch all his videos online…he’s often hilarious because his story and the truth is so insane..

    You couldn’t make it up etc.


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