The Get Out Of Jail Card


Conor McGregor leaves NYPD Brooklyn Precinct this afternoon

It’s a twerp walk.

Kevin Whitty writes:

Max Holloway has been declared medically unfit and pulled from UFC 223 main event so there goes the main card…I imagine our boy will be looking to take that fight if he can get out of jail and make the weight…


Max Holloway declared medically unfit, pulled from UFC 223 main event (ESPN)

Handcuffed Conor McGregor Led From Brooklyn Precinct After Arrest on Assault, Criminal Mischief Charges in UFC Melee (NBC)

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57 thoughts on “The Get Out Of Jail Card

  1. Panty Christ

    How does one get a work permit for fighting professionally in the USA if not resident?

    1. :-Joe

      Visa and permit for a contractor working for a US registered business…

      OR your name is Notorious and if your not let in you’re gonna wreck the place….
      At least a small part of the transport system anyway…


    1. GiggidyGoo

      Listening to the various news stations and commentary on the radio today, almost all interviewees referred to McGregor as ‘Conor’
      Conor this
      Conor that

      afraid of their poo or what. Filler of course, anything to get away from the INM story. More fodder on this evening o. the 6 news for 15minutes. Cheeses Priced.

  2. Andrew

    So this ‘story’ has now infected broadsheet. Is it not enough that the state broadcaster and all the rest are spending an inordinate amount of time on the antics of this twerp?

  3. rotide

    Why does the UFC consistantly lose fighters on short notice? It seems to happen way more often than boxing.

    That’s obviously excluding people who withdraw due to bus attacks

    1. :-Joe


      Apart from bus related injuries, the training is more complex and prone to injury and the weight cuts are often more difficult than it is for boxers(who generally walk around at similar championship weight) and then especially after a fighter has to replace someone injured on short notice.

      In mma if you’re a natural 170lb that can cut to 155lb for the weigh in and then balloon back up to 165-170 or more before the fight that’s usually a considerable advantage.

      McGregor is probably a natural 165+ but was cutting down to 145 at weigh in and went back up to 155 or more for the fights in the featherweight division. It’s often seriously dangerous for your health when it goes wrong but it’s an advantage over most of the competition if you have the height and reach of a naturally bigger frame along with skill etc…


    1. Basil Brush

      You would think…might have to coax him down from the ceiling first by the looks of that footage.

  4. Bernie

    He’s an embarrassment to Ireland, sullying our good name, big shame as he’s fairly talented. He could learn a thing or two from the way our Barry McGuigan so graciously conducted himself, back in the day…

    1. George

      Yes, he is very good at violence. Who would have thought rewarding that with millions of euro would go badly wrong?

  5. Rep

    For some reason, he seems to have acted like some sort of scobie off his nut on charles. Very unusual

  6. H

    What he did may have been stupid but who wouldn’t want a friend who had your back like this?

  7. Gabby

    I don’t consider MMA to be a sport and I don’t consider Conor McGregor to be a model for athletic young boys to follow. Anyone for Ludo?

    1. De Kloot

      I reckon he’ll be deported. He’ll spend a few weeks in lockup and sent home with his visa status and career in ribbons….

      1. De Kloot

        That or he’ll be released on bail for a later court date. Ultimately he’s in a real pickle….

      2. SOQ

        Hardly. Remember what happened to Adam Clayton from U2 in 1989 after he was caught with a boot load of weed? Nothing.

    2. anne

      He’ll get a fine.

      Dana will forgive him & he’ll be back fighting there again.

      No such thing as bad publicity as they say.

  8. Andy

    Not a fan of his antics but fair play to him for making it on the world stage.

    We’ve no soccer players doing that anymore and rugby is still a small sport.

    Kudos to him for his success.

    1. SOQ

      Cocaine is god’s way of separating fools from their money. Ever notice how it is those who need it least who use it most?

          1. Bernie

            SOQ, There’s one of him inside the court house, flanked by his lawyer, Jim Walden and another legal eagle / plain clothed police person, on BBC NI news site.

  9. Basil Brush

    The whole thing was so ott it smacked of ‘publicity stunt gone awry…’ I had thought Conor wants out of UFC and whatever contract he has with them. Maybe Bellator for more with fewer constraints?…I’d say he soiled himself when the bus window smashed. Will pay a fine, UFC will sack him and Dana White will forgive eventually. At least he didn’t knock a pregnant woman over in his car and leave the scene…unlike another lauded UFC champ!

    1. George

      Yes, it must be a publicity stunt. I’m sure his actions are not a reflection of who he is and it’s not as though there is a history of violent incidents or anything.

  10. ReproBertie (SCU)

    I’ve been training in martial arts for over 20 years and teaching martial arts for 8. From the very start you hear about how martial arts teach character and improve discipline. Sadly there are many who never learn.

  11. italia'90

    He’ll likely be processed and held in Rikers Island. Not a nice place to be held, especially a nice buff little unprotected Irish boy like our Connor. If he was a virgin going in, he won’t be coming out. Those Huntspoint and Brownsville gangs will pass him around like a cabbage patch doll.

    1. SOQ

      I like your man on man style italia’90. Let’ hope nobody from Ulster Rugby get ideas forget about forgetting the women altogether eh? Again.

  12. Dieu tri mun tron goi

    He’s an embarrassment to Ireland, sullying our good name, big shame as he’s fairly talented. He could learn a thing or two from the way our Barry McGuigan so graciously conducted himself, back in the day…

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