‘Breaches of Duty’


From top: Former Sunday Independent journalist Sam Smyth (right), one of those mentioned as having his data breached while working for the INM Group; Head of News INM, Jane Last outside the High Court this afternoon

This afternoon.

The High Court.

Further to an adjournment, the copurt will hear INM’s challenge to the decision of the ODCE to apply to have inspectors appointed to the company on May 9.

The court heard Mr O’Brien has written to the Director of Corporate Enforcement, Ian Drennan, telling him he intended to hold him “fully and personally responsible” for what he alleged were “breaches of duty”.

In the letter sent on 6 April, Mr O’Brien said he had been subjected to extraordinary and intensifying media coverage suggesting he had been involved in wrongdoing.

He suggested that the Director had facilitated media access to the extensive document prepared by the ODCE in support of its application or had failed to take steps to restrict access to it.

Mr O’Brien said this was causing damage to him and to his reputation.


O’Brien accuses ODCE of leaking details of INM application (RTÉ)



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22 thoughts on “‘Breaches of Duty’

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Perhaps Drennan can now do onto O Brien what O Brien has done to many. If O Brien has accused Drennan, then O Brien, if he has no proof, has landed himself in deep.

  2. Bull Duggan

    I haven’t really been following this INM farrago but by jove,what a shapely pair of pins on Ms Last.

    1. SOQ

      I was thinking more that her outfit was really well put together, understated and stylish. Although I’d have gone for a block coloured greyish scarf and kitten heels myself.

      Each to their own eh?

  3. realPolithicks

    “The court heard Mr O’Brien has written to the Director of Corporate Enforcement, Ian Drennan, telling him he intended to hold him “fully and personally responsible” for what he alleged were “breaches of duty”.”

    This looks like a clear attempt to intimidate the Director of Corporate Enforcement, I’m surprised that more hasn’t been made of this…though given who is behind this I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

    1. Sheik Yahbouti

      it’s a clear and unambiguous threat of legal action for defamation against an officer of the State. Outrageous.

      1. david

        Not outrageous the office of corporate enforcement are a waste of taxpayers money
        If it was a ship it would be a sieve

      2. realPolithicks

        He tried suing the Dail so I guess that’s how he handles things, he sues to intimidate people into silence.

    2. david

      The director of corporate enforcement was like a eunuch at an orgy after the crash, no one held account .
      And they do not or did not have up till 6pm this evening a forensic accountant.
      Some office and this is, and an utter joke of a department toothless and cannot even get a case issued in time like the clery’s farce thrown out and the culprits walk free
      Threatened with what, and accountable to who? The country or those who broke its back?

        1. david

          Go on who?
          Not DOB
          I Just read and research to see if its true
          The clery’s case was most publicised including the manner of the redundancies
          The delay I am sure was deliberate so the case was thrown out
          It was from that the ODCE revealed they did not have a forensic accountant

          1. david

            Off season and I have a papi alarm in the jacks that rings each time you comment
            I then after replying just flush the toilet

  4. anne

    Lawyers laughing all the way to the bank again.

    They tend to get a bit personal in their threats.

    Time for redacted to be told fupp off big time I’d say.

  5. Rabid

    ”Time for redacted to be told fupp off big time…”
    (by someone else of course, not me.I’m afraid to even say his name.)

    It’s OK. We understand.

  6. Frilly Keane

    Poor O’Redacted

    Butting into a hearing

    An application by ODCE to appoint inspectors
    To a company he only owns 29% of
    When all he had to do as a shareholder was shurr’up
    Sell his shares
    Or eff them out’ve it at the AGM

    Who da’ rhymes with múc is advising this lad

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