Paschal Donohue, then Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform launches the Public Services Card (PSC)  in 2016

This morning.

Via RTÉ News:

Borrowers looking to access personal credit reports stored in the new national credit register cannot access them with the Government’s Public Services Card.

RTÉ News has learned the Central Bank does not accept the card as a valid proof of identification or PPS number when people are applying to the Central Credit Register for their credit record.

The card, which was originally created for people to access named public services with one fully State authenticated identity document, was designed to help citizens access a range of public services easily so the same information does not have to be given to multiple organisations…

Good times.

Central Bank does not recognise Public Services Card as valid proof of identity (Cian McCormack, RTÉ)


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20 thoughts on “One Job

  1. Cian

    Public Services Card must be used to access public service #1. Internet reaction: outrage.

    Public Services Card cannot be used to access public service #2. Internet reaction: outrage.

    1. Mysterybeat

      I don’t think it’s Internet outrage, more like contrived media outrage to stir up Internet outrage.
      I heard Dilly O’Wea on the radio waffling on about it this AM. Again, fake outrage…

      1. Martco

        depends on your viewpoint @dav doesn’t it?

        it’s like a supermarket clubcard…VERY useful if you’re the supermarket but of course at the customer’s expense

    2. Joe Small

      Isn’t this safeguard working the way it should? No new government body gets access to public service card data unless the Oireachtas first approves it through legislation. Isn’t this a good thing being spun as a screw-up?

  2. ReproBertie

    It’s a joke of a card, mainly because they hadn’t the liathróidí to make it an actual ID card meaning it’s neither fish nor fowl.

    1. Hansel

      That and the fact that they tried to make its usage mandatory before most people had one. Cart before horse, etc.

      Like the water meters, fundamentally a good idea executed horribly badly.


    Head back over to the Journo Cian, where you can add your ” if you have nothing to hide comment ”

    In the meantime for those are curious about how security of your consolidated data is handled
    you need to look beyond the 120 individual state bodies can access the information on the card.

    In any case when 3rd parties / private companies are involved, it’s open season

    Here is what happens to your data when Prometric re involved in the processing of your data when applying for a driving theroy test.

    Prometric and/or the biometric vendor on behalf of the test sponsor, shall retain candidate data
    collected through the Check-In System in accordance with the law in the jurisdiction in which the
    data was obtained, or for a maximum of five years from the date of the last assessment or the
    expiration of the purpose for which the candidate’s data was collected.

    Prometric during test registration, where permitted by law,
    Prometric may send candidates commercial communications and offers for additional
    testing or training services on behalf of test sponsors.

    To opt-out of commercial emails, simply click the link labeled “unsubscribe” at the bottom of any
    email sent by Prometric and / or test sponsors.

    Prometric server logs also record the IP address of the devices used to connect to
    the Internet, and may enable Prometric to collect information about the websites being visited by an
    individual before and after accessing the Prometric site. Collecting IP addresses and related data
    regardless of where the site is located globally, the data is collected, transferred, processed and
    stored in Prometric’s data center.


    Believe the gov line on preventing welfare fraud etc.. if you choose,
    but Doherty, Donohoe & co. will be long out of office by the time serious data privacy issues arise.

    But sure what harm eh?

    You have nothing to hide.

    1. Cian

      Okay, I’ll bite. I’m just going to try to register for a driving test []

      and this is what I see:
      “The RSA is the data controller of this personal data. As a data processor for the RSA, Prometric (Ireland) processes your personal information only for the purposes of registering and scheduling you for a test, administering that test, and processing the results.

      At no time will your personal information be used by Prometric (Ireland) or the RSA for any other purpose without your permission. Your personal information, including your test results, will be provided to the RSA for the purposes of providing scores, certification, or other benefits to you in your future driving licence applications.
      (my emphasis)

      I don’t know what you are talking about in your post above – I’m providing links to what RSA are actually saying.
      It’s the internet – you can provide links too! (or don’t provide a link and I’ll not take you seriously)


        Will the average Joe have the legal and or financial means to go after Prometric or other private companies if he believes his data had been shared, compromised etc..Thats assuming he is ever informed if a leak, hack or deliberate sharing, selling etc.. of his data occurred.

        This card is already required for applications for a medical card, & is soon to be linked with revenue.

        This goes beyond the data mining facebook use to advertise your fav football teams jersey on your homepage.

        Cambridge Analytical had too run data on its 80mill plus facebook profiles through algorithms to
        only get a probability as to how they may vote.

        Now imagine incentive in regards to the monetary value of your personal data from your health, insurance, driving, financial & tax status etc.. etc.. for it to be hacked, shared or sold.
        This more comprehensive and consolidated personal data now easier to process and exploit, which you are not volunteering to facebook, but rather being forced to surrender through the Public Services Card.

        So good luck with that.

  4. Martco

    y’all need to look beyond the card in this particular story. I’m against the card full stop, it’s not ultimately for your or my benefit.

    but this story brings up another modern plague – credit scoring. a total & utter con being visited upon anyone engaging with a financial service. won’t be long till the dumbass Equifax et al daytime tv adverts start turning up on the primetime slots hyping up the blx need to register for free to learn your credit score & make your life better. skanky scam.

    1. jusayinlike

      +1 Martco, social engineering 101..

      complete with contrived radio discussion to make it current..

  5. david

    A future can of worms to be opened
    Maybe Russian hackers might do this country a favour and hack it to bits

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