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  1. f_lawless

    Perfectly healthy looking boy from alleged “chemical attack” video in Syria recounts his experience. Seems pretty much irrefutable at this point that the US, UK and France used propaganda to try to manufacture public consent for their bombing campaign – but Western corporate media wants us to move along already,; nothing to see here folks.

    1. Boomskidaboom

      Check out Robert Fisk’s report from there, which was published this week. No chemical attack, hypoxia brought on by shelling of homes.

      1. david

        He will blame the Israelis for this
        Meanwhile those 700 odd jobs at the aluminium plant in limerick are looking pretty unsafe
        Will putin ensure his oligarch chum closes the plant laying off all the staff t o sanction us for verruca’s expulsion of a Russian envoy
        But little Leo is a bit peeved especially as he made time magazine

      1. f_lawless

        This post by ex-Guardian journalist, Johnathan Cook, is worth a read:

        In light of Robert Fisk’s report, “whatever incontrovertible information the US, UK and France claimed to have that Syria carried out a chemical weapons attack last week is clearly no more reliable than their claims about an Iraqi WMD programme back in 2002.”

        “Fisk does not need to prove that his account is definitively true – just like a defendant in the dock does not need to prove their innocence. He has to show only that he reported accurately and honestly, and that the testimony he recounted was plausible and consistent with what he saw. Everything about Fisk’s record and about this particular report suggests there should be no doubt on that score.”

        “Fisk’s report shows that there is a highly credible alternative explanation for what happened in Douma – one that needs to be investigated. Which means that an attack on Syria should never have taken place before inspectors were able to investigate and report their findings.”

        Does it really seem in any way plausible to you that the governments of the US, UK and France were so naive as to be taken in by that video and therefore cite it as clear evidence of a chemical attack, no need for an investigation first?

        It’s a repeat of “Iraq WMD” -like propaganda again. Obvious at this point.

      1. f_lawless

        …em, that’d be the 100+ missiles fired by the US-led coalition; each one carrying about 1000lbs of explosives.. you want to see a death toll before you’ll take an interest, is that it?

        1. Nigel

          So a single missile strike with no strategic aim or outcome is now a ‘bombing campaign’ which was the ultimate purpose of a complex and murderous false-flag operation and global disinformation campaign. Wow that’s a bravura piece of skullduggery all right.

          1. f_lawless

            Are you aware that a primary driver for these perpetual wars is the role of the arms industry? When these military operations are launched, the weapons manufacturers get to showcase their weapons and are thereby able to charge a higher price for weaponry which has been used in real military conflicts; also defense spending of nations goes up – both those carrying out the campaigns and those around the zones of conflict who feel threatened.
            For example, Lockheed Martin’s share price surged directly after the latest US-led operation in Syria;
            Russia’s arms export trade has also surged since it’s operations in Syria.
            I’d speculate that the recent military operation in Syria was a much scaled down version of what was originally planned – as Eastern Ghouta was rapidly retaken by Russian/Syrian forces, they seized various chemical weapons labs left behind by the ‘rebels’. According to Russian military intelligence at the time, a large scale gas attack had been in planning, to be blamed on Assad.
            The supposed attack in Douma was a hastily put together plan B, but as too many holes started showing in that narrative, perhaps that’s why the US/UK/French operation didn’t have much more of an objective other than to showcase some weaponry and keep tensions high?

          2. Nigel

            So: not a bombing campaign, arms manufacturers make money out of wars, and some speculation. You’ll insist Putin/Assad have no reasons to commit atrocities but you’ll believe any old guff about the Machiavellian schemes of the West.

          3. f_lawless

            Nigel, one the one hand you seem like a thoughtful individual but when it comes to certain issues you seem to have shut down your critical thinking faculties somewhere along the line and just resort to blinkered stubbornness. To frame doubts about the mainstream Syrian narrative as “any old guff” gives the impression you don’t seem to know your history at all.
            Creating false pretexts to manufacture consent for war/regime change has become standard practice by the powers that be -haven’t you heard of the Gulf of Tonkin incident (Vietnam war), for example?; the “Nayirah testimony” (Iraq War 1991, false testimony to UN Security Council about Iraqi soldiers pulling babies from incubators)?; Iraq 2 and Saddam’s fictitious WMDs?; the hyped up humanitarian crisis in Libya in order to take out Gaddafi?
            There’s plenty of credible commentators saying that a repeat of the same thing is what’s now going on in Syria – ex-state officials from the US and UK (eg ‘I don’t believe a word of it’ – CIA whistleblower John Kiriakou); Craig Murray – ex British ambassador; veteran investigative journalists John Pilger, Robert Fisk to name a few.
            Why doesn’t that at least give you pause for thought , I wonder?
            I’m curious, what credible reason do you seem to believe Assad carried out a chemical attack in Douma in the midst of his forces being on the verge of completely retaking the suburb while a negotiated exodus of militants was already underway in exchange for safe passage of hostages – as had happened previously in Aleppo, E Ghouta, etc? Just because he’s a crazy evil doer?

        1. jusayinlike

          The one where Assad who enjoys a majority support defends his country and people against psychotic western supported ISIS..

    2. david

      Very quiet on the inspectors front
      Meanwhile little Leo verruca and his Ireland’s got talent cabinet tells us the EU might stop the talks over brexit
      Maybe it will be like north Korea and south Korea as our eunuch teashock plays the game hoping the EU will kiss it all better
      Maybe the EU will place missiles on our border to defend us from the orange men.
      Sadly a massive turf sandwich is going to be served to our nation from the frau’s kitchen
      As for the referendum ,no planning what so ever and a disaster on the way that will finally break our health service

  2. SOQ

    Democrats sue Trump/Russia/Wikileaks. Last time they done something like this was before Watergate. I expect it is a strategic move by them.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Leo and his cast iron guarantees. His backstop. His ‘legally binding’. His EU mateys and his lovely British mammy are showing him up on a daily basis to be the foolish and immature fellow he his.

    1. david

      I feel very guilty being right when our countries future is about to go down the pan
      Mind you the good news is varadka is about to be humiliated and go down in history as the man who did more damage to Ireland than the black and tans
      Maybe only maybe as we go bankrupt all the public sector sweet heart deals can be cancelled because when bankrupt you cannot honour them or borrow to continue paying them

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