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London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign writes:

Today we launch a powerful video (above) encouraging eligible Irish voters to come #hometovote YES in the upcoming abortion referendum…Written by James Hooper it was filmed in six cities across the globe, including London, Las Vegas and Lyon.

London-Irish Abortion Rights Campaign

10 thoughts on “Home For Yes

  1. Cian

    Jayz, that screenshot reminds me of yer wan from the Commitments – ‘melda

    Angeline Ball wasn’t it?

  2. Bob

    If you are eligible to vote …

    If you leave your address but you plan to return there within 18 months, you can continue to be registered there, as long you do not register at any other address.

    Overseas voters
    If you are an Irish citizen living abroad you cannot be entered on the register of electors. This means that you cannot vote in an election or referendum here in Ireland. (The only exception to this is in the case of Irish officials on duty abroad (and their spouses) who may register on the postal voters list).
    … so if you “plan to return” you can vote.

    1. Junkface

      Its ridiculous that Irish people cannot vote from abroad at their local Irish Embassies. Other European countries can do this

      1. Bob

        There have been some moves to consider how non-residents might be allowed to vote in Presidential elections but 2025 at the earliest was mentioned

        It might seem like a good idea when it comes time to vote but it isn’t an issue that enough people care about for it to get ongoing care and attention it needs if it is to make any progress.

        Allowing eligible voters in Northern Ireland to vote would seem like a good place to start but if you don’t support Sinn Fein you might be less enthusiastic about the idea

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