‘Everybody Said They Were Very Surprised…I Wasn’t’


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“Eamon [Dunphy] talks to Sam Smyth [above] about journalism, losing his jobs with the Irish Independent and Today FM, being one of the INM 19 and lots more…”

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9 thoughts on “‘Everybody Said They Were Very Surprised…I Wasn’t’

  1. Ina.

    Sam Smyth, the guy who colluded with Michael McDowell to destroy Frank Connolly. Connolly, who was asking very interesting questions about Bertie Ahern etc.

      1. Ina.

        Sam isn’t the worst of them (which says a lot about Irish journalism), but he sunk the CPI for his own end. Will never forgive him for that.

        1. Johnny

          McDowell had green lighted the land purchase,above market,for Thornton Hall prison.
          Frank with Fennys dollars was investigation it.
          The rest as they say..

  2. RuilleBuille

    Dunphy acted as a boot boy for Tony O’Reilly. Smyth acted the same for Michael McDowell. They peddled lies and launched vicious personal attacks for their overseers.

    Now they are whinging at the same treatment.

    1. Blonto

      How was Smyth acting for McDowell? He was critical of Redacted and got turfed out of the Sindo and TodayFM. One of the finest journalists in the country.

  3. Blonto

    This is a brilliant podcast. Dunphy is so different away from the football panels. One-on-one interviews are outstanding. I have this one primed for the commute home.

    1. dhaughton99

      Dunphy was one of the greatest radio broadcasters ever in this country. Still is, only in podcast form.

  4. John

    A very interesting interview, I get the impression the Naughten story is being released night now to try and take some public attention off the other scandals at INM. Mr Smyth makes a very interesting point about journalistic sources being compromised on the servers.

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