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  1. SOQ

    This is grossly disrespectful to the No campaign because they are not in any way connected to the Catholic Church (says they). And besides, selling newborns to the Americans was a great money spinner.

          1. Papi

            Imagine a Palestinian abortion doctor who cycles to work and keeps her opinions to herself! THE HORROR!!
            That’ll keep him up all night now, poor lamb.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        isn’t nature the good lord’s handmaiden, david? and doesn’t nature perform abortions regularly for all sorts of reasons? the evidence, then, suggests that jesus would understand that abortion is the right thing when the circumstances are wrong

        1. david

          And nature is just that nature that some believe is gods work
          Nature is not a person seeing a doctor and instructing the doctor they want an abortion
          Do you know exactly how stupid that post was?

          1. The Ghost of Starina

            If we’re gonna follow that logic, why should we ever go to a doctor for anything?

          2. SOQ

            @Starina. Remember the ‘cures’? My aunt had shingles and went to someone who had the cure. It was prayers (obviously) and sticking the pointed end of a freshly plucked chicken feather into the skin.

            She ended up in hospital for 3 weeks.

          3. The Ghost of Starina

            Twas a strong demon what had her! Should have called a bigger priest.

            No but really, your poor aunty.

          4. realPolithicks

            I had shingles a few years ago and went to “someone who had the cure”..my doctor.

      2. The Ghost of Starina

        David…if you’re Jewish, why would any depiction of Jesus offend you?! He was’t the messiah, he was a very naughty boy. It’s what got him killed and why I’m always getting slagged at Easter about killing the son of God. Like…come on.

        1. david

          Stop the ignorance please
          Jesus dose not offend me and he died a Jew
          In fact I doubt you are a Jew and the people you know that keep on sagging you off might be fellow Hamas supporters
          Jesus was a rabbi and he though was claimed as the messiah by his followers ,was not recognised as the son of god by Jews
          Crucifixion was the sentence for many crimes including sedition
          A false messiah by religious law was stoned to death
          As for the only bit in your post I would agree with is the life of Brian quote made by the mother to the crowd beneath his balcony
          The crowd remind me of you

          1. The Ghost of Starina

            I didn’t say Jesus offended you. You can’t be living in Ireland, surely; all the Irish do when they hear you’re Jewish is start the jokes. It’s like clockwork.

          2. david

            You did ,you stated why would any dedication of Jesus offend you?
            So please do not be smart

        1. realPolithicks

          He’s a culchie jewish bar owner out whest, whats not believeable about that? Plus you could have a drinking game around the amount of times he tells us he’s jewish so you’d have to believe him. Having said that most of my jewish friends are pretty liberal which is not something anyone would say about daithi.

  2. Janet, I ate my Avatar

    while I personally find this wildly entertaining
    I’m not sure putting people’s backs up by alienating them is the way forward

    1. newsjustin

      This is good for the No campaign. I’m in two minds, if this kind of nastiness was seen more widely it would encourage more no votes, but on the other hand, no one needs negativity in their lives.

        1. newsjustin

          Pasting altered versions of sacred images, for a political, purpose on or deliberately close to the places of worship of those that regard the figures as sacred.

          1. Nigel

            Not really in the same league as some of the surgical posters put up by the No side, surely? And since many in Ireland would have been raised Catholic, this would be the imagery of their childhood, and therefore, culturally, belongs to them. honestly, this is pointed, but pretty mild, it definitely doesn’t rise to nastiness.

          2. newsjustin

            Mildred, the lead medical spokesperson for the campaign to repeal the 8th has just gone on record telling lies about woman he claimed to have been killed by the 8th amendment. One of whom died months before the 8th amendment came into existence.

            I don’t think it’s me you need to be worried about.

            Hopefully it’ll appear in Broadsheet’s Thursday’s Papers (Hot Press magazine that is). Or maybe Nell McCafferty’s genuinely interesting views from the weekend will get an airing. She’s still pro-repeal afterall.

      1. david

        Maybe it will be when the Iona institute get hold of it and Catholics that have not abandoned their faith and find this desecration of a religious site and of christ blasphemy
        I remember the hurt I felt when some scum bag desecrated my dead half brothers grave stone
        The repeal mob have really shot themselves in the foot
        My god the tomb of those little babies being used like an advertising hoarding that is sick and god help the ignorant goons that did that

        1. Listrade

          I know you’re deeply offended by this blasphemy to the Christian faith, I suspect many of the Jewish faith are similarly outraged about depictions of a false messiah.

          However, you may also need to check your shared outrage as the defence to blasphemy is “genuine literary, artistic, political, scientific, or academic value”

          Given the recent discussions about the taking down of the Repeal Mural as it is political, I think we can safely say the No side have no grounds for a blasphemy complaint.

          Looks like that little brouhaha over the mural has had bigger implications. That’s unfortunate.

          1. painkiller

            They defaced a portrait of a religious prophet. I’m a lapsed Catholic at best but I think it’s a childish attempt to be edgy (and the Repeal guys are good at trying to be cool – I’ll give them that)…..but would they be so quick try that with the prophet Mohammed?

          2. Listrade

            I don’t think Islam has had the same influence on law and social policy as the Catholic Church though, so hardly the same thing. If Muslims decided to protest by altering an image of Mohamed I’d support them in their protest (but not if it was Mohamed Salah the one true prophet, then they should burn in hell).

            But the point was in reference to David’s screeching about disgust and calling the guards. Because the picture falls into the grounds of a defence under the blasphemy law.

          3. Cian

            Perhaps not. But the prophet should not be drawn. So we wouldn’t know who it was supposed to be.
            And doesn’t have a sacred-heart-thing that can be parodied.

          4. SOQ

            @ Listrade. Islam is a peer to peer structure which requires quite a different approach. The Irish Muslims I know are as socially liberal as it gets.

          5. Mickey Twopints


            1. Provide some evidence that’s a true likeness of a prophet venerated by any particular religious group.

            2. Direct us to a likeness of the prophet Mohammed so that we may be able to make a valid comparison.

            *To the standards required in support of a prosecution under the blasphemy legislation

          6. david

            At 6.44 pm you quoted that under law in Israel rabbis could convent to any abortion they liked or disliked ie abortion on demand
            I stated look up the law its all there
            Now you are spouting more horse manure
            And Such an expert on Islamic laws and the influence which is less than catholic religious laws in Ireland
            The repeal mob argue this and that and when one digs one discover its based on half baked lies and an agenda
            I honestly think this is about ensuring that nothing will be born in this state that can be a burden on resources
            Imagine if they could abort all children deemed to be defective all the money saved to pay the out of control public sector wage and pension bill

          7. Listrade

            Aww man, you went and checked the time stamp but didn’t read what I said. So close. All that effort and you just fell short. One job David. One job. Just for you, one more time: Rabbis allowed abortion when the mothers life was at risk. Not the same.

            And I’ll take digs about Muslims because it was that was my fault in not finishing my sentence properly in post above. I meant to say that Islam hasn’t had the same influence in laws and social policy in Ireland as the Catholic Church, not in general.

            But other than that you’re still so, so wrong. In general. But more specifically it can’t be blasphemy if it is specifically permitted under the blasphemy.

          8. david

            Painkiller not just a prophet but unlike Moses or Mohammed the Christians believe he is the son of god
            To have a logo on Christ supporting abortion on demand is blasphemy and it promotes the son of god to prescribe killing unborn children who if we are religious believe to be gods children
            The ten commandments state thou shall not kill
            And that makes this a blasphemous act
            If this was Mohamed instead of christ the repeal mob would be hiding out claiming asylum in Israel

  3. david

    Disgusting I think its time someone made a complaint to the garda over this repeal blasphemy on Jesus
    The repeal mob have just showed how nasty and stupid they are
    And I am a Jew .
    Has this nation stooped low enough, to consider this fair game
    I used to think the blasphemy laws were a sign of a backwards culture and a sign that we are ridden by the catholic church but now I see why they are needed in this country ,simple because these morons, think they can vandalise and deface what people believe in

    1. Brother Barnabas

      perhaps they’re suggesting that christ, being a compassionate and understanding fellow, would actually be in favour of repeal

        1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

          there was a fair bit of smiting and killing in the old testament
          he likes an auld plague too that loving Father

          1. david

            And if you were alive in those days you would of been flayed alive
            To even justify desecration makes you pretty thick

          2. Janet, I ate my Avatar

            flaying and desecration
            it was only Wednesday David
            you’ll wear yourself out..

        2. IonaLotOfProblems

          A lot of his workers have done absolutely horrendous things to children… but lets just ignore that and say this picture of the imaginary man with a slogan on him is disgusting.

          1. dav

            poor David most be one of them forgettable Jews, always forgetting that they are God’s chosen people, not the gentile.

          2. david

            It is religious intolerance that had people butchering each other in Ireland up to the GFA
            I see it has not gone away by your ignorant comment
            Course I know he is not the son of god for Jews or Buddhists Hindus etc
            Saying that I respect other religions that do not use violence for an agenda

          3. ReproBertie (SCU)

            The violence in Northern Ireland had nothing to do with religion. Ask yourself this, if the British queen decided to become Catholic and ordered the Church of England to rejoin would the violence have stopped?

        3. Nigel

          Being the son of a God he had advantages the rest of us poor humans don’t. Health care isn’t an issue when you can recover from a case of being dead in only three days.

          1. ReproBertie (SCU)

            You heard the one about Jesus arriving in the pub on Easter Sunday and everyone’s like “No way!” and he’s all “Yahweh!”.

          2. david

            Yep but he had to die first then hang around on a cross for a few days
            What ever flouts your boat
            By the way no one had VHI in those days

          3. Nigel

            Jesus spent three days on a trolley waiting to see the Holy Spirit for a resurrection? OUTRAGEOUS!

          4. david

            FOR BERTIE
            You really are a moron
            The republican movement and IRA were catholic the protestants were the others
            It was sectarian violence
            Maybe you are five years old
            If so your spelling is pretty good
            If not you are a moron

          5. ReproBertie (SCU)

            david try answering the question. If the British queen had switched to the Catholic faith and ordered the Church of England to rejoin the RCC would the IRA have given up the fight for a united Ireland?

        4. SOQ

          Prosecution on the grounds of blasphemy is a bit like the pregnancy team work up north surely?

        5. Cian

          “The son of god prescribed killing gods children”… just like his daddy:
          Exodus 11:4-5
          4 So Moses said, “This is what the Lord says: ‘About midnight I will go throughout Egypt. 5 Every firstborn son in Egypt will die, from the firstborn son of Pharaoh, who sits on the throne, to the firstborn son of the female slave, who is at her hand mill, and all the firstborn of the cattle as well.

          1. The Ghost of Starina

            that one always freaked me out as a kid. when I was real little it gave me nightmares about a green gas choking a village, long before I’d heard of the Holocaust. Still feel weird about Passover cos of it.

          2. david

            NICE try but it took many plagues before the killing of the first born
            Because pharaoh refused to free the Jews
            Its all biblical stories considering I believe you think god is a fairy and all is fabricated hocus pocus
            Maybe watch Moses the film it might educate you about the story and you do not need to read the bible
            The Technicolor is pretty good and all the men have beards

    2. kellma

      You’ll be voting no in that referendum too then? Due later this year I believe. I find parading a real picture of a butchered baby far more offensive than a picture of a person who has not been proven to be real.

        1. IonaLotOfProblems

          I like my Jesus with good abs and blue eyes. Call me old fashioned but that’s just the way I likes it.

          1. david

            Scottster your ignorance surpasses your stupidity
            The reason Christianity adopted Sunday as the Sabbath was due to that was the official day of worship of the roman empire and pagans and as usual convenience ruled rather than gods wish
            Mind you you think he is a fairy
            Maybe that’s why Jews were gods chosen people as you bigots refer to Jews as

          2. mildred st. meadowlark

            Perhaps try replying to scottser instead of someone else first david. And maybe wipe the enraged spittle from your chin.

            Calling scottser a bigot for saying Jesus was marketed to a western crowd is a massive leap. Calm yourself.

      1. newsjustin

        There is ample evidence for the historical Jesus. As there is for the results of abortion.

        1. ReproBertie (SCU)

          Yeah, Jesus definitely existed and, by all accounts, had a pretty fine message for people to follow. It’s the “my daddy is god” thing that’s a load of nonsense.

          1. postmanpat

            I don’t think there is evidence that Jesus definitely existed. Its more likely he was an amalgamation of a few real life people who lived around the same time and aided by a retinue of devoted con artists including his mother who may have been an unrelated older actress. It would certainly explain the magic tricks like resurrection. Remember the Jewish public were already prepped for prophets to manifest based on the old Hebrew bible and they were probably due a new one. In fairness though, most of the Jews didn’t believe he was a new prophet let alone the son of god. Pretty ballsey claim at the time. Plus one of the team had to get actually executed to pull off the master trick. Kind of like Cristian Bale in The Prestige. Maybe the crucified one was dying anyway or wanted to die because of chronic pain. The “fine message” was also a vailed treat too. The afterlife wasn’t and still isn’t a certainty in Judaism. Dead is dead. Which was fine (what’s the loss after all) but thanks to Jesus (inc) you will burn in eternal torment for not believing in him. And that also includes everyone born before him and everyone in the world that is unaware of him. What a boo boo!! “Believe in me …or else…”

          2. Brother Barnabas

            the bill + ted one never really took off on account of being grammatically incorrect

        2. IonaLotOfProblems

          There’s ample evidence that the women of Ireland need healthcare in Ireland… but here we are.

        1. kellma

          yes….being paraded as a 12 week old foetus. However that is not the point here Boj. The point is that a woman who has miscarried or was made carry a dead baby around inside her to deliver or was made to go overseas to have an abortion for a child with FFA will definitely find those real images offensive. Im not disputing that the photos are not real. The ones of blue eyed blonde Jesus are not.

        1. The Ghost of Starina

          actually I’d prefer to go eco and be bundled up in one of those tree pods and planted somewhere. Sounds pretty cool to me. Dust to dust and all that; might as well be useful after I croak.

          1. realPolithicks

            I love that idea, continuing on to some extent as a tree. For some reason I find that a very calming and peacful prospect.

        2. ReproBertie (SCU)

          There are plenty of non-denominational graveyards. Glasnevin cemetery being the most famous.

          1. The Old Boy

            A tad beyond the Pale, BB?

            I realise I say this in the context of a thread that is as bizarre as it is awful for a host of other reasons.

    3. Cian

      perhaps they’re suggesting that Jesus, being a compassionate and understanding fellow, and a Jew, would actually be in favour of repeal

    4. Listrade

      As Jew you do spend a lot of time worrying about Christian doctrine. I mean, given the nuance in the Torah about a fetus, I’d assume you’d have some support for some of the arguments to repeal, If you truly were a man of faith.

      Exodus only mentions when harm occurs to the unborn through a man striking the pregnant woman. Oholot allows for the child to be killed up to the moment of birth in order to save the mother. I know Genesis has a pretty clear status, at least on the issue of life and killing and this has been interpreted as including a fetus. But like early Christians (we presume speaking for Christ and interpreting his words) Judaism takes a view of fetal development from Aristotle’s delayed ensoulment (as you’d know from your knowledge of faith roughly before and after the quickening). Even so, it has always been a Rabbi rule that if a pregnancy risks the life of a mother, then the mother’s life takes precedence.

      Seems like your own faith is largely ok with many of the arguments for repealing the 8th. Seems like early Christians were ok with it too (at least those who established interpretation of Christ…and even published recipes for abortive herbs).

      1. painkiller

        The amendment refers to the rights of the unborn. To repeal it is to take away any rights that the unborn have. Repeal is really about abortion on demand, not the situations where the mother’s life is at risk. I think we all know that to be the major implication of repeal so dare I say you are making a dishonest argument.

          1. david

            Maybe conception when life is created.
            Scientifically this is the moment but laws were made to ensure rights
            They were made to be compassionate and they were made to show reason so they defined life starting when the embryo advanced ,
            Look at Israelis laws progressive compassionate and clear
            Regarding the whole issue and its not abortion on demand
            We do not need this in Ireland
            The day they set up a citizens assembly to handle this was they day this referendum was doomed
            As usual paddy has to make a dogs dinner out of everything
            To simply change the eight amendment to ensure these women like savita were protected above the dead foetus it had to be there’s one for everyone in the audience
            and this is why it will fail

        1. The Ghost of Starina

          you know what also puts a woman’s life at risk? drinking or douching bleach to cause a miscarriage. wire hangers. punching oneself in the stomach to cause a miscarriage. binging on class-As to cause a miscarriage. improper medical care after taking an abortifacient. air travel instead of rest after a termination.

          1. david

            Now Jesus old wives tales
            If anyone drunk bleach they would be dead
            Tell me the last case recorded when a woman did that
            I presume they would of gone to a doctor or hospital rather than lying in a room
            Pure bull poop
            You really are desperate
            You cannot even dispute anything I have posted because its all fact
            I would say the hostility directed towards me is because my facts are undisputable

        2. scottser

          the no side seems very het up about the concept of ‘abortion on demand’. all anyone wants to see it become is an option between a doctor and a pregnant woman to discuss. its simply none of your business.

          1. painkiller

            Again, the Protection of Life During Pregnancy Act 2013 was written to enable doctors to make decisions that put the mothers’ welfare first…look it up, it’s pretty comprehensive.

            Most of the discussions I’ve seen on RTE seem to hinge on complication cases like Savita Halappanavar. It might surprise you that people in Ireland are generally apprehensive about abortion on demand and where that leads.

            Let’s at least agree that travelling abroad has gotten a lot easier.

          2. Listrade

            No it doesn’t, look it up, look up what the doctors are saying over lack of clarity. It was put in place to put the mother first only where the end of her life is imminent as in will definitely die unless the abortion is carried out.

            That is very rare.

            It doesn’t cover cancer treatments or illness that are serious but there is no definite impending death. Unless death is 100% PLDPA does not protect the mother.

          3. david

            Abortion on demand is just what it says on the tin
            And if a patients doctor refuses then she will go to another or an abortion clinic which will perform one to the letter of the law
            Jesus scatter
            Do you actually read what you post
            My fault is my spelling and grammar, yours is your thinking and rationality

          4. david

            But it mine as the constitution is a matter for the people as in vote yes or no
            You really have a neck

        3. Listrade

          Not true. So you can stop that. First, removing the 8th doesn’t legalise abortion, it just means that there is nothing standing in the way of legalising abortion in defined circumstances. I know that doesn’t have the same ring to it as no protection for the unborn, but facts tend not to fit into sound bites.

          And even then the unborn is protected because abortion has to be legalised. Until that legislation, there is still protection under normal criminal law, we have to have legislation to state under what circumstances abortion is allowed.

          So even if that legislation is only to allow for FFA or when the mother is really ill, we still need to repeal the 8th to bring in legislation for that.

          the unborn will have rights because abortion will be conditional. We know this because we have a draft. We know it will require two doctors to sign off and that there will be limitations.

          I’ve no issue with anyone having a tough time with ethics and abortion because I think the vast majority of people fully understand the consequences of their decision and it really isn’t an easy decision to make. But I’d rather we didn’t pervert the discussion with statements that are wrong.

          1. painkiller

            In response to your comment above….that is clearly an implementation issue. The HSE is not proactive, but the legislation is there and they need to ensure that it can be referred to, in a wide variety of circumstances.

            The existence of this act is not convenient for the argument you hold, and you are happy to overlook it and discount it as much as possible, similar to how the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010 was almost entirely overlooked in the last referendum – heck, that act basically undermined any valid inequality argument around legal rights and entitlements….hence the need to make it a matter of social exclusion. We are seeing similar disingenuous tactics again this time.

            We have a group of people who place no value in our constitutional and have been sold a dogmatic liberal agenda that knows no limits…and unfortunately, that can’t be helped. But it should be called out, if not resisted.

          2. Listrade

            Again, no. It isn’t that at all. The Supreme Court in the X Case judged that under the constitution imminent threat to life (including suicide) abortion was permitted.

            They discussed in detail imminent threat and that it means exactly what it sounds like, I.e emergency abortion. So not having cancer treatment because you’re pregnant isn’t imminent. Critical heart failure, also not imminent. Kidney failure, not imminent.

            This isn’t a HSE issue, this is a constitutional issue. If a woman can’t have a kidney transplant because she is pregnant and can’t have an abortion because her there isn’t an imminent threat on her life, then there is something wrong with the constitution.

            It is simple. Death has to 100% likely and imminent or no abortion.

          3. painkiller

            It permits abortion under specified circumstances. . Cancer is set out as one of the provisions so there would be the discretion to terminate the pregnancy in that situation. I still wonder there is some inertia with how the HSE goes about the problem…

          4. Cian

            @painkiller “It permits abortion under specified circumstances. . Cancer is set out as one of the provisions so there would be the discretion to terminate the pregnancy in that situation. I still wonder there is some inertia with how the HSE goes about the problem…”

            can you provide evidence for this? Because the legislation is very clear:

            “7. (1) It shall be lawful to carry out a medical procedure in respect of a pregnant woman in accordance with this section in the course of which, or as a result of which, an unborn human life is ended where—
            (a) subject to section 19, two medical practitioners, having examined the pregnant
            woman, have jointly certified in good faith that—
            (i) there is a real and substantial risk of loss of the woman’s life from a physical illness , and
            (ii) in their reasonable opinion (…) that risk can only be averted by carrying out the medical procedure,

          5. david

            You have no clue exactly what this law is only what might be proposed
            The law dose not exist yet
            And they refuse to put this on the ballot paper
            You said it yourself we have a draft and a draft is not a law
            Why not publish the law and introduce it first so its on the statute books then have the referendum so everyone knows exactly what the law is

        4. ahjayzis

          Would you be in favour of my right to take one of your kidneys should I require it?

          Rights are balanced. Right now this ‘right’ demotes an adult woman to being equal to an embryo an hour after orgasm.

          That’s abhorrent and is the removal of a right of a woman to bodily autonomy she has a minute before conception and a minute after birth.

          1. painkiller

            I love dealing in fractals, they make me feel really clever…

            It’s got nothing to do with one person forcing something on another. It’s a civic matter, where the state dictates. We live in a country that has a constitution that regards the unborn and we have very easy access to a jurisdiction that does not….for those who willingly decide to terminate a healthy foetus.

          2. mildred st. meadowlark

            So once it’s not in Ireland you don’t give a twinkle?

            Well that’s charming.

          3. The Ghost of Starina

            @painkiller “very eas access to jurisdiction” – yes, if you have money and ability to travel. Which is class and ableist discrimination at the very least.

          4. Sham Bob

            The eighth stops legislation being introduced to allow terminations in the event of rape and fatal foetal abnormality. Polls have shown that most people feel that it is cruel to force women to continue a pregnancy to term in these situations, but as they’re not life-threatening, they can’t be permitted by the 8th.
            The ‘flights are cheap argument is pathetic.

          5. david

            Jesus is the whine that strong it will get your kidney
            Is this the best you can do to justify the taking of un born babies lives

      2. david

        Oh maybe check those facts with the Jewish state
        Israel dose not have abortion on demand
        Repealing the eight is not a door open for abortion on demand which will lead to ensuring all those imperfect can be killed
        And the way its going this is the intention

        1. ReproBertie (SCU)

          “Repealing the eight is not a door open for abortion on demand”

          You’re arguing against yourself now.

        2. The Ghost of Starina

          Who’s talking about Israeli law?! We’re talking about precedent in the Bible and the Torah, dude.

          1. david

            Israelis laws reflect its society
            If you were a Jew you would realise
            As the ignorant scream apartheid
            If Israelis laws were the Torah then I could say they are apartheid
            Their laws respect all faiths and the freedom to practice their religion
            But if you are an enemy of Israel you fall into the category of being dealt with just like every country

            And Israel way before Ireland recognised the LGBT community while the Palestinian Muslim administered hell holes respect their LGBT people with hostility prejudice and hatred

        3. Listrade

          You see I couldn’t say that because to compare the entire Jewish faith to the State of Israel is antisemitic…or that’s what we’re told anyway. So I was referring to the interpretation of rabbis millennia before the formation of the State of Israel and the numerous denominations of Judaism who are not aligned with Israel’s policies.

          1. david

            You do not get it
            Unlike the republics laws which were intolerant of all faiths except Catholics Israelis laws embrace all sects and religions living in peace in Israel
            The religious laws in other middle eastern countries are religious laws and some very intolerant
            Millennia is irrelevant
            Its the laws of the land
            You have lost your argument

          2. Listrade

            Ok. Do the laws of Israel represent the entire Jewish faith?

            And up to the foundation of the state of Israel, when women would get permission from a rabbi for an abortion and be granted it because it fitted in with their faith, that is all whitewashed due to the foundation of Israel?

            I get it. I get that you are just trolling and genuinely do not believe a word of what you type.

          3. david

            Please read the laws regarding Israel’s reproduction and abortion laws and policy
            In fact just Google it before making a total ass of yourself
            You will see that this comprehensive liberal policy and law is the one we should have enshrined into our constitution
            This is my argument and stance
            Is this too high brow for you to understand or beyond your brain to take in
            It also addresses surrogacy which Ireland forgot to realise is going to become a Pandora’s box when opened
            Before they went ahead in the same sex referendum
            It is these things that make me intrusting of government that I state should be noted on the ballot paper
            Not hope they will do the right thing
            For government lie

          4. Listrade

            Good man David, nice to be insulted by you as you ignore that Israel does not dictate Jewish interpretation of beliefs. I’m a bit jealous you didn’t accuse me of being a fiend of the Germans as I feel left out now.

            Anyway, I suppose you’re referencing the Israel state of a panel approving an abortion before it is conducted? So…um…I maybe be fogged in my low brow nature but that sounds a lot like abortion is permitted. Ok Israel has a panel who review the case for abortion…but wait, isnt it suggested that two doctors will need to approve the abortion in Ireland? I accept it’s not a panel, but sounds an awful lot like the same fupping thing.

            Hey did you know the review panel in Israel approves 98.9% of abortions? Google it when you’re scrabbling around for your next attempt to troll.

            Now maybe it means I’m sympathetic to Germany, but the fact that Israel has conditional abortion not a million miles away from what is suggested will be the case here kinda proves my original statement that abortion is and always has been permitted under Judaism.

          5. The Ghost of Starina

            David, Israel only represents Israel. It does not represent Jews worldwide. Thankfully.

  4. Sentient Won

    Not an argument. Just sinister cultural appropriation.

    Up is down.

    Black is white.

    Death is life.

    1. The Ghost of Starina

      If the artist was raised Catholic, like 90-something percent of this country, how is it cultural appropriation?!

          1. david

            Tell that to the Nazis your german pals
            That was not propaganda or political
            That was desecration of a crime scene and use of the victims to justify killing the unborn it was as sick as desecrating someone’s grave
            Those babies are never to be used again for any purpose, and as Irish people we must remember our state and our people facilitated these crimes
            Repo berti you really are thick
            Hang your head in shame

          2. ReproBertie (SCU)

            david the German Nazis ceased to exist before you were even born.

            You don’t get to dictate what our history is used for. If people want to highlight the mistreatment of women and children by the state at the hands of the RCC at a time when the RCC is campaigning to continue the mistreatment of women then that is their right. If that offends you then tough. Maybe you need to be offended if it means you’ll actually think about something for a change.

          3. Listrade

            Wait…what if God was one of us? Like a stranger on a bus? Have you thought about that?

        1. david

          And the artist decided to disrespect those dead children who died in a country that abandoned them in a state which colluded with a corrupt religious organisation
          In the Irish holocaust that even today the state refuses to be accountable for ,whose minister for children stated none of those babies would have a separate grave ,even after its become so apparent a moral and criminal act was committed on them and their mothers
          So now they are just fodder to be used in order to bring in abortion on demand
          The repealers have stooped to a depth I just could not imagine a human being could
          They are so blind with hatred they will use anything to further their cause
          Can you imagine Jews using their victims of their holocaust to justify abortion
          Or a war against Germany

          1. The Ghost of Starina

            Wel, I mean you use victims of the Holocaust to justify denying women human rights, sooooo…

          2. david

            Do I now
            So because I do not support abortion on demand I use the victims of the holocaust of my religion to justify denying women rights
            Well you really are a sad individual
            You cannot argue with facts so like a little petulant adolescent you come out with this crap
            Read up on Israel’s reproduction and abortion laws and policy and read on a progressive just and intelligent policy and law regarding both making babies and ending babies lives
            Now enshrining that in the law would address the whole situation and I would vote for it
            The reason I refuse to vote yes for the removal of the eight is because I cannot trust this government to introduce a law that will prevent aborting all life that is not perfection
            Hence it ain’t on the ballot paper

          3. Kevin Barrington

            The have a pertinent point – this is what happened to the children the religious and pro-lifers are allegedly so eager to protect. The right to life – and you end up murdered and dumped in sewers. Way more traumatic than a 12 week operation. I think it this bang on target and that’s why it offends the hypocrites.

    2. rotide

      Cultural Appropriation?

      Jaysus wept, next we’ll be giving the ‘apu in the simpsons is racist’ crowd a platform

      1. ahjayzis

        Are you saying that Irish culture is in some way inherently Catholic?

        That’s an outrageous slur, rotide!

        1. rotide

          I get triggered by the A word and lash out against the ones I love most.

          Can you forgive me Ahjayzus?

          1. david

            Much like the wife beater who looses it
            Can you forgive me for if you would not of said that word I would not of beaten the living daylights out of you?

          2. The Ghost of Starina

            *not have

            Are those threats, David? Do we need to involve Bodger in this?

  5. Joe Small

    I’m voting Yes but not a fan of Yes material that will alienate people and sink to some of the depths of the No campaign. A little class and respect goes a long way.

      1. scottser

        Tis worth a chuckle on it’s own but the reaction from some of the nutters on here is priceless.

  6. rotide

    I like this and got a smile out of it.

    I got a bigger smile by people insisting that people not be offended by it while simultanously being offended by pictures of foetuses.

  7. newsjustin

    Wow. This thread got hugely popular.

    It just re-confirms two things for me. a) people who hate the RCC are obsessed, night and day, with the RCC. b) talking about the bogey man church is a lot easier than trying to justify repeal and abortion on request.

    1. Frilly Keane

      Since when, on Broadsheet anyway, has activity below the line ever been largely about the above the line content

    2. Listrade

      I think that’s unfair to the comments here. Most comments have been to replies to inflammatory comments and feigned disgust about blasphemy. That’s why the thread has so many comments.

      And I’d say the Yes campaign would love the opportunity to discuss the justifications for repealing the 8th to allow for conditional abortion…but it’s not as if the No campaigning is queuing up to take part or engage in that debate. No discussion on FFA or serious health issues, just pictures of kids with Down’s syndrome and foetuses.

      And because of neutrality, the media can’t have that genuine discussion unless there is an opposing voice to discuss.

      But I do agree we need that debate, but the lack of it isn’t solely on the Yes campaign.

      Here’s the craic Justin, nothing stopping me and you having that debate and ignoring the campaigns if you wanted.

      1. david

        Not feigned
        We offers wonder why Ireland had a blasphemy law in line with the middle east
        Its because of instances like this
        Maybe the Irish are so stupid laws must be introduced to protect common decency and respect of others
        The fact the repealers cannot grasp the disgusting use of christ as a billboard, at the site of one of the Irish holocaust shrines and bringing these victims into a propaganda campaign to kill the unborn ,and the offence it causes just shows the need for blasphemy laws
        And grammar or not spelling or not dose not alter the fact, this is desicration

        1. A friend

          Don’t talk to me about debating..
          I went to a Primary School that was run by Nuns.
          We called it ‘de batin’ back then, and it was administered by the Mother Superior. She behaved like the Penguin and the Joker combined, but she looked like Batman.

          It was a long time ago.
          Even the fish in the chippers weren’t battered back then.
          Just the kids.
          In school.
          5-10yr olds mostly.

          It did me no harm.

    3. Cian

      Yeah. But no.
      Half this thread is about Jews and Isreal.
      The other half about abortion. There is very little about the rrc

      Secondly allmost ever article relating to the rights in the last 2 weeks had gone to 100+ replies.

      1. A friend

        ‘…half this thread is about (2 random things)…’

        What are the other two halves about then, Mr. Smartypants?

        I agree on the 100+ comments thing.
        They should’ve stopped at 170.

        G’wan ye mad yoke

  8. SOQ

    Well that escalated quickly. I pop off line for a few hours and look what happens?

    Anyways, a wee story. In the mid 90’s when I was a funky fag, I bought a black T shirt with the sacred heart of Jesus on it. Unknown to me at the time, the paint lit up under fluorescent lights. I was mainly clubbing in London but sometimes Dublin, specifically HAM @ Pod. In London nobody blinked an eyelid but Jesus shaking it at them in Dublin had quite an effect, even on a gay dance floor. Half couldn’t even look at it. It’s quite funny looking back but proves the point of how ingrained the whole deity thing was and to some, still is.

      1. SOQ

        Interesting how this has roused the same posters on BS who claim not to be Catholic eh?

        A word of warning. People walked out of masses when priests went off on one during the run up to last referendum, such was the divergence of views. Do not assume all practising Catholics are so blinkered as to accept the dictat on this one either.

        1. painkiller

          It’s more about disrespect and sinking to a low – and the church is a soft target these days.

          The last referendum was uglier than this. People were very much in their own corners. It was a pretty horrible time to be a guy asking pertinent questions!

          This one is different. The question/issue is more clearly laid out. Even if you describe yourself as a liberal, lines get blurred when one agent suffers because the of the liberties taken by another….so overall, fewer people are going to get up and walk out of the mass services.

          1. painkiller

            The last one was a culture shock to people who had been raised to think that without a man and a woman, there is no family – or little basis for a legal framework that encompasses family law. In effect, it changed the definition of family but if it was presented that way, it would have been far less likely to carry. Tactically brilliant and then there was the tactful question you ask someone “are you in favour of equality?” – which will always be answered with yes, then the second question “are you in favour of marriage equality?”.

            More than that, debates were emotionally charged and if you asked a question you could be quickly labelled a homophobe when the reality was few people bothered to question the Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010 – and whether there was inequity in the legal rights and entitlements set out there…those were just silly details, what was most important was to remember that if it wasn’t carried, an empirically persecuted group of people were going to wake up realise they live in a homophobic country and we best avoid that…

          2. SOQ

            The church, the Catholic Church, which the state continues to defend by its procrastination towards victims, deserves to be a soft target.

            Acccept that because of its history, Ireland is very extreme in its abortion laws and that must and will change.

        2. painkiller

          I can’t comment to your comment below regarding the Catholic Church…but on the level you are speaking to, I take your point wholeheartedly.

  9. The Ghost of Starina

    I’m putting my phone away and going to watch something relaxing now, but i just have to say…Listrade. you eloquent, intelligent person you. We stand in awe of your research skillz.

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