Kicked On The Luas


Last night.

Brendan O’Connor’s Cutting Edge on RTÉ One.

Writer and model Laylah Beattie, among a panel that included Dr Ciara Kelly and Diarmuid Gavin, recalled a nasty public shaming.

Laylah Beattie

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20 thoughts on “Kicked On The Luas

    1. Hank

      There was a guy named Joey Small,
      The tiniest of them all,
      Sitting on the top deck,
      Was the only time he didn’t strain his neck,
      From looking up at one and all,
      Cos to little Joe, everyone was tall

  1. SOQ

    Trans people have an awful time of it. It is really bizarre when you think about it. There they are, just minding their own business, yet these knuckle draggers seem to think they have the right to attack at will. It’s none of their friggen business. Every assault should be prosecuted.

  2. Johnny Keenan

    What a great woman. The more exposure she gets the more people will respect her and transgender people.

    1. Ciaran

      On the twitter feed linked above she says she wouldn’t take her bag off a seat on public transport to allow a woman to sit there because she was wearing a repeal the 8 badge or something.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        “a repeal the 8 badge or something”

        the “something” might be the exact opposite of what you’re trying to suggest because she’s been pretty vocal in her support of repeal

  3. Ciaran

    Sorry, not going to pretend I know anything about it so probably should’ve said ‘some random badge or other depicting some political or personal viewpoint/cause/interest’

    S’pose my point was that she was taking up a seat on public transport and she wouldn’t lift it for a woman because she appeared to hold a view about a topic with which wasn’t the same as her own.

    Strange behaviour to exhibit on public transport. Might explain her mishap although maybe she’s just a bit dim.

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