A Limerick A Day


From left Donald Trump (United States president), Moon Jae-in (South Korea president) and Kim Jong-un (North Korea leader)

We’ve waited for the moment when
The two leaders shake hands and then
When Moon talks to Kim
Can he persuade him
To build a nation once again?

John Moynes

Pics: Getty

6 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. DeKloot

    So is it;

    a: Trump’s version of crazy provoked this from both sides? As in he’s actually crazy enough to provoke a war that clearly the Koreans don’t want.
    b: Trump’s version of crazy legitimized DPRK and more importantly the Kim family’s stranglehold on the country – now even further cemented internationally.
    c: Kim’s nuclear threat supposedly on its knees following the destruction of their testing chamber
    d: It’s a brilliant play by Kim to suck the oxygen away from Trump – see b:
    e: Some or all of the above.
    f: A new gambit yet to be established

    I dunno.

    1. Cian

      g. Jong-un, with his continuation of the great journey started by the Great Leader and continued by the Dear Leader, which has reached fruition and the unification of Korea under his benevolent rule is nigh.

    2. Nigel

      Perhaps there might be some sliver of credit due to the South Koreans? Just sayin

      (Also NK offers to cease nuclear testing may have something to do with a cave-in rendering their underground test site unusable.)

      1. david

        Oh Nigel
        Go on acknowledge trump go on try to hold back your vomit
        Trumps played a blinder
        Next stop the Palestinian Israeli conflict
        Bet Hillary is smashing the glass floor with rage

  2. Jimmey_russell

    drumpf had NOTHING to do with this in fact he wants the opposite to happen and start world war 3 with everyone. only bigoted racists will say that obama got the nobel peace prize for a lot less

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