Athlone He Stands


Kenny Tynan

Free Sunday at 3pm?

In Athlone, County Westmeath?

A march for local man Kenny Tynan and his efforts to obtain medicinal cannabis.

Johnny writes:

Kenny, who has brain cancer, had his medication seized by authorities in Dublin, Kenny’s life is literally dependent on the medicinal cannabis oil he has been using. Meeting point at Athlone castle /St. Peter’s Church going to St. Mary’s Square.

Athlone Protest for Kenny Tynan (Facebook)

‘I’m Not Ready To Die Yet’ (Roscommon Herald)



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7 thoughts on “Athlone He Stands

  1. Johnny Keenan

    A great man wants to live and the government won’t let him. It’s that simple. I can’t flower it up. Sorry!

    Show your solidarity and support with Kenny Tynan this Sunday in Athlone at 3pm. Some interesting speakers.
    As if you needed an excuse to come to the heart of the island.

    Kenny’s stand will pave the way for thousands more people who are fighting for the right to use cannabis oil with THC.
    Vera Twomey and Alex Baizert and countless others have highlighted the medicinal qualities of this wonder medicine and they worked damn hard in the face of adversity to highlight the cause.

    For anyone who knows anything about anything it’s a money and pharma issue.
    We only have to look at current CERVICAL CRISIS to see where OUR HSE stand.
    The question now is which side are you on?
    Spread the word and we’ll see you dare.


    Be inspired for equal rights and justice.
    If we don’t demand it we don’t deserve it.

    Please check out Kenny’s documentary journey so far. A true Irish patriot with a great spirit.
    ‘Ola From Zaragoza’ (The story of an Irish medical refugee)

  2. anne

    Give the man the medicine he needs ffs.

    The government are fupping people around now. Sign the bill ffs.

  3. realPolithicks

    It’s astonishing that a substance as harmless as this flower is treated in the same manner as heroin and cocaine. Give the man what he needs ffs and allow him to continue to live his life.

  4. Sheik Yahbouti

    How much longer can we, as a people, put up with this utter nonsense? If this unfortunate fellow dies any time soon this Oireachtas will have blood directly on their hands. A society of Suffering Junkies (see any Late Late show), can we stop the messing and let ill people have what they need.

  5. Mary Jane

    Leo remove the money message on Gino’s bill!

    You’re a serious plonker if you don’t. We don’t care about a few anal retentive conservatives in the Dept of Health. They’re a gang of losers who wouldn’t get a job in the private sector. They’re single handedly holding up progress and hurting people who are seriously ill

    1. Frilly Keane

      this all has sweet F Ahh to do withanal retentive conservatives in the Dept of Health
      this is Big Pharma and jobs for the bhoys

      Tony O’Brien, Mary Harney are just two
      betcha there’s a 200+ more over the last 20 years

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