Meanwhile, At The Disclosures Tribunal


Sgt Maurice McCabe at Dublin Castle this morning

This morning.

Dublin Castle, Dublin 2

The Disclosures Tribunal looking into allegations of a smear campaign against Garda whistleblower Sgt. Maurice McCabe is resuming this morning until lunchtime.

Olga Cronin is live tweeting from the castle and can be followed here.

More to follow.



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15 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The Disclosures Tribunal

  1. Tim

    Why is Michael McDowell representing McCabe? McDowell’s got a history of defending gardai at all costs.

      1. Tim

        I’ve been following it from the start. I just don’t understand why McDowell is McCabe’s lawyer, it seems an extraordinarily odd choice.

        1. The Old Boy

          I don’t really see why it’s an odd choice. McDowell, whatever you might think of his politics, is a ferociously good lawyer, especially when it comes to this sort of work. If I were McCabe, he’s the man I would want representing me, even though he as a pompous you-know-what.

    1. Frilly Keane

      despite me own politics and choice of company
      if I needed an SC
      he’d be the gun I’d hire

      expensive tho’

  2. Catherine costelloe

    From May ’12 to May ’14 six phones issued to Noirin o Sullivan and only one recovered. Hey, that taxpayers money down the drain , but sure they can spend our money like confetti.
    Only 3 out of 15 mobiles belonging to Callinan, o Sullivan and Supt Taylor recovered .
    This lack of accountability in Garda HQ on government issued property is beyond the pale. Only other people I know with mobiles like that are drug suppliers and dirty cops.

  3. GiggidyGoo

    Just as an aside. Did Daffy Donohue do a pension agreement with O’Sullivan on her retirement, and then she used up holiday entitlements to speed up her exit? And then ended up with another job outside of the country?
    Is that the intention with Tony O’Brien, another government appointee? Will that be the bank holiday weekend action – to sort out the pension and pay off, and holiday entitlements kick in?

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