14 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

  1. GiggidyGoo

    Tradesmen come home !
    Block layers – give up your new life and come home to a below average wage ( no more paying by the block), pay 1800 per month for accommodation per month, and live on 300 per month thereafter.

    1. david

      All that lovely tax
      We have brexit around the corner which will put paid to any chance of another crash being avoided
      Then it will be bye bye again
      Our housing will for ever be unaffordable

  2. Sheik Yahbouti

    Perhaps they could live in tented camps whilst they built the much needed social housing.

    1. mildred st. meadowlark

      I like it on her. Though not in general, if you know what I mean. That pastel shade leaves me cold.

  3. Rugbyfan

    Be Best?

    Is that grammatically correct?

    She obviously does as much reading as her husband!

  4. Cian

    And I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict what will come out of the Cervical Check report.
    – the thrust will be mostly positive, that it is a well run organisation, and adheres to its own processes and it’s standards are well placed relative to international standards.
    – there will be a few minor breaches (which would be normal in any organisation)
    – the tender process will be cleared
    – if the US lab standards were queried, then sufficient risk mitigation will have been added to counteract them
    – there was no ‘cover-up’ of the negative results; rather that the open-disclosure process wasn’t very good.

    The only major issue that will be raised was the method of which the disclosure was done. And this will be a recommendation rather than a negative finding. They were (probably) working within the HSE open disclosure framework.
    Oh, there will be a finding that the existing screen-test should have been be replaced sooner with the better HPV test (but it will be noted that this change is already planned and should be done by later this year).

  5. johnny

    on Friday in New York The Ireland Fund held its Gala,for many years the IT (Simon Carswell) had a fascination with the friends of Sinn Fein dinners,a relatively tame 250 a head night event, but none with this which the IT and RTE hacks religiously attend !

    the cheapest ticket for the Gala is 1,000 and the cheapest table is 12,500 but can run up to 125,000.

    its Chairman is John Fitzpatrick,while no PV Doyle,owns a few “fawlty towers’ places in NY,he’s also a very close personal friend of DOB.They and Clinton were recently pictured leaving Peploe’s Wine Bistro in Dublin.

    frequent quests inclue Nial O’Dowd and Liam Lynch part of a ‘private’ (no one knows where the money comes from) consortium thats been buying up old MMS and eh,ehm ‘digitalizing’ it !
    they are currently in the running to buy the SBP,O’Dowd introduced DOB to the Clintons and is his ‘man’ in New York.

    the irish state bought a table or two yet Heather Humphries TD assiduously avoided what you’d have think is a wonderful photo op with Colin Farrell!
    Heather is not camera shy and given the state paid an incredible amount money for her table (s),a few pics would have been nice!

    She then decided to ham it up at NBC studios the same night that Daniels opened SNL,as they say Heather a storms a coming !


    how many RTE presenters and IT hacks attended yet no reporting !

    its a if she didn’t want anyone to know she was there or who was at her table:)

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