“Nothing Much There”


from a 2004 Scannell documentary on Ann Lovett.

Gay Byrne (@.34) considers the Sunday Tribune‘s front page story by Emily O’Reilly on Ms Lovett’s death on the Late Late Show in 1984.

Good times.

Ann Lovett report praised by journalist who broke the story (irish Times)

More revelations may come in tragic story of Ann Lovett (Irish Examiner`)

5 thoughts on ““Nothing Much There”

  1. Ina.

    Gay Byrne is a gobpoo. The interview he did with Annie Murphy was disgraceful. Blame the women, always blame the women.

    1. Basil Brush

      This. I couldn’t agree more. He was a total bowsie to her in that interview. She handled herself incredibly well though.

    2. Spaghetti Hoop

      Agreed. There is a pattern amongst his ilk. In the context of deeply serious news, some of the most highly-paid journalists and radio hosts in the country seem to gloss over the weight of the issue to the point of flippancy, whereas there are hard-working journos who do their research and recognise the story for its impact and ramifications and choose their words carefully. Examples: the Ann Lovett case, Eamon Casey, Michael Cleary, Father Niall Molloy, Savita Halappanavar, Jacintha Saldanha (ok, UK news), Syrian war etc. Not just I with this observation – foreign journalists have criticised RTE and INM for poor reportage.

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