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  1. Bull Duggan

    I’m sure Hamas will take time off from their campaign of terror and intimidation against innocent Jews to thank its Shinner supporters in Londonderry for their support.
    They’ll probably thank IRA-supporting Comrade Corbyn at the same time as he didn’t seem to mind innocent civilians getting slaughtered by armed militia either.
    Fact is if you use a demonstration by 30,000 Palestinians as a cover for terrorist activity some of them are going to get shot.
    Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East whereas Hamas believes in persecuting and executing gay people.
    Israel deserves the West’s full support.

    1. DeKloot

      The 2 million people forcibly wedged into a strip of land measuring 10km by 2km with little or no utility thank you for your generous assessment of their plight.

        1. PlumBobSmearPants

          Not really, y’know. 3rd most densely populated place on the planet. At least New Yorkers have freedom of movement, unlimited clean drinking water and reliable power.

          1. Brother Barnabas

            presume we’re talking about the gaza strip, which is around 360 km2 – not 10km x 2km or 20 km2 as stated above

            they’re the numbers that are way, way out

          2. DeKloot

            Well with the respective buffer zones in place the forces placed on the population there is beyond inhumane. Access is blocked to much of the territory. Reckoned to be unlivable by 2020

      1. frankie

        Bit out in your yardage
        Can I sell you a second hand car for you really have no clue do you?

    2. Topsy

      Bull: the only thing I say yesterdsy was the IDF murdering people. But hey nothing new in that. A people who were nearly obliterated by Nazi fascists has itself become a fascist murdering nation.

    3. scottser

      i don’t actually blame israel for this one. this one is trump’s. all trump. all them dead kids? they’re another stain on his already filthy soul.

      1. Nigel

        All because a bunch of sneery cynics think it’s awesome to own the libs by supporting a US president who is keeping his promise to the Christian Dispensationalists in his base to fulfill a Biblical prophecy that will help usher in the end of the world. Take that SJWS!

      2. Termagant

        “i don’t actually blame israel for this one”

        You probably should though? They’re the ones that are shooting people like.

        If Trump had made his same decision and Israel had said “Let’s not shoot the protesters” then they wouldn’t have been shot.

        1. scottser

          trump released the hounds. you expect the hounds to bite whether provoked or not.

          1. Termagant

            The Israelis aren’t mindless animals. That’s racism, or something along those lines. The Israelis are thinking feeling human beings.

    4. ahjayzis

      The fact that the state murdering it’s concentrated, occupied, prisoner population is a democracy makes it WORSE – not better.

  2. Dinny Do Well?

    ALL killing is wrong. Let’s see some Peace protests. Otherwise, off to thejournal.ie comments section; that hotbed of intelligence, empathy, and wit.

    1. Johnny Keenan

      I’m all for what Zionist Jews in America and Israel absolutely hate. Peace!

  3. rotide

    As vile as the IDF’s actions are , Hamas needs to take some responsibility. Sending 40,000 people under the banner of a group bent on the destruction of Israel to a fortified position is only going to end one way. Hamas knew what the IDF would do and played into their hands. This was a long way from bloody sunday.

    1. Nigel

      I mean, yeah, and if Hamas wanted a massacre to provoke international horror and provide more martyrs then the IDF were happy to comply, while the Trumps unveil their plaque.

  4. Kolmo

    To any decent person Gaza is an unimaginable humiliation – humiliation is very dangerous, while there are differences in each situation there are undeniable parallels with the Warsaw ghettos in the 1940’s, there was also a wholly legitimate uprising then too..
    How long would some of the comfortable commentators here accept this way of living before finally cracking and throwing some stones, bricks, home made rockets at their oppressor…not long.

  5. scottser

    yeah, rotide. the palestinians should have done nothing. they shouldn’t have protested the appropriation of their agreed capital city any way except write a letter to the jerusalem times, maybe? there’s wrong and there’s wrong. you just scoring points and exercising your ‘intellect’ for the sake of being a contrarian a victim-blamer, while par for the course is also wrong.

    1. rotide

      Not saying they should have done nothing.

      I am saying Hamas aren’t a completely innocent party in anything to do with that neck of the woods. You’d have to be a very naive idealist to believe otherwise.

    2. rotide

      they shouldn’t have protested
      They have been protesting for 6 weeks. This was the final day of protests, originally meant to conclude with the anniversary of the foundation of Israel (which was obviously hijacked by the opening of the embassy). Hamas are protesting the EXISTANCE of Israel. Both sides are completely fubar with a lot of horrifically unfortunate people stuck in the middle.

      the palestinians should have done nothing
      While it’s obvious to everyone on the outside that the response was far too heavyhanded, Should the Israeli soldiers have done nothing? Was the crowd of 40,000 going to storm the fence and then stage a sit in protest?

      1. Termagant

        There’s a whole range of crowd control methods in between ‘do nothing’ and ‘live fire’

        1. rotide

          Yes and a whole range of crowd control methods were used as well as live fire.

          As I said, it’s clearly a disproportionate response but Hamas know that there will be a disproportionate response since they are more or less directly responsible for it. This is a government that routinely organised and carried out suicide bombings and continues to praise them. They won’t lose a minutes sleep by these events.

    1. johnny

      whats with the ‘stand with us’ misinformation campaign ?

      “Our Mission — Supporting Israel Around The World, Through Education And Fighting Anti-Semitism
      StandWithUs is an international, non-profit Israel education organization. Founded in 2001, our staff and volunteers are inspired by our love for Israel and the belief that education is the road to peace.”

      please stop this propaganda,its disingenuous and seriously fuc*ed, innocent children are getting murdered.


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