Let Me Tell You About Them


Palestinians run for cover during clashes with Israeli security forces near the border between Israel and the Gaza Strip on May 14

Let Me Tell You About Them

The teenagers we shot yesterday
were shot responsibly through the eye
with plain-speaking dum-dum bullets,
manufactured in Fife, or taken down
with SR 25 sniper rifles flown
heroically in from Orange County.
Many of these so-called protestors
specifically arranged to be shot in the back,
just to make us look bad.

The gas canisters our people threw
were entirely rational, and legal,
like the Boer firestorm the kaffirs
brought down on themselves at Sharpeville,
or the best-of-British ambush
that rubbish walked into at Derry.

The one rogue canister which lost
its mind and finished up in a tent
beside an eight month old baby,
who, sadly, also expired, is currently under investigation
and expects to be cleared of all wrong doing,
unlike the baby who we’ve already found guilty.

There is no such thing as Palestinians.
Just some Arabs who used to live here
and think they still do.
The keys they wave in the air
no longer open any doors.
They are a rumour you foolishly believed,
now we’ve moved our eternal capital
to what used to be
their front room.

Kevin Higgins


Pic: Getty

Yesterday: Dan Boyle: When Calling Out Murder is Anti Semitic

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30 thoughts on “Let Me Tell You About Them

  1. Starina

    bualadh bos. a grim, sad, “fupp you israel for making the rest of us look bad” bualadh bos.

    1. ricky

      Look at what the EU forces are doing to jihadists all over Europe who use the tactics of Hamas
      Shoot to kill
      No questions asked

      1. italia'90

        Tell me the story again Uncle Ricky how we brought democracy and humanitarianism to the Jihadists with our bombs and wealth extraction.
        I love the way you tell it.

        1. ricky

          Are we talking about tim parry who was immortalised by the cranberries zombie?
          A innocent child victim of the IRA bombing
          Seems to me Sinn feinn supporters support Hamas but forget the evil they did on the innocent themselves
          Sure did not Gerry and martin use their republican army to bomb their way to power, and for what to not take up their seats in Westminster, or refuse to power share in the northern Ireland assembly because they want a Irish language act
          Israel cannot allow terrorists into their country and will if necessary shoot to kill rather than have other Israeli deaths from car mowing downs, stabbings, bombings, shootings
          Its their duty

          1. italia'90

            No. The other one Uncle Ricky.
            Please ask Uncle David’s voice not to be interrupting.
            Now go ahead, try tell me that story again.

        2. ricky

          daithi daithi daithi
          By papi
          Who is daithi
          The comment was about Tim Parry
          Evidently you are a Sinn feinn head and have nothing to say about an innocent child killed by your military wing but plenty to say about the IDF
          As for tipsy
          Are you referring to bull poop to describe the little child Tim Parry murdered by Sinn feinns military wing

  2. Sentient Won

    Except you’re completely and utterly wrong.

    The people killed were men of military age and aligned to Hamas (ie Terrorists), apart from one unrelated death of a baby with a pre-existing condition (Asthma). The IDF didn’t didn’t shoot these terrorists – it was undercover commandos from the GCC (ie Arabs). They (Hamas) had a plan to invade Israel and cause chaos using innocent ‘protesters’ as cover.

    Hamas is funded/controlled by Iran who have had free reign to stir shit in the ME since Obama (and probably before). That’s now coming to an end and Hamas will be hung out to dry (and die).


    But hey, lets not let the truth get in the way of your propaganda and exceedingly bad ‘poetry’.

    After, you’ve got “virtue” to signal. (or is that ignorance?)

      1. Sentinet Won

        “No, you are! And a bigger one too!!”

        That’s about the level of debate around here with you so-called liberals; Defenders of terrorism and bad poetry.

        1. Starina

          no i could debate with plenty of facts if you were a worthy opponent but you’ve proven yourself repeatedly to be a troll not interested in discourse

      2. ricky

        What propaganda?
        Israel or Hamas?
        I prefer Israelis truth
        Even the footage shown in the media in the hospitals show men of military age .
        Then there are the conscripts in Gaza and the use of child soldiers
        Remember the body armour used by Hamas in Gaza of human flesh when they were using tunnels to set up rocket attacks into Israel ,which resulted in the IDF invading Gaza with less civilian deaths than when the EU military got stuck in their fight to root out ISIS

        1. Fella

          I think I’ll take my info from the UN thanks.
          children, women, first responders, journalists amongst those shot.
          Some 700m from the fence line.

    1. Cian

      That makes no sense.
      If (and its a big if) “undercover commandos from GCC” did the shooting – would they not have been better off killing women, children and old men – think of the global outrage.

      1. Nigel

        I’d say the IDF would have just sat back and let heavily armed Hamas commandos open fire right next to the border without calling in an air strike, yeah.

    2. Friscondo

      I see the Israeli embassy downloaded the Broadsheet.ie app. Hasbara lies. You justify Sharpeville, Bloody Sunday, Tiannamen Square. You are condoning the psychopathic mass murder of civilians. People have a right to protest and fight for their human rights. Apartheid was just a load of black people with a hatred for the Dutch Reformed Church, so. Palestinians have the right to dignity and to have returned to them the houses and land that was stolen. In other words, they have the same rights as the rest of us, and should be supported in their fight to have those rights vindicated.

  3. Johnny

    With friends like this….
    “Twenty-two foreign envoys attended the Foreign Ministry reception on Sunday in honor of the U.S. Embassy’s move to Jerusalem the following day, according to the final list of participants submitted to Haaretz at its request. Before the event, the ministry had said 32 foreign representatives had confirmed they would attend, of the 86 who were invited.“

  4. shitferbrains

    Hi Kev ! Great to live in a conflict free zone and pontificate about how others should behave, isn’t it ?

  5. RuilleBuille

    Stop calling it ‘clashes’. It was a massacre.

    If we had a decent international body Israel would be in the dock for war crimes.

  6. Jimmey_russell

    only islamaphobic bigots are saying these innocent protestors shouldnt have attacked armed soldiers with rocks, ball bearings and petrol bombs, they were protesting end of story. and stories that 50 of the 60 people dead are Hamas terrorists is fake news

  7. johnny

    In his opening remarks Dennis O’Brien thanked Irish Aid ( Simon Coveney) for the 400,000 grand the state donated,you’d have ask why a billionaire would bother.
    What would you have do, for the state to say,ah now optically its not great for the govt fund this,or are they too afraid?

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