La La La La La


Ah ear.

Live is Life by Opus?


Emma writes:

The truck in question…This (above) was taken last Thursday morning as the truck was heading towards the Rotunda.

36 thoughts on “La La La La La

  1. Kolmo

    Is that a breach of the peace, or a public order offense, causing undue fear or intimidation?

    1. Shayna

      120dbs (decibels) at nightime, after 11pm, is over the limit, (which is Stadium Sound) if someone complains to Na Gardaí – Na Gardaí will simply turn up at the offenders van, or home and issue a warning to turn it down to below 80dbs. The utterances from highly amplified sound system vans campaigning aren’t committing an offence. The most they can be charged with, which is highly unlikely following a warning, they comply – is Disorderly Conduct, I’ve never heard of a conviction based on this premise. I know, it appears types who want to amplify their political message are protected by law. But, surely, that’s democracy?
      Although outside a kid’s hospital?

  2. Rugbyfan

    life is life and some kids in there are fighting for it with every thing they have got….leave them alone!

    1. scottser

      didn’t they get their wrists slapped from ed sheeran for nicking one of his tunes?

      1. mildred st. meadowlark

        Yes, he did. And I’m sure he’s within his rights to (calling Cian to aisle 6 for clarification – bring a mop) if they’re using it without his permission, or if they haven’t paid for the rights to use the song.

        1. rotide

          If you are using a track for commercial use, you absolutely must buy it/obtain permission.

  3. Paul

    seems to be gone now (just checked) so either common sense prevailed (unlikely) or they were chased back into the sewers.

    the same vehicle was hanging around one of the side entrances last week, pretty scummy behaviour.

        1. realPolithicks

          Of course not, I’m talking about the kind of people who would park a monstrosity like this outside a hospital.

    1. Shayna

      People forget about The Dead Kennedys, it’s all about The Dead Ramones – ta for that Listrade. How more appropriate?

  4. Topsy

    Reported by a friend inside. LOL. Wonderful that your so concerned with noise pollution.

  5. Ruffi

    They were driving down College Green blasting out the same song earlier too — I’m on the 5th floor and I could not hear myself think until they were gone.

    1. Topsy

      I didn’t know one could actually hear oneself think. Oh well “empty vessels” and all that must apply in your case.

    2. dav

      they don’t want people to think for themselves – just let the church do it for you….

  6. Starina

    Anyone see the Yes canvasser who got spat on by a No voter on Friday? And the Yes stall was kicked over by a No person in Dublin on Saturday, too.

  7. Dhaughton99

    It just looks like the driver pulled down some No posters and stuck them to the side of his van.

  8. Scundered

    Utter scumbags. Many lives both saved and lost there. Imagine how those who lost will feel seeing the sort of imagery that crowd display. Am livid.

  9. graham

    I do not get the top photo of the people with placards faces all exposed but woman pushing baby has face obscured by a rectangle
    Was it deliberate to protect her identity or was she warming one

  10. Dinny Do Well?

    Tiocfaidh Ár La La La La La.

    Good to see Buzz Sinn Fein’s mates are keeping up the volunteer surveillance skills.

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