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  1. Teds Big Adventure

    Presumably those who see “vile and upsetting images” here would consider themselves more competent and knowledgeable than the ordinary everyday twonk out there hence their ambition to take down something that might influence the aforementioned ordinary twonk. Sure why don’t we simply take it all the way and remove the right of said ordinary twonk from making any decision at all ( given the clearly higher level of aptitude that’s out there within the extremely woke segment of the community) and save us all the grief of having to bloody well vote at all this Friday!

    Has Trump and Brexit taught these idiots nothing! The silent “No” grows cause you’ve silenced them. Let people say what they want cause ultimately everyone is gonna have to make up their own minds irrespective of what they hear and see or more importantly what people are trying to restrict (both sides) from hearing & seeing.

    1. ahjayzis

      You’re arguing for guts and gore to be displayed prominently in our cities. Take a step back and look at yourself.

      Alternatively, I presume you’d be okay with the Yes side plastering photos of that poor woman who was rotting, ROTTING, in a bed, kept on a ventilator weeks after brain death due to the 8th? Maybe her kids around her crying?

      You’re disgusting.

      1. Ron Dolan

        But Babbies!

        If only I was smart enough when younger to take a constitutional challenge against my local for not letting me drink there at 17 years and 3 months.

        I was clearly 18 at the time according to the 8th.

        Vote Yes on Friday or the pubs will be swamped with 17 year old (and 3 months) drinkers ruining your pint.

      2. Teds Big Adventure


        You’ve never seen the back of a cigarette packet so!

        Man when you grow up and realise the world is actually horrible and most people are out to get you its gonna be a terrible shock to you. Talk about generation twee. Love the patronising “You’re disgusting” by the way. Helpful identifier :-)

    2. Nigel

      Good to see the 8th up there with Brexit and Trump as incredibly obvious bad stupid and destructive things.

    3. scottser

      ‘The silent “No” grows cause you’ve silenced them’

      your lot are anything but silent ted. but no matter how much ye shriek please know that you will lose this referendum because nobody believes your lies.

  2. newsjustin

    Genuine question as I’m not in Dublin and can’t see in the teeet – what are the images of?

    Are they images of live foetuses or images of dead foetuses?

      1. martco

        I imagine some counterproductive buckets o’guts imagery as predicted, just waiting for the real thing maybe somewhere along Grafton Street just like its 1983. except its not 1983 & buckets o’guts ain’t going to cut it this time. NO have a real issue here.

        100% straight question @newsjustin –
        do you think the people running NO campaign are really thick or do they somehow think that this stuff will convert the hearts & minds of anyone undecided/yes voters? or is it all just out of control?

        I have a close relative that was very undecided. she sits on a parish council. the cogs have been going in her head for weeks now, until last Sunday at a 10o’c family mass that was. herself & her sister politely asked a particularly enthusiastic NO campaigner to come back to one of the later masses, y’know due to the fact it was a family mass & all & it had been discussed & agreed at the council meetings you see that heavy handed NO stuff would be inappropriate around small children like. as you might expect & hope. anyways, you can predict the rest…fire & brimstone & spittle ensued from yer man into their faces, quoting gospel the whole 9 yards

        she’s now voting YES, the sister too.

        see how that works?

        1. newsjustin

          Yes. It’s important to be polite all the time, and naturally, when you’re trying to convince someone to support your point of view. For what it’s worth, I wholeheartedly agree with Minister Harris in his musings about how priests should not go into details on abortion at confirmations, communions, etc.
          Furthermore, I think it’s inappropriate for priests to “preach” on a political topic, such as this referendum DURING Mass. They should do it after Mass is over, so as not to politicise the Mass. Unless the preacher is exceptionally skilled in oratory and can delicately and (crucially) appropriately mention the topic in light of the actual mass readings.

          On your other topic – I think some no campaigners, not necessarily leaders, are fools. Just as some Yes campaigners are.

          I guess that’s why I want to know what’s in those images. As I say, images of live, healthy foetuses are absolutely fine. Images of dead and dismembered foetuses are not (even if that is the reality of abortion).

          1. Martco

            forgot to add, the bit that really swung it, she phoned the Loveboth number on Monday morning to complain…yer man wasn’t a randomer see, he had all the official swag. she explained herself & was met with a defensive palm off.

          2. newsjustin

            Is she doing the right thing, deciding her vote (you said she was undecided) on the basis of good manners/behaviour she experienced. I know it’s a perfectly natural thing to do. But is it the right way to decide do you think?

          3. Martco

            see my additional comment re. the followup phonecall

            so tis more than that I think to be fair to her…she saw the campaign mechanics & it’s disingenuous….actions speak louder than words & she saw soft condonement of distasteful & downright confrontational campaigning (from the official campaigner!) a deafness & lack of basic humility.

            putting on a professional hat for a moment..when you are defending he indefensible it helps if you can at least appear to have humility. there also seems to be a basic lack of understanding going on in NO about how Irish people think. we don’t like being told what to do especially by someone acting like a zealot.

            I think NO is in trouble. I think NO doesn’t have enough smart campaign directors. I think it’s back to the 80’ s in many of them. And I think there’s going to be a big spread come the final count.

          4. SOQ

            But newsjustin, the 8th amendment was championed by priests when it was first welded onto our constitution so why wouldn’t they be preaching now that it is to be removed?

          5. newsjustin

            I don’t think mid-mass, in place of a homily, is the place for it. I’m all for priests supporting human rights of humans though.

          6. SOQ

            Why not? The church are directly opposed to abortion so surely they have a responsibility to point that out?

  3. RedOctober

    I’m afraid it’s much worse than that. They’re from a boudoir session David Quinn had done for Maria Steen.

  4. Yowzah

    Whatever way the result falls, there will be little easy acceptance of it.
    TBH i’m pretty sick of all this bitterness

  5. Lilly

    Has anyone else noticed that people with ‘Love Both’ stickers on their car are total tossers on the road? Love both, but not while driving.

    1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

      Nope. A very nice aul fella with a love both sticker right in the middle of his windscreen stopped and waved myself and the wee wan across the road last week, all smiles. There he goes, the very sweet interfering aul git thought I, waving back merrily.

  6. myownself

    These pictures don’t matter because either way you cannot force a woman, most likely a stranger to you, to be pregnant if they don’t want to be. Unless you, I don’t know, hold them captive and force feed them until birth / pregnancy test every birth able woman as she’s leaving the country. People will have abortions, tough luck if reality is difficult for you.

    1. Bob

      You can’t force people to obey the speed limit but most people still think it is worth trying anyway.

      This isn’t the logic you’re looking for.

      Logic is your friend, you can win this vote without abandoning logic or resorting to emotional appeals. (But emotional appeals work too.)

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