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  1. Bob

    “No more lonely journeys”?

    At least not until our health service makes a mess and people decide travelling for care is cheaper, like quite a few other operations.

  2. SOQ

    Just a point nobody has mentioned about yesterday. The 8th amendment was a Catholic law, brought in by Haughey but championed by the Church. So, you would reasonably expect that those who were arguing to keep it would be out and proud Catholics but that was not the case.

    In fact, some these people went to pretty extreme lengths to hide their religious views and not one priest or bishop was seen publicly debating the subject. Even on this site there are people claiming not to be Catholics when it is pretty obvious that they are.

    And that was/is disingenuous if not downright dishonest. No matter what arguments were put forward, the insidious nature of their concealment always hung around like a bad smell. It is very hard to trust what someone says when you already know they are lying? People aren’t stupid and they knew full well who and what was at the back of the No campaign.

    If they had to be upfront about it, they probably would have got more votes.

    1. Cu Cullan

      No they wouldn’t.. they maxed out on their upper limit.. that’s the section that are missing a couple of synapses compared to the rest of us.. some by choice (oh the irony) and some.. well, some of them just don’t get it.

      1. bisted

        …agree Clampers…but my comments have been deleted any time I’ve tried to question the local franchise of Amnesty…

          1. bisted

            …ok then…I’ll try again…George Soros made a large donation to Amnesty Ireland that was deemed illegal by the Standards of Public Office Commission and should be returned. Colm O’Gorman (CEO) has strongly defended this intervention from the US and refused to return the donation…

      2. Frilly Keane

        I think the Soros money thing as been well and truly wrung out at this stage
        And imo
        Completely exaggerated and therefore
        Allowed far too much attention

        It was received and spent long before a Referendum was called
        And plenty of other Repeal activists and their respective co-ops and collectives
        Who put out far bigger, and expensive, campaigns
        Didn’t see a penny from the man

        1. SOQ

          Yesterday Clampers was more interested in father’s rights than celebrating the historic event and today, is questioning the funding of a minor player in the run up. That anti feminist streak really is getting worse.

          And still, nobody has addressed the point I made so maybe a more concise question. Did the fact that Catholics concealed their religious motivations have an impact on the referendum result?

          1. Clampers Outside!

            If u think continuing a discussion to what lies ahead is anti-feminist with regard to rights, you’re a bit of a fool. It is a discussion that is only had in countries with abortion. Look it up.

            As for Soros, it’s a pity his hand is in it, that’s all I said…. and u turn this into an anti-feminist thing LOL!

            Reach man, reach ! :)

          2. SOQ

            Amnesty International had a very minor role in this campaign. It was the same as equal marriage where volunteers pounded the pavements and shared personal stories. It is a very old school way of canvassing but, it works.

            In all the debates even on this website, NOT ONE person has stood up and said they were a practising Catholic, or even Christian. I am not disrespecting their right to have faith but as before, in a referendum like Abortion it is at best disingenuous.

          3. Clampers Outside!

            What is disingenuous? A lack of declaration of faith….? Really? Why not ask that ALL who participated in either side declare their faiths or lack of then? Why single out Catholics? What motivates atheists, or Muslims, or whoever. Have you an agenda specific to targeting Catholics and if so what about the ones who voted Yes?

          4. Cu Cullan

            The chief frock wearer is thanking all the ‘brave’ (for real) people who voted no. And that half wit is up in Armagh, another country.

          5. SOQ

            The only cleric to be seen in the media was Diarmuid Martin and that was only after the result. Don’t you think that was odd? I certainly do, especially as the Catholic Church is the only mainstream religion which argues for a complete ban on abortion.

            The majority of people arguing to Retain were doing so from a religious perspective. I have no problem with that but if they were intent on continuing to force those religious views onto the rest of us, then the very least we deserved was some honesty as to why.

            At least that won’t be a problem in the north mind. The bible bashers don’t do concealment.

          6. Clampers Outside!

            Isn’t that a good thing tho, that official RCC Ireland stayed out of it, as you say until after.

            Would you have preferred an active role from the RCC?
            I honestly don’t know what your issue is. I thought it was good that the only real campaigning by RCC was done from the pulpit to practicing Catholics. Nothing wrong about that.
            You sound like your looking for a conspiracy… or I have no clue what you’re looking for.

            On the second part, the “why”…. Because they are people of faith, Christian faith, and followed that. Surely that’s the “why”…. what other “why” would their be?

        1. Clampers Outside!

          I skimmed past a tweet that I believe said there is a report being drawn up on the funding of both sides…. I look forward to it.

          I’ll post if I see it again.

    2. Brother Barnabas

      not correct to entirely attribute it to haughey

      it was championed by michael woods (next career highpoint being to give the religious orders an effective free pass when it came to compensation for abuse)

      haughey, fitzgerald and frank cluskey were all in agreement

      to his credit, barry desmond refused to bring it forward when he became minister for health in next coalition government. it was michael noonan as then justice minister who stepped in to enable it

      I’d say the role of michael woods

      1. Brother Barnabas


        … role of Michael Woods in the 8th issue and subsequent abuse compensation issue shows the danger of allowing a god botherer into senior political office. throughout his political career, he worked for the catholic church – not the state, not the people

        1. Frilly Keane

          Get rid of the prayers in the Dáil
          As good a place as any t’start

          I’d say that’s easy enough to do n’all

          1. SOQ


            And that funny bell ringing with people staring into space on the licence funded national broadcaster.

          2. mildred st. meadowlark

            I’m amazed that’s still on tv.

            But then I stop, have a little think about our country, and I’m a little less surprised.

          3. Clampers Outside!

            It caused you to have a moment of reflection then…. so, it does what it was intended to do, regardless of whether one is religious… yeah, maybe.
            I’m not religious, and it doesn’t bother me at all.

          4. mildred st. meadowlark

            But it’s a call to prayer. To Catholic prayer. Do we show this level of regard to any other major religion in such a way? Of course not. And we both know why.

            But hopefully, in future, they will either scrap the Angelus or include similar call to prayer segments for other religions on rte.

            I’m not opposed to the Angelus, as such – it’s far from the worst thing one tv. But a reflection of the other religions in our society would be a nice inclusive step forward.

          5. Clampers Outside!

            “We both know why”, yeah sure i do, because Ireland has been an overwhelmingly Catholic country for 100s of years.

            I believe it would be good as a multidenominational and atheist call for reflection, and prayer for the religious.

            But i equally believe the Christian haters and hard Lefties (term used loosely) will probably rally some protest of some sort to get rid of it altogether

          6. Frilly Keane

            Christ is that the time …. Anyone get the dog out
            n’ stuff like
            what’s in for d’ tea … that homework better be done
            Qualifies as reflection
            Then yeah
            I suppose

          7. Clampers Outside!


            We could rally to have it replaced with Broadsheet’s weekly ‘BS on the Telly’ announcement… which is usually followed by minor reflections like… ‘is it that day already’… ‘the week’s flyin’… or ‘here comes the weekend’ :)

          8. bisted

            …despite your efforts to trivialise it, the angelus remains a catholic call to prayer…it is anachronistic in this increasingly secular society…

          9. SOQ

            If they were that Catholic, the vote yesterday would have been same majority in the opposite direction.

            It is a call to prayer, what else could it be? Just like it was a cantor broadcasting from Clonskeagh mosque and yes, I’d object equally to that too.

          10. SOQ

            It is not missing mass once a month we are talking about here. The church’s position is crystal, it is an absolute red line, if you are a Catholic then you cannot under any circumstances even procure let alone have an abortion.

            Under canon law it is considered both a sin and a crime.

    1. PlumBobSmearPants

      The referendum has brought out so much or Ireland’s dark side this weekend. But I do like the suggestion that they ‘have their own thoughts’ up there. It’s the nicest way of saying they’re off their heads – or as my Ma’d say ‘For the Birds’…

      1. Ben Redmond

        Go up to beautiful creative Donegal and chat to them civilly. You might decide to settle in the Bluestacks, Burnfoot or Ballybeg and enjoy a sane way of life.

        1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

          or as Dylan Moran puts it you might not want to get the whole family thatched but stay somewhere you can get conversation, sex and coffee ;)

          1. Bob

            I hate trying to read Twitter but the content of the thread is interesting.

            Short version is:
            if you look the population and demographics of Donegal a whole lot of the most likely Yes voters have moved for work. By population size there weren’t all that many no voters in Donegal.

        2. PlumBobSmearPants

          You’re a funny oul soul so you are! As with Kerry, a visit there is best curtailed to a long weekend. Any longer and you start seeing the crazy behind the curtains.

      1. Gabby

        @Plumetc. The real Joke about Kerry is that some of the shrewd ones could buy and sell you ten times over and laugh all the way to the bank.

  3. SOQ

    Facebook and Google(Ireland) both facing huge lawsuits over GDPR, and it only went live on Friday.


    “Facebook has trackers on 40% of websites that are visited in the world,”

    “So really, Facebook can infer things from the great amount of data it has about you from across your mobile devices and apps that also send data to Facebook. The law forbids Facebook from making these inferences without explicit consent.”

    From Friday, European data regulators can impose fines of up to 4% of global annual sales each time the companies run afoul of the new law.

    These are the people responsible. https://noyb.eu/ It seems to be a publically funded. I suppose the only real way to ensure Facebook and Google are compliant is to take legal action, in which they are forced to respond.

  4. italia'90

    @declanganley doing more blocking on Twitter than the USA at a UN Security Council vote. #8thref

      1. johnny

        sorry bout that here’s one the highlight’s there’s many,takes a yank paper huh !

        “Amid this identity crisis, Sinn Fein, once on the fringe, rises like a phoenix from the peat bog, gobbling up seats in Parliament and swelling its ranks with new voters. The party of the working class is now Ireland’s third largest. It is the most socially progressive and advocates for wealth redistribution — so badly needed here in the post-Celtic Tiger era. This, while the other parties, continually choked in corruption scandals, have contributed to a feeling of malaise that has set in among an increasingly apathetic electorate.”

        (ps I think if you paste the lede into Goggle you can bypass wall)
        “A Woman Takes on Ireland’s Old Boy’s Club”

        1. bisted

          …seems fair…the two best advocates for and against repeal were both from the shinners…

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