The Water Bong Carrier


Saturday night.

The Balor Arts Centre, Ballybofey, County Donegal

Luke Ming Flanagan came to see musical Robin B’Stard & The Water Thieves, featuring a character ‘Turfcutter Ming’  (Nigel Hegarty in pic 2 with Ming)…and  squeezed in a convincing bong-hitting cameo in the final song (above).

Conor Malone writes:

Robin B’Stard & The Water Thieves is a musical comedy lampooning the water charges. Ming was one of several politicians portrayed on stage with King Enda, his henchmen Leo and Simon and secret cabinet colleague Michael Martin pitted against an alliance containing Scarecrow Mick, Turfcutter Ming and the ancient wizard Michael D among others in the battle for the village water supply…. Ming, who dashed to Ballybofey from a Referendum count in Roscommon, evidently enjoyed the show immensely.

In fairness.

Robin B’Stard And The Water Thieves

3 thoughts on “The Water Bong Carrier

  1. Science

    Looks dire.

    Funnily enough most of the free water/houses crowd revealed themsleves to be strongly pro life. Awful poeple tbh.

  2. bisted

    …didn’t the ancient wizard turn out to be a party factotum from the other side who waved his wand with undue haste and without a whimper to enable the village water supply to be privatised?

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