This morning/afternoon

Bray, County Wicklow

A 30-year-old man has died after a shooting at Bray Boxing Club this morning.

Two other men, aged 35 and 57, were injured in the incident, and have been taken to hospital for treatment.

Boxing trainer Pete Taylor, the father of world and former Olympic champion Katie, was one of those injured.

Gardaí described their injuries as serious but not life-threatening.

A gunman entered the boxing club just before 7am and fired a number of shots.

The suspect fled the scene in what is believed to be a silver-coloured Volkswagen Caddy van with Northern Irish registration plates.

Man dies in shooting at Bray Boxing Club (RTÉ)


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22 thoughts on “In Bray

      1. Daisy Chainsaw

        Getting shot is karma for doing your job these days? I can’t wait to see what karma does to you for that comment.

        1. italia'90

          Do you know his reputation? Because I do. I used to work with him years ago. He’s not a nice person.

        2. terry1

          May be its because the criminality that was allowed to infiltrate boxing was never tackled
          Maybe its time the sport was purged from these scum pike the kinihan gangs
          Especially with the MMA
          Look at the shining face of that sport Connor mc Gregor
          When our greatest boxing champion Katie cannot even fight in this country because of insurance and her dad is shot ,its time that this sport is purged from any criminal involved in it
          May it be boxer or management

    1. Repealer Bertie

      He isn’t training the Kinahan gang. He’s training boxers, including ex-Olympian David Oliver Joyce, who are connected to the MTK Gym which the Kinahan gang has connections with.

      Hopefully his recovery is quick.

  1. italia'90

    The Mustang is Pete Taylor’s and the A5 belongs to a well known criminal gang associate. Truth will be out soon and I’ve no doubt retaliation and retribution will be all too swift. It’s his M.O.

    1. dav

      are you suggesting that mr taylor has a m.o. relating to retaliation and retribution? or were you referring to the gangster?

      1. italia'90

        Taylor has an M.O. he was a big hard man in Bray for years, kids who got on his wrong side when he was a bouncer at Porterhouse Backbar will remember him well. He held up traffic one Saturday morning on the main street while he fought a young slip of a lad, doesn’t give a fupp tbh

        1. postmanpat

          Well, I guess he wasn’t hard enough to defect a bullet. We all know loud hardshaw auldfellas growing up. Most of the time they are doley losers with clans of kids. At least this fella was doing something instead of milking the social welfare system year after year, (mind you, he did get multiple €100k loads of public money in grants to open this gym but still) Probably not a nice guy and the type of damaged insecure bully personality type that I avoid , but getting shot?

          1. italia'90

            He was allegedly used as an enforcer by a former local criminal drug lord, Brendan Kinlan. Since Kinlans departure from the scene he’s found a new sideline of work for another local drug dealer and convicted murderer. Problem is, The Businessman in Wicklow isn’t too happy with this new association as it interferes with his control of supply lines around Wicklow and South Dublin. The man in Estepona and his Colonel have allegedly given the green light to take out any threats to their markets. Fitzer is probably on that list too as the turf war heats up and old grudges are likely to be settled. All connected to a business in Dun Laoghaire and a property deal that went sour where one associate was murdered.
            Garda Williams and Garda Reynolds seem to have been briefed about what story to push, but not the full story and all the sordid connections between the “low lifes” and high society.
            Think of it a bit like the film “Training Day”. The only difference is an ex-detective doing the training and his rookie is now one of the main detectives in the area. I hope our world famous investigative journalists don’t go investigating the brothels and prostitution rings in Brayzil as that would open up a bigger can of worms for some respectable types and their former commissioners. They might even find links between both drugs and prostitution trades, heaven forbid.
            What’s the chances our media boyos try push this story as a CIRA feud? Would be very convenient for the real puppet masters.

          2. Viola

            That’s quite a situation you’re furnishing us with details of, Italia. I agree, they’ll conveniently divert attention and blame the RA, anything but blow the whole thing open and do some real investigative journalism.

  2. Junkface

    Jesus! Irish boxing just got a whole lot more sinister. I hope this isn’t a regular occurence.

  3. Mourning Ireland

    Irish Times Property Supplement this Thu:

    Priced out of Ballybough? Try Bray.

  4. Gabby

    Gun murder most foul has become a weekly occurrence in Ireland. Part of the New Ireland, as we ritually wash the sins of Old Ireland in the public square. O Brave New World that hath such people in it.

  5. rotide

    Seems to be a lot of misinforamtion here.

    MTK is a Boxing management company with links (i.e. one of the founders) to the Kinehans. They put on the fight in the regency hotel that the shooting occured at. Even though it’s a front, They represent a LOT of Irish Boxers (Carl Frampton, Paddy Barnes and I’m pretty sure Michael Conlon is on their books) and it’s pretty hard to get away from them in this country.

    Pete Taylor training MTK boxers certainly doesn’t mean he was training Kinehan henchmen and it doesn’t even mean he actually had a direct connection with any illegality although being involved in boxing in Ireland he’d certainly know of the background.

  6. Bonkers

    In the same way that Escobar infiltrated football in Colombia the Kinahans have infiltrated boxing in Ireland

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