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    1. realPolithicks

      Clampers is a card carrying member of the “What can I outraged about today club”, which consists of his fellow angry white males looking for some way the women are being “advantaged” over men.

        1. realPolithicks

          You constantly seek to change the narrative whenever you’re challanged on your views. As you well know the phrase “angry white male” is a way of describing a particular type of older conservative male who holds negative views on areas such as feminism. They are your views, often expressed on this site, you should own them.


          1. realPolithicks

            You didn’t laugh it off though you accused me of bringing race into it which is an entirely different thing but thats just what you do. You consistently make outrageous claims on the flimsiest of “evidence” then when challenged you either refuse to engage or accuse your challenger of saying things which they didn’t say.

  1. Bernie

    You may have had the privilege of being brought up by two decent parents, many did not or do not enjoy that privilege. There’s nothing wrong with honouring the person that has been a constant in your life, nothing at all.

    Married life must be a fkn joy Clampers, keep chewing the wasps ;-)

      1. Bernie

        What about the ones that pay sod all maintenance or the ones that abandon their children?

        Can’t understand why this bothers you if it doesn’t affect you.

        My ex-husband’s sister died at 29, her children used to make their father cards on Mother’s Day at school so that they weren’t left out in class, what’s wrong with that?

        1. Clampers Outside!

          I wasn’t talking about bad parents.

          On the second bit, it’s cute, which is different to a card company manufacturing a product for profit that will upset those already under emotional distress, including suicidality, due an also well documented, biased courts system. It is selfish, and I would not encourage anyone to buy these for these reasons.
          As a volunteer with a domestic abuse services provider I am very much aware of this distress, and one need not have experienced the issue in order to feel empathy for those in these situations.

        2. harrypalmer

          Yes Bernie and that is the same attitude that led to the Irish mother and babies homes etc .
          Many single fathers were barred from any chance of their children by their ex partners who used spite backed up to the hilt by the state and its agents
          I know many cases that would tear your heart out
          And what when the kids grow up ?

          1. Bernie

            Harrypalmer (dave) you’re like a persistent boil on someone’s rear end, you may as well stick to the one name, you’re fooling no-one.

            You’ve gone off on a tangent, no shock there. I have every sympathy for any decent father that is being prevented from seeing his children, nobody is saying all absent fathers are bad,
            however, there are plenty that repeatedly disappoint their children by not showing up and many that use the time they have with them to manipulate them.

            Maintaining the father/child relationship is so important, spite does get in the way which is wrong.

            What I have said is nothing to do with Irish mother and baby homes or the Jews or Hitler, keep trying though, I’m sure you’ll raise a row with someone today to keep you ticking over.

            Neither you or Clampers, afaik, are parents so don’t know the first thing about the complexities of being a parent never mind a single parent.

            Cards for everyone for every occasion, spread the love xxx

        3. harrypalmer

          I think you have gone off on a tangent ,especially the boil comment which is pretty petty.
          Yes there are bad parents bad mothers and bad fathers but for years the family courts have always sided with the mother, no matter what.
          It is beginning to change now.
          I am fortunate to be in a loving relationship and not blessed with children
          I find you quite one sided ,and closed hence the remark
          Just think of the remark and where things lead by denying rights
          Courts are and have always been on the mothers side and many fathers good men have been victims of courts weighed in the mothers favour, its a fact of life and as you say a parent can manipulate a child which is not just men but women as well
          And many men loose all contact with their children when the expartner moves on and decides daddy can complicate said relationships.
          and when relationships break down people get angry and the children can be used as pawns.
          Remember not all men are bastards but up to a few years ago the courts took that position

          1. SOQ

            No, petty is changing your name with your underwear, which in your case is about once a month.

          1. mildred st meadowlark

            Ah I’m only messing! I’d up sticks to Bear Island in a heartbeat if I could. A beautiful spot altogether.

          2. mildred st meadowlark

            *Bere Island, even.

            I visited as a teen and it’s been a favourite place to visit ever since.

        1. SOQ

          Champers, you brought father’s rights up on this site on the very day women the national vote on abortion. Are you really John Waters?

  2. petey

    yay for adam! such joy on him.
    I’m glad he wasn’t killed brfore he was born. maybe he is too.

  3. John f

    “Children will have the right to pick gender from 16” – the world is totally fupped and bat sheet crazy.
    Meat being found in vegan ready meals – priceless!

      1. harrypalmer

        Yep especially as the child is not emotionally mature at that age
        But hey lets get on with it

      2. SOQ

        So at what age should you be ‘allowed’ to pick your sexuality then? I knew I was gay at about 8 btw.

    1. Nigel

      I know! People keep going hog wild about other people’s private medical problems and decisions! It’s feckin’ weird!

      1. realPolithicks

        Nigel, these clowns are constantly worked up and upset about things that don’t impact them in any way. Its baffling.

        1. Nigel

          We literally just repealed a whole constitutional amendment devoted to the principle of interfering in other people’s medical business can’t they take a feckin hint.

      2. harrypalmer

        Laws are there to protect
        Sometimes they are abused that’s life
        I would not say sexuality is a medical problem
        There is emotional aspects to all sexuality and its a case of how mature a person is before they choose their sexuality
        Now lets stretch it to a person who decides they want an operations to change their sex at 16
        That includes removing a certain part of the male genitalia
        Once this is done its irreversible
        Supposing that now woman decides to change their mind post op
        Many things shape our sexuality
        And that is my point
        People can be what they want ,I have no problem with that but at an age where they are emotionally mature to realise what path they choose
        I think 21 would be a better age

        1. Nigel

          Well just be sure to get the doctors to consult you and let you see the relevant private and confidential case history so they can get your important and considered expert opinion on the matter so that the relevant person can make an informed and mature decision with your vital input into the correct course for their condition.

        2. SOQ

          This is not an issue of sexuality. Read up on gender dysphoria before you comment you absolute clown.

          1. Nigel

            I’d say confusing sexuality with gender is all the more reason to allow this person a say over the life decisions of complete strangers.

    2. DeKloot

      What the hell is it to you?! You’ve clearly got it all sorted out – pat yerself on the back like a good chap.

  4. johnny

    the New York Times (NYT) has a brief overview off a telecommunications company, in the news lately.

    “It will also need to confront deeper questions about its way of doing business, which has left a trail of accusations of bribery, overbilling and rule-breaking.”

    even issues a condemning statement, yikes they biggest in world.

    “In response to these and other cases, Norway’s sovereign wealth fund, one of the world’s largest, said in 2016 that it would exclude ZTE from its investments. The fund’s ethics council said there was “an unacceptable risk that ZTE has been involved in gross corruption and that the company may again become involved in similar practices.”

    perhaps the irish media will inform the public a bit more about ZTE-Digicel’s critical partner.

    *paywall-worth the sub.


      1. Clampers Outside!

        Morning Frilly, sure, he could be up for any reason. Myself, my alarm went off at 4.15, and am now on my second bus heading to a 10am meeting in the midlands.

        The good side of that… seeing the morning mist across the fields as the sun came up :)

        1. Bernie

          The Midlands you say? I’ll put the kettle on, come into my parlour, said the spider to the fly…;-)

        1. Frilly Keane

          Thinking that meself Lil

          He definitely has a hard on for redacted and all redacted connections

      2. johnny

        -travel frilly-NY/LA/Dub-wtached game 4 NBA finals (on TV) then read NYT online, piece on ZTE caught my eye
        -my world involves companies like Digi,IPO hit my desk and since then I’ve been keeping a eye on it and its mission critical infrastructure/equipment partners
        -I think the irish MSM does extremely poor job reporting on irelands ‘richest’ man and his partners-its really that simple!
        -as Freud said somethings a cigar is just a cigar :)

        1. Lilly

          That’s fair enough, someone has to keep an eye on him. MSM is terrified of touching him after the late Paul Drury’s experience, for example. I noticed last Sunday, Marian doing her run through the newspapers and she completely ignored the piece about Digicel on the SBP masthead.

          1. johnny

            -hamptons Lilly,its the weekend shur who’d be in the city on them, surfs up and its almost 6 am, time wax the board:)
            -no skin in game with redacted,simply a concerned citizen who thinks the irish media has been cowed into submission by his litigious streak and the really poor irish libel laws.

          2. johnny

            ditch plains-Montauk-has best break on east coast but is crawling these days with hipsters, its fecking dangerous surfing there after sunsrise,lighthouse off Montauk also has a great break-speaking off which time finish my coffee!
            and thats why Frilly I choose post bits and pieces affecting irelands ‘richest’ man on here!

          3. Lilly

            Hamptons, nice. I’m sitting here trying to will myself to steam-clean the floors. Is the Village Cheese still In Southampton? Door stopper sandwiches, check it out when you’re finished surfing.

            Oh I’ve just noticed you’re in Montauk. Never mind. Some friends spent a summer working in the diner there way back. Good tips.

          4. Frilly Keane

            Hi Lill
            At first I was more taken back with a 2nd High Profile NY sucide

            But to answer your question
            I wasn’t much of a follower tbh
            Although that might have been influenced by his knocking around with that crack burd lad

            But I did appreciate his advocacy for proper butter
            And that’s what I’ll remember him for


            Ah here Johnny
            Lah dee dah
            We’re making do with East Coast caravan sites here
            Lay’ve us be would ya

          5. Lilly

            Proper butter, man after my own heart. Yes, Kate Spade. I fancied one of her candy-striped handbags once but didn’t get it.

            I doubt all suicides are as a result of depression. (Hers was apparently.) Our life expectancy has doubled in 200 years; sometimes I think people just get jaded. Or act on impulse.

  5. Clampers Outside!

    We often hear of complaints that male domestic abusers are painted as pillars of society, and yet here’s one story where the main thrust is how a woman who stabbed her boyfriend is painted in such a way.

    The piece bemoans and is sympathetic to the attackers possible loss of the potential to become a surgeon.
    And it doesn’t end there.

    The information box at the bottom, for those men who may need help in escaping an abusive partner, is directed at women who may be abused.
    This is just wrong on so many levels.

    1. Nullzero

      It took them long enough to get to the incident itself after several lengthy paragraphs about her academic prowess.

    2. Dinny Do Well?

      True. Sadly there are not enough powerful champions of the father’s rights and cases. Bob Geldof – maybe – but we’re stuck with John Waters and those Fathers for Justice loolahs, who can’t fight the vagenda in Family Law.

      1. SOQ

        Is there a difference of complaints where the father has sole custody or same set parents split?

        My point is that parent rights are usually separate to gender politics.

  6. GiggidyGoo

    Charlton knows the liars. I wonder will he recall a few for further questioning.

    1. Catherine costelloe

      If he has evidence that they are liars under oath he should jail them for contempt of court. NUJ should take action against them as well.

  7. Harry Molloy

    Whatever political team you follow, you have to admit that the fact that An Taoiseach’s trip to Northern Ireland took in a visit to the grand Orange lodge and finished in a gay bar is a sign of a changed Ireland

    1. Gabby

      @ Harry Molloy Now if an Orangeman or two had joined the Taoiseach in that Belfast gay bar at the end of the day, it might have been even more symbolical.

  8. Sheik Yahbouti

    The Sheik is sad. Just saw a video of a poor orangutan trying to fight off a mechanical digger and logging crew who were destroying its home. I suppose when you consider what we do to each other…..

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        What gets me is that we’re the self -styled ‘pinnacles of creation’ – we’re intelligent enough to know the harm we do, and go right ahead and do it. All animals require from us is that we leave them alone. They can survive without us – we’d have a hard time surviving without them. We are truly a plague on this beautiful planet.

        1. Janet, I ate my Avatar

          survive..they would thrive without us
          humility is a dying concept, you see this in every aspect of life
          not least in how people speak to each other and don’t get me started on entitlement
          It’s just too nice a day

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