Outside Croke Park ahead and after the GAA football matches involving Carlow, Laois, Longford and Dublin.

All photos by Matthew Spalding and David Quinn (a different one).

David writes:

We’ve started a new facebook page called The People of Croke Park and we plan to photograph the fans on their way into the stadium for every match this summer – from now until the All Ireland.

It’s a riot of colour and excitement and the good weather yesterday really added to the atmosphere.

Fans from Carlow, Laois, Longford and Dublin were all out in their full colours.

The People of Croke Park (Facebook)

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21 thoughts on “Croaker

          1. Frilly Keane

            In Jackeen colours !!!!!

            May the rest of your season
            an’ next year’s
            Including d’ league
            involve Longford type batens a pr1(k ya

            Btw lads, if ye want real championship stuff ye’ll head ta’ Thurles

          2. Brother Barnabas

            if it meant you got to hang out with the Bertie for the day, head off to coppers after and get an aul shift in, I’d say you’d do it, frillz

          3. Bertie Blenkinsop

            I’ve never crossed the threshold of Coppers
            The Full Shilling on the other hand….

          4. Frilly Keane

            I wouldn’t touch ‘im wit’ yours Brudder

            An’ c’mere
            You’re facinated with this whole getting the shift lately
            I’ve noticed

          5. Frilly Keane

            All ready bin’ thru a 3 in a row meself
            More than once in fact

            But yeah
            I won’t deny the rest of us left are playing for the runner up spot
            Liking Donegal and the other crowd tho
            ‘wouldn’t be a shock t’me

            And I’m loving this year’s season so far
            Who’d ah’ thought huh

            Besides me like

  1. Cloud

    Humans of Croke Park surely? In the parlance of our times and all that.

    Or has someone copyrighted that now. *rolls eyes*

    1. Liam Deliverance

      Is that the aul lads that play on O’Connell St beside the old Kylemore Cafe? Nice fellas but they make a dreadful noise.

      1. realPolithicks

        I don’t know the answer to that Liam, I haven’t lived in Dublin in many years. Funnily enough since you say it they kind of look like they’d make a dreadful noise.

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