Meanwhile, At The Disclosures Tribunal


From top: Ian Mallon, Paul Williams and Paul Reynolds at Dublin Castle today

This morning.

Dublin Castle, Dublin 2

The Disclosures Tribunal has resumed with Ian Mallon, formerly of INM, continuing to give evidence into the alleged smearing of Garda whistleblower, Sgt. Maurice McCabe.

Paul Williams, crime correspondent of the Irish Independent, and Paul Reynolds, crime correspondent of RTÉ News, are also scheduled to appear today.

Olga Cronin is live tweeting from the castle and can be followed here.

More as Olga gets it.



11 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The Disclosures Tribunal

    1. dav

      Strange how Paul Williams wrote smear articles against Morris McCabe in 2014 but wasn’t tipped off about the allegations against McCabe

  1. A force for justice

    Sure Charlton said himself, there’s no evidence.

    Quite amazing the crime journalists seem to be the only ones not briefed.

  2. GiggidyGoo

    At this stage, any detail outlets selling newspapers need to stand up and be counted. The number of newspapers with so called ‘Journalists’ (‘Liars’ may be a better choice of word) that can’t remember or that write articles without being required to substantiate them, is appalling. If I had a shop selling newspapers, i’d cancel a fair lot of titles.

  3. Catherine costelloe

    Very sad following this. Broken friendships, stress, liars,well known personalities in journalism suffering amnesia . Depressing.
    You are one remarkable honest officer Maurice .

  4. Catherine costelloe

    Ms D and Paul Williams having same solicitor firm representing them is quite simply unbelievable . ( as a co-incidence).
    Well done Gemma o Doherty in Village magazine.

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