15 thoughts on “Where The Heart Is

  1. Alan McGee

    This is really good. I’d say it will make people pay attention and in all likelihood solve the problem of homelessness. Well done

      1. Alan McGee

        Home the ones that wanted to be homed and allow the ones that didn’t want to be homed to remain homeless.
        It’s not as catchy or as popular, I’ll be the first to admit.

        1. realPolithicks

          Its neither catchy nor a solution. Where should the ones who “want to be homed” actually be housed?

        2. simon

          Pretty cold and heartless comment
          Hopefully for you karma might not exist
          We are all one step from homelessness

  2. The Old Boy

    This would be crypto-marketers and planning-permission ignoring, graffitied native advertising chancers Subset?

    1. Joe

      wonder do they pay taxes on earning or do they say they are artists so are excempt. They are an advertising company pretending to be artists.

  3. samwise_gangee

    Homelessness and substance abuse in north america are deeply intertwined and both have ballooned in the last decade – same in Dublin. I recall back in 2008 seeing the sickly gaunt people wandering around Dublin with sleeping bags draped over their shoulders stopping people on Grafton St to ask for “change for a hostel”. There wasn’t as much of it a few years earlier.

    The housing crisis explains an amount of homelessness but drugs are surely the lions share and if so, compulsory rehabilitation programs are the answer here – not “homeless services”. As well intended as they might be, drip-fed homeless services will institute the problem by giving a homeless person just enough to live and another level of dependency, state provision and dis-empowerment.

    The biggest challenge with homlessness is how tight knit tent communties can form around homlessness services. The police tend to be softer when they stay in their designated area – and even then it is only a matter of time before the area is re-zoned and the homeless are moved off to a new patch. Homelessness will always be concentrated, not just because of services, policing and containment but it’s natural that homeless people migrate to milder climes (as they do in Canada – from Alberta, to Vancouver and VIctoria)…so here’s looking at you Dublin.

    I think a lot of people have lofty things to say about ending homelessness all the while, year by year it is institution itself and our children have to walk past people who are either not there, have done away with shame or have abandoned all hope.

    Leo Varadkar’s Ireland awaits.

    1. samwise_gangee

      The other aspect and general backdrop is mental health – and gaps in what the govt is willing to put in place for vulnerable people…again, not exactly FG’s strength-area.

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