Tusla Leaving Children At “Potential Risk”


A protest outside Leinster House last January; HiQA’s Mary Dunnion, Phelim Quinn and Paul Morgan this afternoon; Minister for Children Katherine Zappone; Chief Executive, Tusla, Fred McBride

The [HIQA] team found that although 164 of the [Tusla] case files it reviewed were deemed to have been closed, it could not establish that they were.

It also found cases that were inappropriately closed as there were outstanding child protection concerns.

The report states that some children are being left at “potential risk” because of failures at operational level in Tusla to accurately record decisions and actions and to manage under-performance among its personnel.

from a gap between Tusla’s national policy and what is actually happening on the ground regarding the screening of allegations, the development and management of safety plans and Tusla’s communications with people against whom allegations have been made.

…inconsistencies in safety planning practice by Tusla meant that while some children were adequately safeguarded, others at potential risk were not.

It says that “some people were not told that an allegation of abuse had been made against them and others were given only limited information.”

Review finds Tusla must address serious shortcomings (RTÉ)


17 thoughts on “Tusla Leaving Children At “Potential Risk”

  1. simon

    Tulsa is a shining example of how things have not changed
    The fact that the people who work for Tulsa are above accountability shows how much this quango must be disbanded full stop
    God help anyone who is at the mercy of this state

    1. Otis Blue

      It’s worth mentioning that Tusla was set up only in 2014.

      Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

    1. simon

      You know when you run your own business you are made accountable
      But these organisations dealing with vulnerable children ,children at risk seem to be above the law
      Its time they were held account
      Several months ago a law to include jail time for those who work with children was watered down by this government and was a criminal act
      When zappone stated that the victims of team were not to be given proper burials ,it sort of made my stomach turn
      Have we learnt nothing?
      Will we ever have justice for those who are at the mercy of this state?
      History will show one day the pure contempt this government has for our people

  2. King Allfred von Chorizo

    I sometimes cover the odd school attendance case as part of my duties as a court reporter. you would be surpised at the amount of staff that tusla send to court for a simple court appearance. their solicitor, maybe three or four educational welfare officers and a manager. when all you might need is the solicitor and an ewo to give evidence.

      1. simon

        Not only a witch but a Canadian witch
        I wonder is she a black witch or white witch
        And how did she swear an oath to take office
        Was it to a fairy using a pendalcrystal
        Or was it wiccan law
        Is wiccan law recognised in Ireland as a law to swear an oath to take up office
        If she swore her oath using the bible then technically its not valid as she dose not believe

        1. mildred st meadowlark

          The fact that she’s Canadian is by far the biggest transgression on her part, for sure.

  3. Sheik Yahbouti

    Pretty much accords with what your ancient Sheik said in an earlier post. Have watched carefully since the establishment of this agency, particularly in relation to the ‘Childrens’ Referendum’ – an utter farce. Former children are left to endure more years of sexual abuse whilst the Grande Dames fret and tut tut about these women who feed their kids burgers and chips, and whose children should be adopted and given puy Lentils and quinoa.

  4. Cu Cullan

    Wicked wicked wicked.. any word on exactly how many people, in addition to McCabe were ‘fitted up’ ?

    1. simon

      And the whitewash is in process at the tribunal
      I am convinced the government regard some people as enemies of the state and maybe this is their course of action

      1. Sheik Yahbouti

        Simon, as far as Government and Civil Service are concerned we are ALL enemies of ‘the State’. The ordinary citizen is not ‘in the club’ and is,thus,viewed with disfavour. They genuinely believe themselves to be Masters over a despicable rabble, rather than the “Public Servants” they pretend to be.

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