4 thoughts on “De Tuesday Papers

  1. :-Joe

    Even the notion of christ would have had to refuse to love bla-blah blagGard and the IMF can go fuppity-fupp-fupp(One for the BSmods) themselves…

    A bunch of disaster capitalist scumbags, consistently raping the poor and unfortunate at every opportunity but especially when they are at their most vulnerable. Why?.. because that’s the whole point of their existence. A complete waste of time, space and energy unless you subscribe to complete fatalism.

    Slavery is alive and well under the modern western psychedelic facist regime, so much so, the chief abusers like to check in and remind us who is in charge through our spineless, corrosive, treacherous excuses for journalism and protecting the sanity of the public consciousness..

    Have a read of the book “Confessions of an economic hitman” by John Perkins.

    Watch the documentary “Life and Debt” by Stephanie Black

    Take your pick of these links and vids from credible sources :





    Most of all : Will you wake up, grow up, put it up to them and don’t ever shut up about it…
    – or like the IMF, you can go and feast yourselves on a banquet of my delicious swear-words!..
    (The plain expletives are way more satisfying)


    1. Ben Redmond

      @ Joe You assert: “Slavery is alive and well under the modern western psychedelic facist regime…” Where do Salvador Dali, of surrealist art fame, and the flower-power hippy movement of 1960s San Francisco, figure in your scientific analysis of 21st century capitalism, which you liken to fascism?

  2. SOQ

    I doubt if BMW are the only business in Britain to be worried about their supply chain post Brexit at the moment. Even the slightest delay will have huge implications for all sorts of production schedules. Hard won lean principles are set to go flying out the window.

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