Free Thursday?


On Thursday.

At the Belvedere Youth Club, at 41 Lower Buckingham Street, Dublin 1, at 7pm.

Social Democrats Dublin City Councillor Gary Gannon will be hosting a public meeting about the future of the former magdalene laundry site on Seán McDermott Street.

Gary tweetz:

“We’ve had a huge level of interest in our public meeting on the Magdalene Laundry site on Sean McDermott St. So much so that we now need to source some extra seats for the Belvedere Youth Club who are hosting the event. Any help/ recommendations appreciated…”

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3 thoughts on “Free Thursday?

  1. bisted

    …the Soc Dems could bring along some of their fleet of bandwagons for people to sit on…

  2. RuilleBuille

    It is for those imprisoned there once to make the decision not some politician on the make.

  3. Joe Small

    Its not a particularly nice part of town. I’m not used to feeling unsafe walking around a city centre at lunchtime.

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