Taking The A Bus


I see that the new bus system will include changing from numbering to letters A to F, inclusive.

While Billy Strayhorn wrote Take the A Train for jazz pianist Duke Ellington in 1939 (lyrics by Joya Sherrill, 1944), it may be a while before “Take the A Bus” comes into popular use in Dublin. Somehow a revised Bagatelle song Summer in Dublin won’t sound quite the same with “I jumped on the A to Dún Laoghaire”, rather than the iconic 46a.

Patrick Judge,
Dún Laoghaire,
Co Dublin.

Any excuse

Dublin Bus route redesign (Irish Times letters page) 

Image: Clickworks

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15 thoughts on “Taking The A Bus

  1. Pip

    Funnily enough, the 46A is not mentioned in the iconic Bagatelle song.
    The line goes ….
    “So I jumped on the bus to Dun Laoghaire
    Stopping off to pick up my guitar”.
    But we all knew what he meant.

    1. Garthicus

      “I was singing a song I heard somewhere, called “Rock ‘n’ roll never forgets”,
      When my hummin’ was smothered by a 46a and the scream of a low flying jet”

        1. Nigel

          Hic* here nevermind pal*hic*I’ve gorra*hic gorra greash idea for gettin’ rich, pal*hic

      1. Brother Barnabas

        “And a drunk on the bus told me how to get rich,
        I was glad we weren’t going too far”

        obviously written before the new route that circumnavigates a massive chunk of south dublin suburbia, taking about 3 hours to actually get to dun laoghaire

  2. JuniperBerry

    Well Patrick as the words are “So, I jumped on a bus to Dún Laoghaire….” it would fit perfectly fine – he never said he got the 46A to Dún Laoghaire

  3. The O'Shaugnessy Twins

    We’re talking about Bagatelle now?
    – I must’ve missed me stop.

    1. The other O'Shaugnessy Twins

      Yeah but, FREE Wi-Fi…

      Your passengers customers are not going to get a taxi home when they miss their stop. They’re gonna get ANOTHER bus.
      – And if you confuse them they’l need to get ANOTHER bus, and so on….

      I miss my stopp quite a lot.
      Ask the admin.

  4. Giggidygoo

    Sounds like the failed road signs around Dublin a few years ago. Has Owen Keegan moved again?

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