Zen And The Art Of Spin Cycle Maintenance


All better.

This afternoon.

Charlemont Place, Saint Kevin’s, Dublin 2

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar, who earlier this week sympathised with US president Donald Trump’s views on the media to howls of homegrown outrage, chats to reporters at the launch of Zendesk’s Irish HQ.

Zendesk is a ‘customer service software’ company whose call centre staff will solve complaints through the use of koans.









*nods sagely*



In fairness.

Yesterday: A Fair Hearing


8 thoughts on “Zen And The Art Of Spin Cycle Maintenance

  1. john f

    Up until a week ago, Leo was the media’s darling baby, he was relatively Teflon proofed and certain mainstream correspondents would not ask him too many if any hard questions when he dodged what he was asked they just played along.
    Look at his ministerial track record.
    As Minister for transport, tourism, and sport he was relatively successful. He oversaw “the gathering” creation which greatly increased the number of visitors here and in transport he oversaw the creation of a new road safety strategy and the national ports policy.
    In the health ministry, he never acted on any of the endless reports the government had commissioned. He left a trolley/waiting-list crises in his wake. He was quickly shifted on to a different ministry to avoid further embarrassment.
    His most contentious time was as Minister for social protection. I along with many will never forget the “welfare cheats cheat is all”debacle. To my knowledge, he never once campaigned to have tax loopholes closed that allow billionaires and millionaires to evade tax.
    As Taoiseach, he created the strategic communications unit or the Ministry of truth as I call it (See Orwell’s 1984). The government already has a press office, this was to run in parallel to it. I would speculate dealing with sensitive corporate matters and controlling media narratives etc.
    nowadays in the age of non-stop journalism so much of our reporting is regurgitated press releases. There is a very little actual investigative journalism done. Where it is done and it offends and media groups owner or overly sensitive well-connected officials reporters can find themselves sacked.
    In many ways he is Ireland’s Justin Trudeau, style over substance. He tries to deflect away from negative news stories by creating a simultaneous fluff story like “look at my socks”. What is disheartening is that most of the time this approach works and the mainstream media for the most part beyond any form of criticism seems to have upset many within that very structure. I expect that this outrage will largely be over when the news cycle ends for this week.
    As a person I don’t dislike Leo, he is just playing the game the same way his predecessors did and the same may his successor’s will. As a society we have created this beast of a monster known as a TD. Someone for the public to get angry and shake their signs that before they are shifted on and replaced. If we had a decent media apparatus they would keep hounding them until Shit gets done but they don’t, they just play the game as well. They perceive themselves to be largely beyond question, the high priests of truth. That veneer has been publicly and credibly chipped away at and they don’t like it. Hopefully, the current controversy will spark off a bigger public debate about the media in Ireland (in both ownership and reporting )but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

  2. The Old Boy

    At least Miriam Lord had the grace to admit in the IT that they are all just pretending to be aggrieved for fun and profit, and are in fact not-so-secretly delighted that the Taoiseach took a ham-fisted swipe at them.

  3. Steph Pinker

    ‘He thinks like a Tory, and talks like a Radical, and that’s so important nowadays.
    He’s such a brilliant talker, too.’

    – Oscar Wilde

    1. the bottler

      In America the President reigns for four years, and Journalism governs forever and ever.
      Oscar Wilde

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