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Spanish group Proactiva Open Arms carry out a rescue of refugees in the Mediterranean; UN statistics showing number of people who have reached Europe by land and sea; by sea alone; and the known number of people who’ve died so far this year (1,408) 

The number of known people seeking refuge to have gone missing or died while trying to cross the Mediterranean so far this year is now 1,408, according to the United Nations.

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Hassiba Hadj-Sahraoui, of Medecines sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders), told a meeting of the Oireachtas Foreign Affairs committee:

“We, as Europe, train the Libyan coastguard, we equip the Libyan coastguard, we help them set up a search and rescue region. We get them to do our dirty work so we can claim it’s not us. However, our fingerprints everywhere.”

The Government has since said the Irish Naval Service does not return migrants it rescues from the Mediterranean to Libya as part of the EU’s naval operation Operation Sophia.

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United Nations – Mediterranean

Pic: Proactiva Open Arms

29 thoughts on “Ask A Broadsheet Reader

  1. ollie

    kids trapped in cave = bad luck
    kids crossing the med on a lilo = parental stupidity

    1. Rob

      Quite the opposite.

      Kids going into a cave during rainy season where there are warnings not to enter: Poor supervision.

      Kids fleeing war torn countries by any means necessary: Least bad option.

      1. dan

        war torn countries? get a grip, 90% of migrants are most definitley not from war torn regions

        1. Jesus

          @ dan
          You sound like you know quite a lot of knowledge about war-torn countries, and about children.

          Thankfully there are sites like for you to express your views.


      2. Andrew

        “Kids fleeing war torn countries by any means necessary: Least bad option”
        This is of course true, except the vast, vast majority are not ‘fleeing’ war.
        The Calais camp for example was proof of this, verifiable proof that is ignored time and again.
        If people like Vincent Browne want no borders, then why don’t they come out and say so and then advise us all of their plan to accommodate these people with homes and jobs.

  2. Alan McGee

    @vincentbrowne because there is 8 Thai kids to be rescued with homes and schools to return to.
    The refugees number how many?? and when rescued they go where ??.
    Perhaps the noble Vincent will sponsor or even home the rescued refugees if he’s that interested in a solution

    1. realPolithicks

      Or perhaps the governments of Europe could come up with a workable plan to resolve this crisis!

        1. realPolithicks

          Who should it be up to if not the European governments, its happening in the Mediterranean sea and the refugees are trying to reach Europe.

          1. bisted

            …I’m quite sure Vincent Browne would swap everything he has ever owned for the life of a single child…trapped in a cave or an overladen boat in the Mediterranean…

  3. rotide

    We, as Europe, train the Libyan coastguard, we equip the Libyan coastguard, we help them set up a search and rescue region. We get them to do our dirty work so we can claim it’s not us

    Libyan coast guard rescuing libyan citizens from libyan coastal waters
    How exactly is that our dirty work?

  4. john f

    Look at all those poor women and children in the first picture!
    All the bleeding hearts liberals out there I have a question.
    How many refugees should be taken in?
    500, 5000, 500,000, 5 million ……? Information and clarity around this is a limited supply with different sources giving different answers. We are already in the midst of a housing and homelessness crisis, health and other public services are broken.
    Surely the pragmatic thing to do is to fix our own problems instead of making them worse in the name of virtue signalling. I guarantee you that all the officials advocating open borders have their health needs taken care of in private hospitals, and not on housing waiting lists etc.
    I don’t want to sound cold or callous but it was utterly reckless for parents to put their children on those boats in the first place. The NGOs and other unregulated bodies that advise them to do so should be held to account.

  5. Huey Luas on the News

    We are not indifferent to eIther plights. Speak for yourself Browne.

  6. dan

    seems that the majority in the pic are male adults, are the women and children out fighting these wars?

  7. Scundered

    Easy to speak out about these things when very rich, living in some posh private area and you never have to live with the consequences of mass immigration.

  8. Sheik Yahbouti

    So much love on this section. How about actual fair trade; not funding despots ;not permitting armed conflict; making people’s countries inhabitable rather than places to be fled? Too much work? OK then. :-/

    1. Rob_G

      You’re so right; it’s as simple as solving all of the the problems in the world, why didn’t we think of that before…

    2. Andrew

      Not funding depots I agree with that. First thing is to stop all foreign aid and stop funding NGO’s like Trocaire that contribute to the problem and fund terrorism.
      . Turn off that tap and you’ll get actual reform.

  9. stephen c

    To answer Vincent’s question, the children in Thailand being rescued didn’t put themselves in intentional danger to come steal welfare.

  10. The Hosepipe Resistance

    Oh look a Twiiter account in the name of Vincent Browne, run by Malachy Browne. Lame as politico.

  11. Jake38

    Hi Vincent. The children in Thailand are being rescued by what is obviously a highly functional arm of their competent government. The migrants in the Mediterranean are fleeing incompetent kleptocracies.

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