‘They Look Like Giant Henges’



Near Newgrange, County Meath

Mythical Ireland writes:

“I’m shaking with excitement as I write this….

Myself and Ken Williams of Shadows and Stone imaged some very substantial and previously unrecorded features in the fields near Newgrange this evening.

They look like giant henges or enclosures…

If these turn out to be substantial discoveries, then I would be nothing short of utterly elated, chuffed and excited.

We’re already discussing them with an archaeologist and to say he’s very excited is a huge understatement!”

Mythical Ireland (Facebook)

Newgrange digs are expected to reveal an ‘extraordinary’ find (The Irish Times)

11 thoughts on “‘They Look Like Giant Henges’

    1. terry

      According to the latest intelligence its believed to be a massive Russian military base with a tunnel leading to the Russian embassy in rathgar
      Bet they will now eject another Russian envoy over this
      Well just joking

  1. theo kretschmar schuldorff

    We knew knowth without dowth till this drought.
    But seriously, well done to the discoverers. Makes Nazca look like doodles.

  2. ReproBertie


    Not least for highlighting the long lasting impact humans have on the environment.

  3. MrGavoB

    I read that as giant hedges and thought . They’re not giant hedges ye sap , they’re just shadows of normal hedges.

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