‘I Hope This Encourages Others’


Tressa Reeves and her son Patrick Farrell


Tressa Reeves, 79, nee Donnelly, and her son Patrick Farrell, whom she called Andre when she gave birth to him in 1961, settled their action against the Sisters of Charity’s St Patrick’s Guild (Incorporated) adoption society and the State.

The action followed Tressa’s search for her son following his illegal adoption in 1961.

She didn’t see him for another 50 years with Patrick not knowing he was illegally adopted until he was 52.

Sandra Hurley, of RTE, reports:

A mother who alleged her son had been illegally adopted, has said she hoped the settlement in her case would encourage others to act, and that the authorities would support and assist them.

…Speaking outside the Four Courts today, Ms Reeves said that when her search began, there had not even been a landing on the moon and that since then there had been many advances in technology.

But she said things had not changed for the men and women affected by illegal adoption, some of whom she said, did not even know their own identity.

She said her deceased daughter never got to meet her brother.

Ms Reeves said she intended to enjoy the love and support of her whole family and she appealed for privacy.

Mother hopes settlement in adoption court action encourages people to act (RTE)

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Pic: Catherine Sanz

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