Virgin On The Indecent


The rebrand launch of TV3 to Virgin One, Two and Three last month

Sure, you may get to bump into a sleb in the corridor.

But is that enough?

Disgrace writes:

TV3 / Virgin aare currently advertising multiple jobs to work for six months unpaid on main studio and sports shows as well as in the HR department.

They are having a giraffe… Owned by Liberty Global, turnover last year of 20 billion and they want kids to work for free. It’s an absolute fupping disgrace.


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Pic: Virgin Media

35 thoughts on “Virgin On The Indecent

  1. postmanpat

    Kids of wealthy parents need only apply. They can drive to work in the 131 banger daddy bought them after the leaving cert.

  2. Daisy Chainsaw

    Why anyone pays Lucy Kennedy to humanise excrement like Hatie Hopkins is beyond me.

    1. Frilly Keane

      But herself along with Louis, and the Rugbee lad ( far right of the pic) are the only ones I recognise

    2. Rob_G

      – you are worse than her the way you characterise people you don’t like, Daisy.

      1. Brother Barnabas

        well…. the way hopkins characterises people she doesn’t like – or just those who are a bit different to her – isn’t exactly cute

        1. Rob_G

          I don’t disagree, but calling someone ‘excrement’ rather than ‘gobpoo’ or whatever just seems… kind of hateful, tbh.

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            There is that. However, Katie Hopkins is a pretty scummy individual.

          2. Daisy Chainsaw

            Such pearl clutching for such a rotten specimen, Rob! She’s a stinking, runny turd of a human.

          3. Rob_G

            She’s a stinking, runny turd of a human.

            I can’t feel but feel that this reflects more on the person calling someone that than the person that they are talking about…

  3. Greg A

    “whilst it is unpaid, the company will cover the expenses for lunches and travel during your time with us”

    1. Frilly Keane

      If the programming was good and the news / CA depts of any use; like, that’s not a bad start TBF
      For someone looking to get into broadcasting

      6 weeks up to a max of 12 weeks kinda thing
      Put a cap on hours
      Say <20 hrs/ week.
      And they can't have interned in another division of the same co.

    1. postmanpat

      Its not that simple though. The only type of people who can break into the industry are those who come from affluent backgrounds and have the necessary financial support system to allow for unpaid work for 6 months. So basically it will be the Sorchas , Oisin’s , Ruairi’s that grew up in houses where the house number was taken off and replaced with Ardeevin, Knock Grena etc also the tax payer has to pay these rich kids dole . this is the negative tax that corporations are “paying” these days. A cynical person might think Liberty Global are looking exclusively for a higher class/breeding of intern.

        1. postmanpat

          Anyone who has ever worked in deliveries has a problem with house numbers replaced with names for no reason. You’d be driving around a housing estate for ages looking for Gort na mBláth , Pussy Willow House or whatever when really the house is just number 22. and looks the same as the other gaffs.

          1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            That’s more new money, innit.
            Bleurgh. New money. Wouldn’t touch it. It’s pounds, shillings and pence for me.

    2. Rob_G

      What if they could find desperate interns to do your job for free – what do you think would happen to salaries in your industry then?

        1. Dr.Fart MD

          it is. and i prescibe a kick up the botty to be taken twice daily until symptoms subside.

  4. king alatriste

    the sad thing is that what will happen wealthy kids will do it. tv3 have been doing that internship poo poo for years.

  5. Baffled

    I can never understand why so many people queue up to do journalism / media courses offering poor earnings prospects when the trades pay so much better.

    1. The Old Boy

      Because a cynical, bloated third-level sector has, with the full support of successive governments, run a massively successful propaganda campaign to get young people out of the trades and onto near-worthless courses.

    2. Termagant

      I was going to be an electrician but my ma said no

      I reckon as an electrical engineer I’m currently making about 15 grand less per year than I’d be making as an electrician

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