The Special Relationship



This afternoon.

US President Donald Trump and UK Prime Minister Theresa May (top) at Chequers, Aylesbury , Buckinghamshire and inflatable Trump during protests in in Westminster, London.

His finest hour.

Theresa May lavishes praise on president, as he rows back Brexit remarks and says US-UK relationship is ‘highest level of special’ (

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20 thoughts on “The Special Relationship

  1. Bernie

    I read that he wasn’t going to central London because of the balloon in his image ;-) he won’t see it then, is that right?

    1. Andrew

      That’s right, but all of these people will feel oh so good about themselves for ‘taking a stand’
      Erdogan was there a few weeks ago and not a peep.
      Erdogan is literally locking up thousands of journalists, judiciary, educationalists and persecuting and killing kurds.

      1. Ron

        @Andrew. How could we get some of our ‘journalists’ from Ireland locked up by him? Asking for a friend.

  2. donald

    Its quite embarrassing
    I have never see such hostility against an American president in my life
    He is the president of the USA and so far
    He actually has done a good job
    He has kept his promises
    Russia and America are no longer at logger heads
    And he has secured better deals for America
    Not so many race riots
    Lets face it his accusations regarding European countries contributions to NATO are correct
    Though crudely put when you dissect his rants they are correct rants
    His remark about brexit was spot on
    Its actually strengthened Mays hand when she negotiates with the EU over her now white paper

    1. Clampers Outside!

      But, but… wait for it…. 250,000 people protested in London today !

      That’s what they’re claiming…

      Yes, really…

      And some of the interviews with protesters have had me in stitches! They don’t even know themselves what they are protesting.

      There’s one from SkyNews with a bunch of kids… which is actually kinda sad. And UK Labour wants to give them kids, teenagers, the vote…. which is really, really sad….

      1. donald

        I just wonder who is financing this
        Bet the turd sandwich and her foundation has been quite active behind the scenes
        Listened to some gob shirt speaking on sky in Scotland he actually had no clue what so ever citing hearsay

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