29 thoughts on “A Limerick A Day

  1. Ting-Tong

    fair play to these kiwis setting the bar so high
    the majority of employers I know of do not value their staff which breeds contempt and disregard
    tight-assed nincompoops on the whole

  2. rotide

    Very philanthropic but it doesn’t mention any increase in productivity or bottom line benefit.

    Wouldn’t be holding my breath for this anywhere else, even other companys in NZ

  3. Janet, I ate my avatar

    an appropriate place for an idea to Kiwis
    Due to me being a dumbass I left it too long to cash a bank draft into my stay there and ended up penniless 3 weeks in,
    the girl in the bank hooked me up with a job gardening ( digging holes )with her brother and a place to stay
    these people didn’t know me from Adam and them and their mates showed me amazing hikes and outings and even threw a birthday party for me complete with green cake
    just straight up good people

        1. Janet, I ate my avatar

          bank cheque then, twas a long time ago
          anyway no bank would cash it as you have to have the 3 months left on your visa, you got about 10 days on entry to the country to do it,
          you’ll have to forgive the old memory fades for the insignificant sh*t, whatever you call it
          so yep this dumbass left it too late
          turned out to be one of the best mistakes I ever made
          tonne of experiences I never would have had otherwise and new buddies

        2. johnny

          A bankers draft is CASH so unless they secretly went off fiat money,the teller and your whole ‘story’ is rubbish.
          So instead off exchanging your BD for cash you were given a manual labour job with the bankers family,room,board and green cakes on your birthday!
          I could continue………….

          1. Janet, I ate my avatar

            I can’t remember the name of the yoke
            but there wasn’t a bank in Auckland that would give me money for that bit of paper
            Maybe you find it hard to believe people can be generous open and welcoming based on the tone of your posts I’d say that’s your experience in life alright and I feel sorry for you
            whereas I even met a girl who’s job it was to stick the hairs of Hobbit feet
            so now

          2. Papi

            And Johnny finds fault with the stitching, size, style and overall character of the velvet glove. Not one other person gives a hoot.

          3. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

            I was going to offer one of my famous hugs but I’m afraid Johnny would punch me in the jumper puppies.

  4. Bob

    I used to work for a small IT company, well a micro company, half the staff were family. They claim to be a start up 12 years in, at the time, pioneers in disaster recovery solutions.
    Would be in before 9, and contracted until 5.30, but rarely left before 6, when I would set up to leave, grab keys, bag jacket etc, the owner would come out of his office for a debrief, on the day, and plan for the next few days etc. There were 3 of us in the same position, and we would often be there totally uninterested until half 6, 7 just nodding away thinking how the fupp can I get out of here without giving the impression I don’t give a poo.
    We took it in turns to take the bullet, but often two of us would get caught. One of us would go to leave, get caught, and the other two would be able to slip away most of the time unchallenged.
    I mentioned it to the owners a few times, about the work life balance. I was told that the owner is often in the office until 8, and working late at night so suck it up.
    This was then brought up on my review that I don’t have the commitment to go above and beyond in my role for not willingly staying after hours. Worst company I ever worked for. the other guys were sound though.

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      I used to have a boss who micro managed so much she answered my folder of clients at 6.30 am and reproached me when I arrived at 9am for not being on it, same thing not enough commitment BS,
      would call over the weekend etc
      people loose all sense of correct behavior at the too sometimes
      needless to say high staff turnover and no continuity with said clients

    2. Cian

      This is a pain.
      I worked one place where the ethos was long hours – but like you say above – people wouldn’t be working all that hard through the day – they felt it was okay to slack all day because they were doing the extra hours in the evening.
      Next place I worked there was a 9-5.30 ethos – if you’re in the office late it was suspect – you must be slacking through the day; people (IMHO) did a lot more productive work here in their 8-hour days than in the previous place in their 10+-hour days;

      1. Spaghetti Hoop

        Too right, and HR officers know this. I’ve worked with both cultures and they can be either a company / org culture OR a personal one. It’s not just slackers that push their work into the evenings – procrastinators are famous for it or those who suffer adversely from stress who spend a portion of the day stressing. Time-management is such an under-rated skill. I knew a senior colleague unable to delegate that worked late into consecutive nights to meet a deadline – but unsurprisingly got ill and was off for a week. Not very productive. Work your 8 hours and sleep for same! (very Labour movement I know but it works).

    3. anne

      Ridiculous. more hours does not equal more productivity.

      I usually waltz in & out when I like.. they get used to it. A roll over when the alarm goes off can’t be helped like.. we need more life in the work life balance really.

      1. Andyourpointiswhatexactly?

        You sound a bit like Trump when he said all the NATO leaders were delighted when he left the summit.

  5. Ting-Tong

    johnny are you meeting me at the drunk yoga at the grey lady in montauk on the 18th of august at 2pm like I asked
    come on now
    let’s turn that frown upside down
    could you at least have the manners to say yay or nay lad
    I’ll be the virile looking redhead that’s got it all going on in hot pink yoga pants and belly top

    1. johnny

      Sorry darling I don’t fraternize with the help.
      Try the Crows Nest/Surf Lodge/EMP Summer House none of which will let you in:)

        1. Ting-Tong

          FYI Johnny I’ve been to the summer house a few times
          they don’t admit hot headed middle aged men though for fear of them keeling over mid tantrum :)

          thought I’d get to have a gander at you in your spandex and john mcenroe headband
          such a spoilsport

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