Gas Man Altogether


Ah here.

Christopher Stalford?

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  1. Pablo Pistachio

    I see the bar is set fairly low for DUP membership these days. The poor lad can’t even read a simple map properly.

    1. bisted

      …DUP membership seems to open a lot of doors though…just read that DUP ex-MLA, creationist Nelson McCausland, has been appointed to the board of the Education Authority in NI…

    1. The Old Boy

      Well, before Corrib started production, Ireland imported 96% of its natural gas*, all of which came from the UK. The SEAI report below estimates that Corrib will drastically cut that to less than half, but only for a very few years before supplies are exhausted.

      Anyway, in the unlikely event that the UK were to threaten Irish gas supplies, demand could easily be met by building a Liquid Natural Gas terminal in Cork and bringing it in from the continent in tankers.


      1. milk teeth

        Though that would of course take years to build. The LNG port at Milford Haven took 6. Though it’s way bigger than Ireland would need (supplies 25% of the UKs gas needs) it was built converting an existing port. Guess we could do it in 4?

  2. Andrew

    Leo’s ‘threat’ is dumb. Who are his advisors?
    For a start the RAF play a crucial role air and sea search, is he going to ban them?
    Our government and indeed most of our media (frothing Fintan O’Toole in particular) are deluded when it come to Brexit and how the EU are using us.
    We should be much more conciliatory when it comes to the U.K.
    We stand to lose out so much it this goes per shaped and the EU will leave us swinging.

    1. Ollie Cromwell

      Of course the EU will leave Ireland swinging.
      That’s how it operates.Just ask the people of Spain and Italy.
      What’s most astounding is just a few years after this country paid a heavy price by being forced to bail out the bondholders it still believes Brussels has its best interests at heart.
      Varadkar was duped into making the border a big issue when it really isn’t one.
      The cross-border trade is miniscule and is already subject to the sort of checks that could easily be tweaked to accommodate Brexit.
      But Little Leo played on the Irish inferiority complex of sticking it to the UK and Druncker was happy Tomlin his strings.
      Sadly,like the second Lisbon Treaty vote,Ireland has been exposed as politically naive and inherently spineless.
      It will pay a heavy price in the event of no deal Brexit.

      1. ReproButina

        “Varadkar was duped into making the border a big issue when it really isn’t one.”

        You should just admit you haven’t a clue instead of posting such utter nonsense.

      2. spudnick

        Do you actually believe what you write, or are you going for the long troll con?

        What we stand to lose in the event of hard Brexiters getting their way totally justifies us aligning the with EU’s position, even if as you say it suits the EU right now.

        Miniscule cross-border trade? Come on, how can anything you say be taken seriously after that.

        1. milk teeth

          Hes a massive troll. And what checks are happening on goods crossing the border already? I thought it was more or less none. I know there are basically no checks when you get the ferry across. Putting infrastructure there to check and regulate trade, as would be necessary if the UK leaves the customs union, is going to be a monumental task.
          What is to happen to the common travel area too? No one seems to be talking about that. Will we suddenly need passports to cross?

          1. ReproButina

            It probably got lost in all the comments on the Sunday Papers but the Common Travel Area is something that both the UK and Ireland are telling the EU needs to be retained. The problem is there is no actual legal standing for the CTA. It was all covered in letters and vague communications.

            Under the CTA Ireland does not treat British subjects as aliens and the UK does not treat Irish citizens as aliens. This means a sharing of social welfare entitlements, for example as well as simple things like the right to live in either country. Under the CTA, any impact Sasamach may have on the rights of citizens from other EU countries living in the UK, would be irrelevant for Irish citizens. It would also mean that British subjects have the right to live and work in an EU country, Ireland, despite no longer being EU citizens.

            Nothing is decided though. The expectation is that every thing ‘should’ be fine but a No deal Sasamach could change all that.

          2. Cian

            But the CTA was agreed years ago – effectively when we got independence neither Ireland nor UK/NI wanted to police the border – so they agreed to a common policy on immigration. This wasn’t an issue in Ireland (lets be honest, no one wanted to immigrate here) and the UK still thought of Ireland as part of them.

            There is no formal agreement, and the current implementation is a classic catch-22: You have to show your passport to prove that you don’t need a passport!

          3. ReproButina

            When we got independence the UK treated us as a colony and considered Irish citizens to be British subjects. It wasn’t until WW2 that they got concerned about German spies entering via Ireland and started to look at us differently. Even then travellers from NI had apply for travel permits to go to Britain, much to the annoyance of Unionists, because the British authorities realised there was no point trying to police the land border.

    2. Kolmo

      Brexit is a very sinister con by a tiny coterie of back-room, insulated tories and connected oligarchs, the referendum broke electoral laws, funding came from shady organisations linked to various criminal cases around Europe, social media was demonstrably manipulated, any argument for Brexit can be easily dismantled with actual facts, figures and logic. Certain people profited massively by shorting the stock markets on the Brexit referendum result. Worst of all, the DUP think they are a part of the GB club, they are just slightly louder Paddies in the eyes of those manipulating them in London and the historical lack of any concern for Ireland will inevitably lead to ethno-political tensions, already being stoked as a distraction as we speak. Absolute casserole of dangerous nonsense.

  3. Spaghetti Hoop

    We are about to shift our oil reserves from the UK (transfer ownership in practical terms). Pretty sure there’s a plan for the gas reserves as well, or some agreement afoot.

    Just hot air there with that tweet.

  4. Cian

    And the entire gas and power grids in NI are owned by the Irish State. If they want to get in to an energy war we’ hold all the useful cards.

  5. Joe Small

    Silly comment given how the electricity interconnector across the border often uses “southern” electricity to power Northern Irish homes.
    Also, I’m not going to reply to them individually but there are some shockingly ignorant comments on Brexit above (Ollie Cromwell, Andrew) who clearly don’t know what they’re talking about.

    1. Cian

      …so gas coming from Scotland via NI to here, is used to generate electricity that is sold in NI.
      And NI is threatening us?

    2. Andrew

      “I’m not going to reply to them individually but there are some shockingly ignorant comments on Brexit ”

      Well if you can’t counter with an actual argument shut the fupp up!
      Shockingly ignorant ! indeed!

      1. ReproButina

        “Our government and indeed most of our media (frothing Fintan O’Toole in particular) are deluded when it come to Brexit and how the EU are using us.”

        That’s a pretty ignorant comment right there. It’s just empty ranting based on nothing.

  6. Pablo Pistachio

    It’s good to see Stalford using the correct name for Derry though.
    A united Ireland is only around the corner lads.

    1. Ron

      Jesus you are scraping the barrel with that comment. Is that the best you could think of? lol

  7. Ron

    It’s funny because he does nt realise the map he shared shows how all the gas Northern Ireland gets comes from the South. I doubt he even noticed when he was posting that gas tweet.

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