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Clockwise from top left: Anne Marie McNally, Gemma O’Doherty, Kitty Holland and Senator Lynn Ruane

Tomorrow sees the opening of Ireland’s newest summer school

Tickets for the The Danielle Carroll Summer School 2018 have sold out but the event will be livestreamed from the  F2 Centre, Fatima in Dublin 8. Details here.

Fionnuala Killeen (you may know her off the telly) writes:

Danielle Carroll was a 27 year old woman and mother of two children an who lost her life to suicide whilst living in emergency accommodation inLeixlip, Co. Kildare.

The Inaugural Summer School Day seeks to pay tribute to her and the thousands of unaccompanied homeless women in Ireland today without support services.

The Summer School was set up to show that there are many powerful speakers, active and engaged women in civic society but these voices are not being heard (listened to) There seems to be a lack of ‘that’ voice to express these injustices.

Saturday schedule:

10.45 Senator Lynn Ruane gives a personal reflection on the impacts of poverty on women in Ireland.

11.00: Kitty Holland, Irish Times journalist on her recent article examining the rise in suicides of women living in poverty.

11.40 A panel discussion, on women in crisis chaired by Ms Holland, with Tara Deacy:, Prevention Officer, Clondalkin Drug & Alcohol Task Force, Clare O’Connor:, Inner City Helping Homeless; Laoise Neylon, Sunday Times; Linda Hayden, Action Against Sexual Violence Ireland ( AASVI);

1.45 Campaigns Session

Bernadette Grogan Social Justice and Political Activist and Maeve O Rourke Magdalene Campaign and Gillian Hamill My Name is Campaign discuss women who became active and empowered during theRepeal Campaign.

2.00 Gemma O’Doherty Keynote Speech: ‘The Irish media are now as corrupt as the power they are supposed to hold to account’.

2.30 Media diversity Panel Discussion: Chaired by: Anne Marie McNally, Political Director Social Democrats with Panel made up of Gemma O’Doherty, Kitty Holland Irish Times, Lois Kapila , Editor of the Dublin Inquirer Niamh McDonald, a  social justice activist and Journalist.

3.30 A Letter to Leo from poet Geoff Finan.

Danielle Carroll Summer School 2018

12 thoughts on “School Timetable

  1. king alatriste

    sounds like an incredibly boring afternoon made up of members of the establishment, the Irish times, the soc Dems, some hidden soc Dems and a conspiracy theorist

  2. b

    so I get it that this is a backlash at a lack of gender diversity in panels, but wouldn’t it be useful to have some diversity of opinions cos there doesn’t seem to be any at all

  3. samwise_gangee

    Can men stand quietly at the back? The new progress is segregating the sexes and apparently homelessness is not on a social justice issue until someone from the victim class is homeless.

  4. sparkilicious

    Kitty H. has just published a piece on this event that reports on the day’s events and includes mention of a number of speakers but fails to make any mention of the fact that she herself was a contributor.

    Not the level of disclosure I’d expect from the ‘paper of record’.

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