Meanwhile, In Inchicore


This morning.

At the launch of cost rental housing at St Michael’s estate in Inchicore, Dublin 8.

Fine Gael TD Catherine Byrne criticised her party colleague Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy’s plans.

John Kilraine, in RTE, reports:

A new proposal would see the construction of 472 housing units, with 330 cost-rental and the remainder social housing.

Minister Murphy, speaking at a public meeting, said cost-rental provided people with rents 15-25% below market value.

…However, Ms Byrne said 70% cost-rental would not build a sustainable community.

She said affordable housing was needed instead, which would allow local young people to get on the property ladder.

She also complained about lack of consultation and the high-density of the plan.

St Michael’s Estate regeneration plans criticised by FG TD (RTE)

47 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Inchicore

      1. Frilly Keane

        ‘sure about that rP?

        AFAIK she was confirmed by convention in late November
        Around the time FF were promising a vote of no confidence in Frances Fitzgerald
        The Sack her or we’ll walk charade

  1. Frilly Keane

    She is absolutely right about there being no local consultation

    But she is wrong about the cost rental and social housing allocation for the estate

    That estate is on a prime location with excellent transport links, services etc

    And should stay in public hands

    FG and FF are too quick to promote private ownership of housing in Cities

    1. Djinn Genie

      Yup. A “ladder” is absolutely the wrong concept to apply to property when it’s provided by the government. Public funds should prioritise giving people secure tenure, not a financial asset.

      That said, I agree with her that tying rents to market rate is not a basis for stability. It’s also inefficient application of funds if the discounts remain the same regardless of tenants’ circumstances changing. An idea might be to make residency open to all with rent maxing at a flat percentage of income. A very broad mix of tenants would prevent social problems and the higher rents would somewhat subsidize the low ones.

      1. Frilly Keane

        Buses and bus lanes all over the shop
        Aldi Lidls Dunnes Tescos
        Post Offices and Banks
        Educate Togethers and Gael Scoils
        National Schools & Post Primaries I’m not arsed to count
        and several 3rd levels including the BCFE and the Dublin Music Centre in Ballyier alone
        James’ and Our Lady’s and The Coombe Hospitals
        and the Industrial Spine that is Ballymount right down to Park West and into Cherry Orchard

        I can’t remember if the Red Cow and Heuston Station are still in DSC but nonetheless qualify

        as all the above are within the reach of St Michaels

        and for Johnny
        That’s good to hear
        drives me crazy that local authorities are so determined to privatise their housing stocks and delegate social housing and emergency accommodation to the Private Sector

        1. Custo

          Sure cast the net further and include Galway Bay in your list.

          I live in Inchicore. There’s fupp all here. Not even an atm.

          1. Frilly Keane

            ya wha’

            doesn’t the Spar on James’ Street
            or James’ themselves — who I know have at least 2 as well as a BOI branch on their campus

            Did the BOI rip out their one on Tyreconnell Road?
            What about that Topaz there?

            Are you really going to insist there isn’t an ATM between the Rialto Roundybout and Heuston Station?

          2. Frilly Keane

            Tell ya what
            Fluffy Biscuits lives in Inchicore so himself and meself will do a count, from the Black Lion t’ the BOI James’ St (my own branch) via Heuston Qtr

            And We won’t include the atms in James’ or the one in the Centra at the Jame’s’ Rialto Gates access

            and we’ll see how fulla ‘vit
            you are

          3. Andrew

            sure why stop at James St branch? Go all the way in to town if you want. There’s still only ONE atm in Inchicore village in the eurospar

          4. Frilly Keane

            same in Crumlin Village
            at the Tescos
            Crumlin Cross and Ashleaf for 2 more
            what d’ya want?

            I think you’re being very obnoxious about Inchicore and what it has to offer;
            go to its library
            or maybe you can get the Mobile Library to swing by seeing as you seem to think services and facilities should be in your own driveway (Mondays is their Bluebell day so maybe they can work you in)

            other libraries in DSC include Barryier, Walkinstown and Dolphins Barn, and the Luas will bring you to the ILAC if you’re still not satisfied

            It appears you have no pride in where you live at all so I suppose there is no point in telling you what you have on your own doorstep
            although I do think the War Memorial Gardens are worth mentioning in case someone else wants to see them

          5. SOQ

            Has the Ulster Bank closed down Andrew?

            Personally I wouldn’t live in Inchicore if you paid me. I know of two women who got mugged around there in the last six months.

  2. A Person

    No, she is absolutely wrong. The provision of housing is costly and needs to be down right. This nonsense that it should be low density because of what… It is on a transport corridor, close to the city centre. It needs to high density. Why should it be in public hands. Managed housing is so much better. Look at Ballymum…. I am so tired of politicians and their so called advisors providing the wrong advice re housing.

  3. Jake38

    We need to build houses.
    Lets build houses.
    No, not high density.
    No, not without “consultation”.
    Not in my area……………etc, etc,etc
    …….nothing happens

  4. max

    Another politician claiming We need more houses, just not in their back yard,

    The Government will just fill those cost rentals with people on HAP payments, so they will end up being cheap social housing, thats what she is really worried about.

    1. stephen c

      I doubt its the price but 472 units total with a mix of straight social housing and HAP in that area, combined with the potential for ‘local’ priority on the list means this thing is going to be a crime infested hellhole as soon as the average age of kids hits 12.

  5. Andrew

    Why didn’t Catherine Byrne give Eoghan Murphy a shout beforehand? on the phone or an email or in person?
    She thought it would be better to have it out in public in front of her constituents I suppose.
    Thankfully the eagle eyed salt of the earth Catherine Ardagh is there to point it out.
    Electioneering by the pair of them.
    Build the fupping housing and get fupping on with it. What’s to consult? Consult who? Why?

    Either way it’s all a charade.

    1. Frilly Keane

      If there was consultation with those on the ground
      Eoghan Murphy and his Housing Agency would have been told HIGH Density was the way

      Too many units in the South Inner City have been demolished
      And IMO
      Dolphin House,
      The blocks that weren’t leveled, should at least have been examined to consider adding more levels, and go higher by 2 or 3 floors.

      Fatima and Teresa’s too have close to half their original capacity gone

      And people wonder why so many are in Hotels

      And stop knocking local reps
      They’re entitled to comment
      As too are residents

      1. Andrew

        I’ll knock who I like.
        Local reps? Catherine Ardagh is a rep but there’s nothing ‘local’ about her. Family business is all this is for the likes of her.
        I actually don’t mine Catherine Byrne but she was playing to a gallery here, no question.

        1. Frilly Keane

          yeah yeah

          her practice is in Crumlin
          and she’s the only one I’ve seen that actually canvases door to door in the Constituency

          Sum’ting else
          and you said yerself
          “family business”

          so that’s decades of knowledge and background into the mad and varied constituency that is DSC
          sum’ting else the late Sean Ardagh was, so far, the best Chair of the Public Accounts Committee.

          whatever you tink about Ardagh and FF; that’s all yours to tink
          but Catherine Ardagh is no blow in, and no hack
          she’s a damn good candidate, and the only one with serious Ministerial Capability and Capacity in DSC

          ‘be more in your line to wonder why none of the DSC reps were invited by the Social Dems to their Summer School

          1. Andrew

            you’re some dose, shilling for Fianna Fail?
            She canvasses/ bully for her
            How has she demonstrated that she has ‘serious ministerial capability and capacity’?
            What is her father’s chair of the PAC to do with anything?
            She’s failed to get elected to the Daíl and hopefully never will. She’ll just have to try and make a career in the law library where she is much more at home.
            I couldn’t give a toss about any ‘summer school’ talking shops or the Social Democrats for that matter.
            Summer schools ! LOL!

          2. Andrew

            She grew up in Templeogue and went to Alexandra College. So she’s the real McCoy alright.

          3. Frilly Keane

            ah give over you


            btw, she absolutely will get elected next time out
            but unfortunately it will be at the expense of one of the current 3 lady TDs
            since nothing is going to shift that Snoddy lad out’ve his poll-topper slot

            Brid Smith has done more in Leinster House in this, her first term, than the other 3 put together in all their terms, combined.

            and btw, Ardagh is a practicing Solicitor,

          4. Andrew

            you reply referencing your own meandering witterings on here? Is that supposed to be some kind of counter argument?
            You’re the one who implied Ms.Ardagh was no blow in?
            Her party and the party of her father, brother and mother, the family business are the architects of so much that is still wring with this country, stand by and vote for corrupt leaders and whose entire reason to be on politics is self aggrandisement..
            She tried to be a barrister first.
            Everything she does is part of a strategy to get her snout in te trough.
            Fianna Faíl shill

          5. Frilly Keane

            well makes a change from being called a Shinner shill

            ye got yere purple knickers in a twist there on Saturday when ye were found out giving 2 fingers to the Elected Representatives of Dublin South Central while pretending to be any different to MacGill
            You’re codding no one Andrew

            keep it up btw

            I’m Lovin’ It

            but to keep ya hungry, here’s sumting you can pin to the fridge.

            Tara Deacy won’t get 1800 1st preferences in DSC
            (and I’m being generous there btw)

          6. Andrew

            I’m not sure where you’re getting the FG shill from? I voted Smith,Collins and Byrne in that order.
            Re: that summer school, you must be confusing me with someone else. How was I found out about anything on Saturday?
            I have zero interest in summer schools.They are utterly irrelevant

  6. Dhaughton99

    SDCC planning permission went up beside our estate for 44 social houses on Thursday last. The next day you had the Shinners and 2 independents knocking in looking for us to fill in questionnaires.

    “We are doing a survey to explain the plans and get feedback from residents as part of OUR submission to the council on this issue”.

    Why do they need to put in a submission when none of them live here or ever done anything for the area?

    1. realPolithicks

      “Why do they need to put in a submission when none of them live here or ever done anything for the area?”

      Perhaps thats a question you could ask them, you know, when they knock on your door.

  7. Rep

    What is the cost-rental part? Will these be state owned and rented out to people? If so, it sounds like a council house but better return for the state, which is good for the tax payer, not quite so good for the people who can’t afford that.

  8. SOQ

    Surely this development is going to dominate the setting? I haven’t seen the plans but if it is 3-4 stories high it will dwarf the local houses. And while there is a Luas, that is only towards Heuston or Red Cow so people will still need cars but the roads into that site are tiny and really only to one side .Tyrconnell Road is already gird locked during rush hour.

    Above all, why is there no owner occupiers? Mixed developments reduce social problems. Otherwise it going to be just another St. Micheal’s and the remnants of the last are still terrorising the locals. Sorry if that upsets certain people’s sensibilities, but it is a fact.

    1. Owen C

      3-4 stories high will “dwarf” 2-storied houses? As NIMBYISM rationale goes, this would be an extreme case of it. God forbid we ever consider adding even minuscule additional density.

    2. Cian

      Yes, but no.
      They knocked down a few 4 and 8 story flats in the last few years. So they are not building higher than before.

      1. SOQ

        High or even medium rise social accommodation is a recipe for disaster. Belfast learned this lesson the hard way and is now all normal scale houses with front and back gardens.

        Good urban planning should not be ignored just because the houses are owned by the state. This proposal is very much back to the future.

          1. SOQ

            The opposite of low rise which is the standard for social elsewhere these days. I don’t know exactly but I expect it to be 2 story houses as that appears to be the accepted norm up north.

          2. Cian

            What? So you can’t define high-rise and medium-rise – but you are using these terms?

            Jeez; In most of European countries a large minority of people live in apartments – and you are suggesting the Irish are special and can’t do that? Or is it only the “social accommodation” people that are special? If you can afford to pay – then you’re shoved in to an apartment. But if you are on the social – you get a nice house with a garden front and back?

          3. SOQ

            Who said these people will be on the social? The only people who need social housing are lazy scroungers is it?

            I have no problem with high rise apartments down the docks but sticking a tenement, a more densely populated new tenement will create a them and us scenario even worst than the last time. Build normal houses and everyone will integrate, a real community.

            And don’t say the land ins’t there because there is. I can think of two sites in Kilmainham alone which are suitable. The problem is (literally) patch protection between DCC and various state organisations. If government really want to do something then lock them all in a room and don’t let them out until they concede at least some of their hoard.

            I repeat: High or even medium rise social accommodation is a PROVEN recipe for disaster

          4. SOQ

            And while I am at it, there is a very large space between O’Devaney and Parkgate Street which is largely derelict and owned by government. Why is the council only allowed to build on what they own when they could adhere to good urban planning AND provide something other than stacked up rabbit hutches.

  9. SOQ

    It’s not anywhere near my backyard. D8 is one if not the most densily populated area outside the city centre. The children’s hospital is already being squeezed into a into an unsuitable location so why this too?

    It is nothing to do with highrise developments and all to do with bad planning. It smacks of ‘oh well it’s just social housing so they’ll take what they’re given’.

  10. Bob

    Without involving the local community in what is happening on their doorstep this is a recipe for disaster. Ballymun,kilbarrack,neilstown,and so many other examples of what happens when you concentrate social housing , what are they at with this. I see on twitter there is also a petition running opposing it too:

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