Great Irish Non-Fiction


Number 5: Hard Cases: True Stories of Irish Crime by Gene Kerrigan.

Selected by: NIgel.

First published: 1996.

Availability: No longer in stock but available at most library branches with second-hand copies  on Amazon and eBay.

Why:Hard Cases was the first Irish non-fiction book I truly fell in love with. Written with polished journalistic clarity and precision, these are absolutely riveting true crime stories.

It stays with you: “Ending with the epic account of the Border Fox that is tense, fast-paced and amazing with its twists and turns, an extraordinary and vivd sustained narrative of pure human folly. It reads like the best Irish crime film never made.”

Who would like this?Anyone who likes crime writing, true or fiction. Anyone who likes good journalism. Anyone who enjoys good strong, well-written, unputdownable narratives, made all the more hair-raising by knowing this stuff actually happened.

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      i doubt gene kerrigan spends much time mixing with his colleagues barry egan and niamh horan to be honest

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