Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

Dong is looking for a male to share a triple room in a house with 8 people in D1. I suspect these are 3-bed houses. What cooking facilities (Article 7) are there for 9 people?

Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

Bree has a ‘cosy” 13 people “shared dormitory style” property on Arran Quay. You can live out of a “Security Locker” for near €500pm, Different prices. No evidence of compliance with Article 7 Regs

Dublin Rental Investigator tweetz:

€590 a month per person to share a “newly constructed studio” two tenants already occupy. €1,770pm for a studio. I cannot see compliance with Article 7 (Portable Kitchen?) Why do I suspect this is some makeshift studio?

The dismal delights on Daft.ie.

From the people behind boastful ‘fact-checking’ news site, The Journal.

Good times.

Dublin Rental Investigator

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16 thoughts on “Daft Bunk

  1. Anomanomanom

    None of this is surprising. Landlords get away with much worse with absolutely nothing done.

  2. Happy Molloy

    I slept in a wardrobe in Australia for a few months, landlord didn’t know how many of us were in the apartment and the landlord doesn’t necessarily know how many are being crammed in in this case.

    but maybe they do.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      Wow that’s a long time to be asleep. When did you eventually come out of the closet?

  3. Daisy Chainsaw

    Hotels become homes, homes become hostels.

    I am so glad I no longer live in Dublin. I think it would have killed me by now.

  4. Dr.Fart MD

    friendly reminder, everyone: When you go to the Daft listing, you can send an anon email to the person advertising the letting (make up any oul email, it doesnt check if its real)

      1. Dr.Fart MD

        good! me too. sometimes a particularly bad one will get a few mails from me in the guise of a few people.

  5. diddy

    city centre is becoming s tenement … fyi there are zero caps on the amount of nin eu language students …roll up roll up

  6. Airey Naïve

    “From the people behind boastful ‘fact-checking’ news site, The Journal.”

    We really need a font for satire.


    “From the congenially remiss moderators of racist hate-speech and deranged commentary, all desperate to be promoted to content moderators at Facebook in Dublin where they can do some real damage and have a free lunch and corporate logo t-shirt thrown in”

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