Scenes by Donal Moloney from this Summer’s Calcio Storica.

A combination of football, rugby and wrestling.

Donal Moloney writes:

It’s possibly the most dangerous sport of Earth. Back in June I crossed another one off the bucket list and had the privilege of attending Calcio Storico in Florence.

Months of planning and a hard neck had me attend the event as the only non-Italian photographer for both semi-finals. Lots of stress getting the pass but worth it. Great craic

Donal Moloney

Calcio Stoprica

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44 thoughts on “Skin In The Game

    1. Janet, I ate my avatar

      but I do, do, do
      here it is
      (Return of the Mack) hold on
      (Return of the Mack) don’t you know
      (You know that I’ll be back) here I go
      (Return of the Mack) oh little girl
      (Return of the Mack) wants my pearl
      (Return of the Mack) up and down
      (You know that I’ll be back) round and round

  1. Andrew

    ‘Bucket List’
    I dislike this phrase. I believe it originated from some awful Hollywood film?
    Is that correct?
    With regard to the event, at least it’s not animal cruelty such as the Pamplona bull run which I’d imagine is also on Donal’s ‘bucket list’

      1. Andrew

        What makes you think my mother ‘did’ anything to me? Are you a psychologist or a psychiatrist? Are you diagnosing me Starina?
        Would you like me to diagnose you? Would you say that to me in person?
        I’m not bitter, I just think it’s sad that people use these made up phrases fed to them.

        1. Anomanomanom

          Going forward, we’ll all Touch Base with you first. And make sure we don’t use anything that Triggers you. And if we do we can Stick a Pin in it and Decante to a Safe Space.

          1. Andrew

            Yes Nigel my name is made up, it’s derived from the Greek, Andreas which is itself derived from ancient Greek.

          2. Lilly

            Don’t forget the Google AdWords monkeys’ favourite, let’s ‘move the dial’… oh yeah baby, it’s swinging.

    1. Spaghetti Hoop

      I went to the Bull Run and it’s spectacular. Considered La Tomatina Fest in Valencia but it really conflicts with my anti-food waste principles…..

    1. scottser

      i was just thinking what sort of tattoo you could get to demonstrate irish nationality like the chap in pic1’s bowl of spaghetti. a batter burger and chips from lingi’s maybe?

  2. Murtles

    And a ball in just one of the pictures. Was it the 2002 hurling final Kilkenny v Clare where the ball was pucked into the Clare goalmouth and a melee began. It was only five minutes later someone realised the ball had gone wide.

    1. Martco

      I think he’s agreed to undergo some sort of stem-cell like study on that neck of his with a bunch of alchemist type boffins (who up until just recently believed they already knew what the hardest material known to man was)

  3. JunkFace

    Great photos! So many of them would make Epic renaissance style paintings.

    No messin with those lads!

    1. Quint

      So you’re saying late night drunken brawling only happens in Mullingar but not anywhere else in the country? I don’t get it.

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