‘Leslie Buckley Is Refusing To Meet The Deloitte Investigators’


The reception of Independent News and Media offices on Talbot Street, Dublin 1

Mark Paul, in The Irish Times, reports:

“Independent News and Media (INM) has recruited Deloitte for yet another investigation into an alleged major data breach at the newspaper publisher.

“It has also threatened outside IT experts, recruited under the supervision of former chairman Leslie Buckley, that it will sue them unless they co-operate, according to court papers.

“…Mr Buckley is refusing to meet the Deloitte investigators. In letters to INM’s legal advisers McCann Fitzgerald, Mr Buckley’s lawyers cite his anger at a letter sent by INM to the so-called INM 19, who were among those whose data was searched.

“That letter, his lawyers say, appears to blame Mr Buckley for “unauthorised” access to INM’s data.”

INM threatens to sue experts who ran data ‘interrogation’ (Mark Paul, The Irish Times)

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5 thoughts on “‘Leslie Buckley Is Refusing To Meet The Deloitte Investigators’

  1. Frilly Keane

    He might have sum’ting alright
    He was the Chair, ok, he agrees the Agenda with the Secretary, signs stuff, gets a casting vote in the event of a tie, and a few extra bob

    but is a Director 1st, the same as all the others,
    so one way or another
    the whole board at the time are just as responsible,

    unless he was acting without their knowledge
    or consent
    or changing minutes
    all that sorta stuff

    in which case, it was all done outside his function as a Director of this particular company
    now thats where its going to get sexy

    expect a few very nervous employees and former employees to be keeping a very close eye on Broadsheet and other gaffs

    1. johnny

      It’s all part of the ‘robust defense’ Les vowed when these allegations surfaced,a cunning ploy perhaps:)

      The reputational damage is incalculable how much longer can Les remain Chairman of CTI Global an IT cloud recovery service,with an illustrious list of high profile clients, would you hire them with Les as Chairman in the midst of a criminal investigation,certainly won’t be getting much work in NY or stateside.

      “CTI Global is an International IT Services Company with multiple locations in the United States, as well as locations in Ireland, the U.K. and the Caribbean. The company was founded in 1998 to help organizations implement reliable and flexible security solutions based on open standards and proven, best-of-breed commercial products. Over the last two decades, CTI has assisted Government bodies, States, NGO’s, Non-Profits and hundreds of Large, Medium and Small Business Enterprises design and deploy such solutions. Through consistent organic growth and the execution of a prudent Merger & Acquisition strategy over time, CTI has expanded its service offerings and capabilities and is widely recognized by both vendors and clients for its expertise in its individual trading markets.”


      Not to mention the boards of Digital and SiteServ must be incredibly uncomfortable with Les still in situ amidst all these allegations regarding fiduciary duties and possible criminal charges.

      The tipping point here is when they trow him in front the next fast moving bus-until then……..

      1. Frilly Keane

        I reckon the tipping point is when others break rank and cooperate with Deloitte’s and the ODCE
        or when rumours start in the usual way

        or when someone is seeking protection against creditors and or a Bankruptcy Petition ……..

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